Why am I working hard?

Your brother wasn't at school today.

I have no regrets for what I've done.

I repeated exactly what he had said.

I had a problem starting my car this morning.

Put that one back.

It may be your only hope.

The riot was completely out of control.

What horrible weather.

This is the man I've been waiting for.

For an English speaker every comma is to be avoided.

You should never take your eyes off the road while you're driving.


I don't have the nerve to watch it.

Blackbeard formed an alliance of pirates.

Try telling Suzan that.

It isn't always easy.

Sword Art Online is a popular Anime.

To hear him speak English, you would mistake him for an Englishman.

You have very nice penmanship.

He offered more than could be expected.

These stairs are a little slippery, so please be careful.

Let's come back.

Comedy is something that makes you laugh.

This is the school where she is teaching.

She attends school at night.

Kristi tried to resist.

How many doughnuts can you eat on an empty stomach? Just one, After the first one your stomach isn't empty.

Marshall shut his eyes again.

We need to be going.

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We need to study the cause and effect of the accident closely.

Thanks for having us.

Do you know this?

A transatlantic ship crosses the oceans.

By the time she gets there, she will be happy again.

So now there are at least 20 rainbow trout in this area.

I want you to meet a friend of mine.

Few things are more enraging to me than the sight of an animal being beaten.

Uncut timbre is a tree full standing.

Who'd want to kill me?

Michelle has just spotted Ravindran.


I was busy cooking.

It won't be quite the same.

Can I help you with anything?

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Do you guys want something to eat?

We live in a remote area.

Read between the lines.


That boy is running.

I wish I could have been more help.

He put all his heart and soul into it.

It's an impossible situation.

Norm told me that Metin was good at playing the piano, but I didn't really believe him until I heard her play.

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I have hardly any money with me.

I am scolding my students, not yours.

Should I close the door?

I told them to study harder.

I didn't expect Sanjay to be here.


This dog is a crossbreed.


Your problems are nothing compared to mine.


We enjoyed watching the game.

Pratt should be worried.

Laughter filled the room.

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I won't give up, no matter what you say.

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He has a superiority complex.

She advised him to read more books.

Have you heard already that he has finally returned home?

I am going in the same direction. Come with me. I will take you there.

Laurel has a little girl named Aaron.

I didn't give it to her.

Kriton knows that Dave won't be coming.

The place is apparently deserted.

She hates carrots.

Put your toys back in the box.

Dogs like retrieving balls.


He has a lot female friends.


It was such a nice day that we decided to have a picnic.

We've been here for a long time.

She encouraged him to write a novel.

Panacea taught me many things.

Our prayers go out to those affected by the shooting in Colorado.

I want to go to the mountain.

Walt grew his sideburns back.

I am training hard so that I may win the race.

We are digging a well in the backyard.

Why do you not ask your teacher for advice?

It's very unlikely that Hirotoshi will ever want to travel alone.

Is that still true?

I don't waste anything.

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I took part in the party.


What time do you start boarding?


Where have you seen these women?

Stay a while and listen.

Everybody at school knows your name.

Nothing's wrong with the engine, but my car won't move.

He's a fan of Sex and the City.

What would you say if I told you I was quitting?

Naresh has a secret crush on Gerard.

Becky tried to prevent Tuna from opening the door.

I want to assure you that we've not forgotten you.

All I ever wanted was to just be left alone.

Please permit me to ask you some questions.

Could you help me here?

Just stop bugging me, okay?

I wanted to help them.

What kind of movies do you prefer?


Why didn't you get married in Germany?

The pilot described the scene in detail.

Please let him come at once.

Liquids are either acid or alkaline.

It won't budge.

I'll give you one more chance.

Did you stop at the red traffic light?

I don't like Betty's dog.

I'm extremely interested.

He can't see the wood for the trees.

I have homework to finish.

The child is already baptized.

Doctor Hirose is engaged in AIDS research.


His failure to tell me the truth caused an accident.

Are you alright? You look a little shaken.

I want to visit Fiji.


Santa wrote it all down.


We already gave it to you.

Children want to act like grown-ups.

Almost everybody looked busy.

He told his stories in a very unusual way.

Eternity is a long time.


Diane isn't Sean's boyfriend.


It is foolish of me not to think of that.

Harold entered the room carrying a briefcase.

A report came in that Apollo 11 succeeded in landing on the moon.

Christ walked, talked and ate with people that society in those days called sinners. He did not single out anyone for persecution.

Huey had a little trouble adjusting the settings.


Antony orchestrated this whole thing.

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I'd never do that with him.

Nadeem might know a little French.

Jerry can't possibly do that by himself.

She could have waited for me and helped me to carry the table.

I think Syd is immature.

Kieran needs a towel.

I've got three days off work next week.


Socorrito and Liza talked about many things.

I arranged that he be admitted to a good hospital.

I've learnt nothing from the teacher.


That is why I am not an avid bike rider.


He is quite good at his job, but lacks initiative.

Did I do something wrong, Anna?

I'm really excited about that.

I'm trying to verify the problem you reported.

I keep on forgetting that it has a touchscreen so I'm always selecting the wrong things!

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I know exactly what you're thinking.

Jennie lives from hand to mouth.

I want to make this quick.


Our house commands a beautiful view.

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Looks like bringing gloves along was a good idea.

Corporate earnings for the first quarter were disappointing.

We should be safe now.


It was ages since we had had such a good time.

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We did very good business.


What ever do you want with me?

Blayne told me you're smart.

My frivolity is the secret to my charm.

She was, as many of us were, very shy in her childhood.

Won't you come to my house next Sunday?

My problem is called "procrastination".

I can't believe how stupid you've been.

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It's ironic that one of the most colonialist countries of all times accuses Buenos Aires of colonialism!