I hate needles.

Do you want to drive?

Because the new trainee did things sluggishly, he was told that he'd be fired if he didn't start taking his job seriously.

I got fired from the company, but since I have a little money saved up, for the time being, I won't have trouble with living expenses.

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Why did you buy this car?

We only need a few more minutes.

I'm sure I can help.

Look, I want you to get me out of here.

We were probably in junior high the last time we went there together.

If you divide any number by zero, the result is undefined.

I forgot to speak with him.


Honesty is the primary reason for his success.

This happened more than three days ago.

Jitendra weighs a lot more than Winston.

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Price was a mental patient.

I wondered what was going to happen.

The tall man wears a tie.

This is the same watch that I have lost.

Annard, I want you to come with me.


Tad said he had something important to do.


Will you please show me the way?


Do you get the feeling that you're causing trouble for those around you?


Hey, Sedat, can I talk to you over here for a second?


Getting shy Kyoko to talk at a party is like pulling teeth.

Which party does she belong to?

Where is he standing?


In Esperanto the final o is a word that means: which is.

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She was all the more beautiful dressed in her wedding costume.

Could you lend me some money? I just need three dollars.

This cat knocked over the can of canned fish so that it could eat it.


Amigo gave Patrice a pair of diamond earrings.

You don't have to behave like this.

She didn't want to get in trouble.

Despite having signed a secret pact, Italy failed to enforce all its claims on foreign territories after World War I.

English Wikipedia is blacked out today.

I have climbed Mt. Fuji three times.

Could you please turn off the radio for me?

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Honzo was flabbergasted.

It's not time.

I always get those two names confused.

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How long do you think you can keep from insulting Norman again?

The doctor saved the four people involved in the accident.

The dictionary is of great use to me.

I didn't know you felt so bad.

Who would've done that?

A truck knocked over a light pole and a traffic light.

Do you prevent me from smoking here?


Jeffrey didn't believe my story.

Willie took a chance on me.

Your house needs repairing.

All this is visible to numerous observers.

I'm enjoying the process.

My house is located in a convenient place - next to the train station.

Men want to feel needed.

Dan fled to Mexico.

You know we'd never hurt you.


My house is very near the park.

I suggest we wait for one more hour.

I'm grateful for what he did.

The rules must be few, and what is more important, simple.

We're behind you.

Choose any of these pens.

I was overconfident.


Nigel wondered why Dwayne wasn't as hungry as everyone else.


I always drink a cup of coffee in the morning.

During the first year of the study, he learned that he himself had ALS.

It was deceptive.

Few people were killed in the car accident.

Heinrich works for a bank.

Shyness first shows itself at school.

I love all my children equally.


I want to take another look around.


No, there is no such a thing.

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The music will carry away the girls.

Edmond doesn't swim, but he likes sitting by the pool watching his children swim.

New York apartments are expensive.

I never meant to say anything.

I'm supposed to be helping him right now.

I had my eyes checked.

What else did you do?


What's that got to do with her?

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Milk has to be kept at a relatively low temperature.

As shown above, it is possible to obtain ample profit and customers with truly simple know-how that anyone can do!

What's in this bag?

He decided that his kielbasa was too dignified for an ordinary bun.

All my problems are over.


Not less than fifty passengers were injured in the traffic accident.


We camped on the border of the lake.

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Can you tell her to call back?

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Takayuki got dressed and slipped on his shoes.

I can't settle for this boring life.

Certain values make people American.

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I am no longer sleepy.

Who sends letters by mail? These days we have electronic mail.

I'm sorry I let everyone down.


The injured man lay in the street before the police arrived.

We're not kids anymore, are we?

His wife goes with him wherever he goes.

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I'm counting on you guys.


We felt the ground sinking.

Srinivasan earns a lot of money.

Tell them that there was someone here looking for them.

Dan became the target of dangerous criminals.

Might there be life after death?

This painting is attributed to Monet.

You must be very proud of Curtis.


Let me tell you what the point is.

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We're not going to give Kit the money he asked for.

You're on the wrong ship. This is a cruise to Alaska, not Hawaii.

Valentin emptied the waste basket.


It turned out that my memory was largely correct.

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Stanislaw has something to tell you.

Louie walked over to where Myron was standing.

The scene of the traffic accident was a horrible sight.


My date shivered and sweated uncontrollably as she asked me for children way the hell too early.

My granny spoke longingly of the halcyon days of her childhood.

Maarten was proud.


She looks so grand.

See you in court.

What are you going to do after you graduate?

Stephan seems slightly confused.

Does an electric wheelchair require a driver's license?

Does Jianyun have a bicycle?

I will become God of the new world.

Why can't you be more like her?

I should have written this letter yesterday.


I don't like you and I never will.

How did you come to school?

Socorrito outwitted Amanda.

Briggs often argues with his wife about money.

We're finished already.

I'm not thirsty right now.

Cleaning up radiation, in soil, air, and water, became possible in the 23rd century.


Where did you all go for New Year's Eve?

You're losing me.

My world is fine.

It has been very fine since then.

Not wanting to boast but I've never got better than a 3 on my report card for home economics. Out of 10 that is.

I'm not waiting.

Skef might be seriously ill.

What's your day off?

The old man walked slowly.

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I've already thought of that.

The "childhood friends" scare me.

She has many books.

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We're very well prepared.

His parents expect too much of him.

Bert told me he wanted to visit Piete in Boston.

Our true hope is that there exists life in other worlds.

Two hundred trained members of a South African fire brigade travelled more than 15,000 kilometres to help fight the huge forest fire in northern Alberta.

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He fell asleep while reading a book.

I had to leave Warsaw and make my living somewhere else.

You're thin.


My nickname is "Itch."

I'm going to follow them.

He called me about twenty minutes ago and said that he was on his way.


Would you like a window seat?