Both Billie and John have pretty girlfriends.

Victoria is self employed.

I just saw her driving away.

All the eggs went bad.

... Hey-hey you two, is it no holds barred as soon as you know it's my treat?

Tahsin is persevering.

Let's definitely do that.

Lorenzo had a little trouble finding Blair's house.

I thought there was nobody in the kitchen.

I can't deal with this anymore.

I'm not wasting my time.

The French Revolution not only had as its objective to change an old government, but also to abolish the old form of society.

My grandfather has never consulted a doctor in his life.

Lievaart tried to fire his gun, but nothing happened.

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It was announced that the athletic meet would be put off.

I don't like living in the country.

Turn everything off.

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Averaging over 100 miles per hour on the highway, Jack easily set off the police radar.


I'm not going to eat that.

Panicking will certainly not help.

I've been getting to know her.

Hanako likes cake a lot.

When I arrived, Ritchey was already drunk.

Tell him that I have perished and that my cadaver is now being used by medical students at a leading Catholic university.

My uncle has a large family.

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When I was playing video games in the living room, Mother asked me if I would go shopping with her.

You ought to eat more slowly.

We'll send the textbooks in three different lots.

She attended the meeting at the request of the chairman.

Everyone knows and loves this holiday.

My brother eats twice as much as I do.

"How do you do, Mr James?" "Fine, thanks for asking. Nice to meet you."

I go to Kyoto.

If Heinz asks me to help him, I'll help him.

You mean that you preferred to speak Swedish rather than Finnish with Marika?

Jimmy is a little taller than you are.

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If I had to define life in a word, it would be: Life is creation.

We ran out of gas in the middle of the intersection.

We talked about a variety of topics.


Can you see the woman standing behind Benjamin? That's Olson.

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Please fasten your seat belts and prepare for departure.

It just started to rain.

Eliot will never give up.

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Who pays your salary?


The drift of the current is to the south.

You look down.

I was abducted and impregnated by wolves who landed their flying saucer in my backyard.

I forgot my PIN number!

I don't have a bicycle, let alone a car.

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I missed you last night.

This is your doing.

I rented one.


She has painted the door red.

I'm alone in my quarters.

I went to see a show today.

I think you should take the day off.

I can't put up with this any longer.

Emmett doesn't have to come see me.

I am being guided.

We're here to support Pierce.

He entered the garden secretly.

Has the baby woken up?

We're giving you the house.

What time does the train for Milan leave?

I also teach English to them.

Hector doesn't seem to be babbling.

Either he or I am to attend the meeting.

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The candidate waved his hand to whomever he saw.

Did I say something I shouldn't have?

Tell her that I am carding the wool.

I think my girlfriend is kind of cute.

I know you're upset. We all are.

I think Walter really loves Eddie.

I'm pretty sure it's just a temporary problem.


He is said to have been very poor when he was young.

He locked up his jewels in the safe.

Theo talked to me today.

It's not a date or anything.

You've done time, haven't you?

Will Quebec succeed in seceding?

Del hopes you're happy.

Among other things, carats are a measure of gold's fineness.

Helen slaves all day at the factory.

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Do you know what Ram was hiding?

Are you jealous of Kuldip?

Did you have fun with Jakob?

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How come you never told me this before?

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Kinch stayed strong.

I'm concerned about him.

Didn't you see him at dinner?

What did he do today?

What am I being charged with?


Shari is a nurse and his best friend is a nursing assistant.

Rafael was caught in a lie.

He gave his camera to his friend.

It'll take you too long.

You cooked the steak just the way I like it.

There are so many things to do.

I don't have as much money as you think I do.


Why are you always shouting?


Julian isn't as intelligent as Ritchey.

He makes it a rule to go over the financial section every time he reads the paper.

It was a counterintuitive event.

Andrea is writing a letter to Arthur now.

Does he like me?

Why did you come to Korea?

She wants to go abroad so that she can study music.

I didn't get along with her.

Do you need to buy anything?

That's not how I feel.

Hubert can write well.

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Is the entry form not working or is my Internet connection not working right?

No realized something was wrong.

The mercenaries spied a military aircraft conducting aerial reconnaissance over the area.


This may be your last chance.

Now that you've mentioned it, you're right.

I don't know how I did it. What's important is that I did it.


I met them here.


Just relax and have fun.

Even after Jim had been drinking all night, he didn't find Wolfgang attractive.

This piece is in a major key.

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We're butchers.

Go and help them, Bud.

Must we already go? - Yes, the time has come.


I thought you already had a ticket.

You should've told me you didn't know what to do.

Do you want in or not?

Millie has a book.

The clock on the Lviv Town Hall was first installed in the year 1404.

I think Graham has a plan.

Didn't they tell you who I was?

I found out when we're supposed to arrive.

No, not me. It's my younger brother.

Here is the house where he lived.

Be brave.

Credit is the amount or sum placed at a person's disposal by a bank; a loan of money.

We're all in agreement.

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When did they register the names of the members?

I've enjoyed this novel very much.

I wouldn't want to work in a hospital.

We are worried about you.

Leif buried her toes in the warm sand.

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I would do anything for love.

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These details are irrelevant.

Yesterday I finished the job.

Where they burn books, they will eventually burn people.

What do you think's causing this problem?

There are standard behaviors.

It's very humid.

My hand is in warm water.

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I just wanted thirty dollars.

Knut is asleep on the cot in the back room.

I had a talk with him.


Do you see that building over there?

All the soldiers stood side by side.

I don't want to hear any of your lies.


With great pleasure!

Mat got on the plane.

I can't find Pierre anywhere.

Would you please give Shean a message?

Did I say that?

Let's turn off the TV.

You can't just walk in here.

It was time for breakfast.

We're meeting on Sunday.

She burst into view.

Because the ice became soft, we had to call off the ice-skating party.

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Dirk wasn't armed.