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    Hammad Takes Pics homepage

    Hammad Takes Pics

    I enjoy taking pictures of just about anything so I decided to share them with the world in a unique way. I built this site with the intention to showcase my photography talents and share my life experiences. I currently have the option for users to login to my site and manage their account with future additions including the ability to comment on pictures.

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    Download Recordings app

    Download Recordings

    I work mostly with Zendesk Talk tickets and found that many customers who use the service wanted a way to easily download voice recordings from tickets. Prior to launching this app, customer advocates would offer a cumbersome workaround to customers that required digging into the browser's developer tools to find the recording URL. Offering workarounds such as this isn't the Zendesk way so I decided to build the Download Recordings app, which allows agents to download their voice recordings from the ticket sidebar with a simple click of a button. The app has received a lot of praise from key Zendesk customers and currently has an average of 4/5 star ratings in the Zendesk Marketplace

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    Today webpage


    A personal website I created to learn how to make AJAX requests to a few APIs including The Weather Channel's API to pull local weather information and Google's Finance API to pull the latest stock market quotes.

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    About me

    I recently graduated from the University of Illinois Springfield with a Master's Degree in Computer Science. I enjoy coding and have prior experience with web developement as well as some Android mobile application development.I have developed skills in HTML, CSS, Sass, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, Java and more recently picked up on basic Ruby on Rails.

    Besides coding, I enjoy working out, playing video games, developing my photography skills, upgrading my custom built PC and playing with the latest and greatest gadgets.

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