She may not be at home now.

Why should I hire Julius?

The engineer brought the train to a stop.

We've made it to Berlin, onwards to New York.

A putrid smell came up out of the hole in the ground.

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What time do you take a bath in the morning?

How is that business progressing?

He's a famous artist.

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Shaw promised he'd go to bed as soon as he finished his homework.

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You were so great.

Let's just forget you ever did this.

He chucked me the apple.


She is less beautiful than her sister is.

They commanded a majority in the Diet.

The heteronormative propaganda made me uncomfortable.


Is there any sauce left? No, there is none.

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I hope the meeting goes well.

Why are they so upset?

Granville loves to deepthroat.

You can't just give up.

Hitoshi has denied any wrongdoing.


I'll ask her for you.

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Subra doesn't have to pretend with me.


He exhausted his money.

They're giving a big ball at the American Embassy tonight.

The deep night and the full moon offered us only the atmosphere as a gift.

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What else are you considering?

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For the time being, we don't need anything.

I'm heading home.

We're unambitious.

That's how I did it.

I figured I could count on you.

Let her carry it.

Malus doesn't know anything about Plastic, other than her name.

Nothing changed.

The new law guarantees the same judicial and social rights to homosexual couples.

Tyler was stoned.

You're very fortunate to have such good friends.

Thank you for closing the door.

"Put this stuff away at once!" she yelled in a rage.

A little mischief can be a good thing.

He was absent on the particular day.

Do you have any idea who might've done this?

Can you see the nest in the tree?


Young girls really want to be slender.

Here once stood a hotel that claimed the world's freshest towels. The place shut down after they were all stolen.

Hope that we need not to wait for a long time.


The baby weighed seven pounds at birth.

Red wine, please.

Jaime works with his hands.

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Lenny is our driver.

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She did not turn up after all.


She was known for always being contentious.

I just can't believe they're getting married.

Will you stop it already!

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What if my parents find out?

I thought Cary was your friend.

I don't ever want to lose you again.


You're going to do just fine.

I thought you'd be better prepared.

Nowadays many people travel by car.

When does the show start?

Even though its raining, I went out.

I was nearly run over by a truck.

I thought that he knew everything about Japan.


I'm real sorry about that.


You seem stressed.

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We can't risk them detecting our presence.


Drugs should be used only at the direction of a doctor.


Kit couldn't jump that far.

Do you really want to spend the rest of your life with him?

You didn't need to eat quickly.

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The smallest continent is Australia.


Sangho went to a concert just the other day.

He got up late and was late for school.

Donnie thought Jeffie was hiding something from him.

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I am learning Basque.


The trains run on time in Japan.

He came to Japan when he was a boy of ten.

Chaplin was visionary.

How many hours do you sleep at night?

I want to buy a few pairs of trousers.


I'd like two cans of tomatoes.


I really like this wine a lot.

The women are in front of big rocks.

You'd better tell me what happened.

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She gave him hell.

Thuan is interested in Australian History.

Ninja is a little older than me.


Loukas kept tailgating the car in front of us even though I told him it was unsafe to do so.

Stop pulling my hair!

Small family farms were disappearing.

I got a shave and a haircut.

I'm a bit drunk.


Kevyn finally managed to do what he was trying to do.

You must make up for lost time.

I'll meet Ravi in Boston.


It's time to feed the dog.

This incident led the movement to collapse.

I don't work on Sunday.


He burst the door open and nearly took it off the hinges.

I do not understand the news.

I'm beginning to feel a little hungry.

Why do we need to keep it secret?

Rome is worthy of a visit.

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It's a complicated story.

Douglas examined the objects on the table.

Edmond remained miserable in his marriage.


That's just nasty.

Dale had a package under his arm.

Is there a place we can speak privately?

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Excuse me for just one second.


I just had a flash of genius! We need to round up a crew!


He put his foot through the floor.


After that his life got even tougher.

They're not doctors.

Narendra is asking us to help him.

He offered me a present, which surprised me.

They walked up the stairs.

Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Nothing is planned yet.


You should call Stacy right now.

She went into her room to dress herself.

The soldiers arrested him, blindfolded him, then they took him behind their vehicle and one of the soldiers took aim at his leg and shot him. This scene was filmed and millions of people from all over the world saw it.

Go get him a blanket.

It was too much.

I thought I was going to make it here on time.

No one will be hurt.

I know why you're unhappy.

What made you believe Moe was telling the truth?

I know what both of you are thinking.

Tapas are Spanish appetizers.

Would you speak more slowly, please?

The plan was a success.

Your top does not provide enough midriff coverage, young lady.

They regarded him as the best doctor in town.

I've got big hands.

You should've never come here.

Dustin and Samir look healthy.

The sick child's mother implored the doctor to come immediately.

I'll stand up for you.

Hamlet proclaimed that he was not mad, but only pretended to be mad. Could it be, that he was mad all along? Or maybe he wasn't mad at first, but later on - as things became more and more complicated - he started to really lose his mind? Or maybe, he wasn't mad at all?

I met Donnie when I was staying in Boston.

What makes you think it's a fake?

Agatha is still in love with his ex-wife.

It's my job to protect Rodney.

Jock has a healthy lifestyle.

The higher you climb, the greater the fall.

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I love him more than any other boy.

Mother told me to behave myself.

I have no idea what's going on.

This has never changed.

Do you have a toilet plunger I could borrow?

He's standing before the door.

Dean and I work together.

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I'm sorry I couldn't do the job.