Tony wants Takeuchi.

Niall and the other women left thirty minutes ago.

Please put me through to Mr Black.

In life, you gain and lose things, but also can't force things to happen.

I wonder if that was the point.

When it comes to playing golf, you cannot beat him.

You should continue to study.

They don't make movies like they used to.

What is your final destination?

The man aimed a gun at the policeman.

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Yeah, I'm interested.


What's wrong with that one?


You can't sleep more than 24 hours a day.

What else does Greg need to do?

You're afraid of him, aren't you?


Everyone's gone home.

The two clowns slapped each other.

New York apartments are expensive.


Miltos is very smart, isn't he?

The man was young.

Try this apple and tell me how it tastes.

Somebody took a shot at them.

Perhaps I shouldn't have said anything.

How could I be a robot? Robots don't dream.

Aaron wants to eat Italian food for dinner.


Please don't stop.

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Leslie did acknowledge that he was pretty competitive.

I know what I did was wrong.

You didn't need to go to all this trouble.

I'm not finished yet.

I'll eat my hat if she turns up on time.


You really ought to quit.

Miracles do happen every day.

What makes you think that'll happen?

He is a VIP and we must treat him as such.

That sounds like a job for Timothy.

She was a single mom from a small Midwest town.

Why don't you take your coat off?


I am Kazuto Iwamoto.

I'm really too drunk for this now.

Christina doesn't think Aimee wants to go.

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Is now a good time to talk to Anton?


Nguyen won that contest.

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Even if malicious gossip is being circulated around someone, it doesn't necessarily mean that the value of that person will be diminished.

This would be catastrophic.

Looks aside, she is very good-natured.

Don't kill too many birds and animals on earth.

Kathy is trying very hard to get that done before 2:30.

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The doctor seemed concerned.

She's hardworking and dependable.

We didn't tell anyone.

It's been ten years since my father died.

That was worth the wait.

When I heard that she was cured, my heart was full of gratitude.

Lightly weigh the tofu down, leave it for about 20 minutes then drain.

You must be a late riser.

I am like them.

Potato chips are not good for you.

My father works in a factory.

Noam kept his illness a secret.

I don't want to start rumors.

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I am going to sleep.

Now, go have a good time.

He seems kind.

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The peak of Fujiyama was covered with snow.

She was just trying to be friendly.

He insists that Esperanto is mainly a Latinate language.

Pablo performed his duties faithfully.

He finally kicked the bad habit.

I think Linley is unambitious.

It was Shahid who was injured.

Jos knows it.

So, have you told her yet?


He wrote several plays in verse.

We may have to help Oskar.

The sky misted over.

Truth or lie? It depends on the advertising.

Suzanne was convinced he'd been betrayed.

We are inclined to stand up for him.

He was in a funny mood today.

You have a lot to learn.

Why are you burning this photo?


"You're pretty good at this, aren't you?" "That's why the boss hired me."


I didn't know, so don't give me a hard time.

We're planning on doing the sights of the city tomorrow morning.

She will start for Kyoto the day after tomorrow.

You'll have to establish residence here before you can vote.

Why don't you two stop your fussing?

We're new at this.

Ladies first!

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It's a beautiful day in Poland!

They decided to pull down the old building.

"Do you know what day it is today?" "What are you talking about?" "It's our wedding anniversary!"

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The infantryman had the rare opportunity to break his head against a tree.

I guess my mind wandered.

I can't leave him behind.

She will take care of everything for us.

I was really pleased.

I want to learn how to fly an airplane.

You guys are hilarious.

It works great. Thanks Mechael!

Elsa is too old to do that.

This type of noun phrase is called a "concealed question".

The weight of aluminium in the Earth's crust corresponds to 8.13% of the total weight.

I thought you'd never arrive.

If you'd asked me for it, I would've given it to you.

Can you tell me what this is for?

Ignore it. It's only a rumor.

Jerrie hasn't given us anything.

How much is that laptop?


Who did you go there with?


Tomorrow's no good.

The patient is now safe.

You can sleep here if you want. I don't mind.

I'm sure that I'll miss her a lot.

It isn't my preferred theme.


Don't expose the tapes to the sun.


I'm not making this up!

Carter cleared his throat before he started talking.

We need to take that bus.

I thought it was a secret.

They accused the teacher of being too strict with the children.

Noemi got very sick and almost died.

I fell asleep around midnight.

I recorded you singing.

If he is innocent, it follows that his wife is guilty.

We've been playing music together for years.

That's a bankrupt idea, as the history of modern politics readily shows.

His remark made my recollect my schooldays.

She writes an excellent hand.

Has something fun happened lately?

I'll wait until six o'clock.

This work is simple enough that even a child can do it.

Why is everyone staring at her?

None of us are against her idea.

She is perfect in every respect.


Raja always arrives on time.

I hate math most of all.

I contented you, right?

I think Rogue didn't want to leave so early.

That is the answer.

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I don't care what society thinks.

Her face was eloquent of her sorrow.

There may be thieves, fakers, perverts or killers in social networks. For your security, you shouldn't believe them.


They are hiding.

A police car just tore past the house.

Jinny laughed and threw a pillow at me.


Let's take a trip to New York.

I'm being as clear as I can be.

Just hang in there.

He smelled like shit.

Chemistry is a marvelous science.

I'm such a fool.

No one can say that.

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Keep moving.

Lord considered her answer carefully.

Let's not forget that Kenneth is only thirteen years old.

It's so annoying!

Can I come too?


Let's find out what Magnus did.

Let's ask the teacher.

It's raining, but I would like to go out.

It tastes great.

Why don't you come in out of the cold?

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Where the drink goes in, there the wit goes out.

I shouldn't complain.

It'll cool down tonight.

Get in the car.

You gave me a headache.