It's been snowing.


I don't have enough money to buy a new bicycle.

Give examples.

Why not try it on?

I feel like such a fool.

Don't look away.

Might this restaurant have pilaf?

I take a taxi to the train station.

They soon became quite accustomed to each other.

I'm going to go sit in my car.

They helped me, too.

"Please, I never ask you for anything." "That's not true. You ask me for things all the time."

Bobbie looks just like his dad.

Where were you last Monday?

The teacher told the pupils to put those words down in their notebooks.

You are a nice boy.

We are brothers.

Maybe I should go talk to them.

Young people must respect the law.

Had I known that, I wouldn't have said such a thing to her.


Whom are you going out with now?


We had an earthquake last night.


I cannot afford a camera above 300 dollars.

I've got to find him.

Tell them to hurry back.

I can't make myself heard above the din.

I'll talk to her tomorrow.

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We're chopping off their head.


I am going to work out the problem by myself.

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He was kind enough to see that I wanted for nothing.

The witness did not seem nervous when he spoke at the trial.

I'm looking forward to hearing from her.


He stopped listening to the radio.


Don't mind him.

You told Jamie to go to bed early, didn't you?

She adapted her teaching method to slow learners.

Did you say anything to Johnny?

Guy could understand how Harry was feeling.

Kurt lives in North Carolina.

My blood froze in my veins.

She died in a transit accident.

Your religion is ugly.

I knew you wouldn't help us.

You didn't see what I saw.

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I could hardly hear what Kristian was saying.


I am watering the flowers.

Let's look at the map of the city!

My father is arriving at the station at five.


Hsuan recognized Gerald the moment she entered the room.

George had a lot of cheese for breakfast.

Do you know what I like?

I'm a bit worried now.

Gail wrote a song for Hume.

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I can't remember the meaning of the word that I looked up yesterday.


I don't want to eat with you.

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Thad wears a sports bra for exercise.

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That may prove to be difficult.

Jefferson received 162 electoral votes.

Tell Claire I'm coming to see him.


We all want to know why.

Lynne borrowed three books from Case.

The prime minister fell into the Danube and drowned.

I can't forget about what has happened.

I seriously doubt that.

You don't have to say another word.

I had back surgery a couple of months ago.

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For what reason are we living?

He was blind with sorrow.

The Wright Brothers first performed a literature search to find out the state of aeronautical knowledge at their time. They wrote to the Smithsonian and obtained technical papers regarding aerodynamics. They read about the works of Cayley, and Langley, and the hang-gliding flights of Otto Lilienthal.


I thought that you were going to talk about this with Bea.


The sun furnishes heat and light.

Dan didn't even bother to reply.

Eschew obfuscation, espouse elucidation.

His advice to us was that we should play fair.

Earth and Mars need each other's women.


Who's your favorite country singer?

A tall building stands there.

Juri is careless about money.

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Leave the door open.


Have you met her before?

I'd like to make an appointment for fluoride treatments for my son.

Maybe you can convince Kyle not to leave.


Dan denied he had anything to do with Linda's rape.

An announcement of his death appeared in the newspapers.

He was suffering from a bad headache.

Look at what you did.

Here's my wallet.

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I said yes.

Rupert skated very well.

She happened to have the day off.


He spared me some salt.

We'll meet again in three hours.

My brother has been living in London for many years.

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This is the season to pick fresh tea.


Hal said it was funny.

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It wasn't a surprise.

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Is Milo still helping out at your restaurant?

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I got stung.

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I cannot mop this floor. It's too dirty.


Oftentimes code will start to smell.

I just got married.

He's certain to succeed.


Please study here.


We spent all day indoors.


Lukas doesn't have to do anything.

We strolled through the park.

Do you remember anything else?


We still have some details to iron out.

Would you like to freshen up?

I gave one for free.

Luckily, I was wrong.

I was busted to a sergeant.

Alison rummaged through her bag.

We carry the responsibility for the losses.

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Just leave me alone. You're pathetic.

Everything's taken care of.

Stop smoking. You're addicted.

Malloy drank twice as much beer as Walter did.

Nicole can speak Japanese very well.


My father made me what I am today.

I know it is terrible.

I should've been on the first train this morning, but I overslept.

Let's split it.

That's what counts.

You'd better not tell anyone about what happened.

The reason he failed was because he neglected his work.


Do you think your French is good enough to explain the problem?

Isn't Skip wonderful?

Taking photos here is prohibited.


They repaired a watch.

That's just what he needed.

The area looked pretty clean.


I think they know you.

England is going to win the race.

Lukas was serious.


Donn turned on the table lamp.

Just tell me what you did.

Russia has two problems that are fools and driveways.

They knew me.

Hercules is the Latinized form of the name of the most famous Greek legendary hero, Heracles.

In principle, there should be a parking place for every car. In practice, this is not true.

The students went all over the classroom looking for their friends and buddies, unfortunately to the point at which Junior couldn't find anyone!

Let's try to get this done.

You lived alone there.

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I have to think about the possiblities.

What are your assumptions based on?

That was not a laughing matter.

They have nan.

The engine is making a funny noise.

Put your hands up in the air!

E-mailing is a fast means of communication.

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That hasn't happened in three years.

A new rota will be posted later.

I think you've been wonderful.