Lars said you wanted to see me about something.

Bell invented the telephone.


What you just suggested makes much more sense than what Timo suggested.

We need to get rid of him.

Where are the rest of the files?


The cops want you.


Tickets are $30, and reservations are recommended.


Experience is requirement for this profession.

Stop beating on the door!

He who praises everyone, praises nobody.


It's not necessary.

I was happy for him.

Each price has its reason.

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We have an opening at two o'clock.

It's like the world has already ended and we're all in Hell but haven't noticed yet.

Maybe the question's not when but where.


First of all, we have to finish the homework.

That is not art. That is a vagina with teeth.

We found them here.

Let me tell you how I really feel.

I received a ball for the doll.

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I wish I was in Boston.

There is nothing like sleep.

I'm going to go out and get us something to eat.

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That seems fair to me.

I hate that so much.

Just my old standby: lemon chicken.

He accused him of having stolen the bike.

She folded her arms over her chest.

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I don't understand the world anymore, well actually I just now realize that I never understood it.


I promised Lord I'd be there by 2:30.

Keep an eye on the girls.

Something seems to be wrong with the stereo set.


She made mistakes.

I'm just working.

Keep away from Ricky.


I think we're going to need more money.

They blotted out his name from the list.

We've been playing golf together for years.

I met Judge the other day.

We need to get this done before tomorrow.

The rescuers pulled out the young girl from the avalanche.

Rod put on so much weight that he had to have his pants let out.

Klaus is alluding to divorce.

We needed money.


Linder was a little surprised by Marcel's behavior.

She is an earnest student.

I'm going back to America.


I came here to tell you something.

He told me a lot about Kyoto as he knew it ten years ago.

Elephants are in danger of dying out.

The princess's taste for pleasures was expanding; and we thought only about how to sprinkle on them new seasonings, so as to give them more spice.

It's not easy to do.

Did Paula study for today's test?

She didn't want to do it.

She demanded to see the person in charge.

What did you ever see in him?

They walked with him to an old wooden building near the farmhouse.

What flavors do you have?

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The mere sight of a dog frightens him.

I won't read it.

Where do you get your ideas from?

You should put quotation marks around this phrase.

Please open the file circled in red with a text editor.


They want to know what's going on.

Magnus tried to persuade Rand to go.

I'll get him to carry this case upstairs.

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I cannot answer your request offhand.

You don't need to be in such a hurry.

Did you read that book I gave you?


I'm not making this up!

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I couldn't find a pulse.

Mr Tanaka is a friend of ours.

We have to get Heracles' bow back.

I gave him your address.

I've had the same problem.

She came round to watching TV.

If you speak quietly, I don't understand you.

My career is on the line.

Poets have compared life to a voyage.


Andries had no desire to live in Boston.


When I reached the hall right away the person in charge unrelentingly said things like "This painting is certain to increase in value in the future," and I went and signed the contract.

Who are you here to see?

Are you scared of her?


My makeup was ruined.

Bryan will not be here until half past two.

Never turn your back on him.


My papers were in that box.

Taking a bath makes me relax.

I was just finishing up.

I'm at your service, sir.

Most teachers don't make a decent living considering the hours they have to work.

I wish you and your family all the best.

The first stage of the mission has been accomplished.

I hope you fall in a ditch.

Termites are destroying the houses.

Janos hasn't been busy recently.

Why do you want to talk to them?

I'm extremely interested.

This is how to cook rice.


I'm glad it's over.


Mason is extremely kind.

You are a tennis player.

OK, let's see if I've got this straight.

You're not laughing.

Did you pack any snacks?

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It's not going very well.

They'll come to us.

Magnus and I go jogging together almost every morning.

He's sitting between the two chairs.

Nigel hired a new housekeeper, and a competent one at that.

How did you like the food Warren made?

He has no more strength.

I was completely outraged by this so-called information meeting.

I'm very sorry I came home so late.

That's probably not what Jeffery did.

Always be yourself!


The question of free will is a prickly conundrum to religion.


Don't tell Cecilia. That would ruin the surprise.

Mitchell wanted Sandy to sign his yearbook.

The teacher supervising the playground became concerned when she saw a man talking to some of the children over the school fence.

He was kind enough to tie my shoelaces.

I know a good restaurant that's inexpensive.

He helped me to move.

The fruit went bad.

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We prepared snacks beforehand.

You weren't that bad.

I'm always bored on Monday evenings.


Please lend me this pen.

Carter managed to put out the fire with Olson's help.

Janet wanted revenge.


Can you make it so she can get on that TV program?

Every guy can say "although I'm not the greatest man in the world, I am the man who is best to you."

They're not excited.

To tell the truth, I don't agree with you.

Millions of people understand Interlingua within a single glance.

They formed a new political party.

We should pass on our culture to the next generation.


It's time to act now.

I had to get her to school.

The house looks circular, but it isn't a complete circle.

Did Marika want to go to Japan?

Dion will hide it.


I've never seen such good work.


They couldn't defend themselves.

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I've been meaning to fix that leak.


Didn't you tell me yesterday that you and your boyfriend had broken up?

It felt very good.

Doesn't Sorrel always wear a tie?

We have a busy evening ahead of us.

Things are starting to take shape.

Now I understand everything.

Cecilia's trial commenced three days later.

He was invited.

I think it's absolutely ridiculous.


She came late as usual.

I have gone to the cinema.

Packing my stuff up took me forever.

There's a cold wind from the north.

Diane is really mad at James.

I have to look after the rabbit.

Jong threw a rock at Gregge, but it didn't hit her.