Maybe we could go dancing.

Many young people are out of work in that country.

I need a glass of water.

I don't think we should leave Saumya here by himself.

Izumi used to play piano at a club I often go to.

Romain started the fire.

How is that different than what I just said?

It was horrifying.

The criminal is still at large.

They always bore arms with them.

You shouldn't be alone, Max.

With Amigo, it would've been different.

Who carried the luggage?


Sonny said he didn't know why Conrad didn't like John.

Everytime her husband looked at me, he almost asked me: "For what purpose have you come here?"

Your insecurity comes from your religion.

The project was a complete failure.

I told Kamel about that.

We need to get him out of here.

He is as intelligent as any student in the class.

You'd better take care of it soon.

The younger generation looks at things differently.


I finally feel like I can take some time off.


Stephanie thought that Tanaka was wasting his time studying Latin.

I thought you liked him.

That didn't use to happen.

We are applying butter on our bread.

He has two cats: one white and one black.

She must have once been a real beauty.

What do you plan to do this summer?

Cynthia wants to become an electrician.

Who attended the meeting?


The weather is so oppressive.


The reign of Philip II lasted forty years.

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Mt. Fuji is not as tall as Mt. Everest.

He says the room will be ready in twenty minutes, but I doubt it.

When one of my coworkers starts racking up good sales figures I can't let down my guard.

His parents invited me to dinner.

Do you mind if we sit down?

Eileen doesn't seem to be playing with a full deck.

I heard a voice I didn't recognize.


My parents approved of my marrying Sanjay.

The police approached the suspect with their guns drawn.

He cannot so much as write the alphabet.

This is as true of a cat as of a dog.

Documents relating to his private life were stolen in the burglary.

Scot wants to go home.

I'll let you know when I've figured it out.

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I'm not a teenager.


The major caveat that is preventing me from travelling more is increased travel expenses.

She talks very loud.

This guy is a loser.

"I'm an idiot." "No you're not."

From a translation I demand that it combine fidelity with sonority, and that it incorporate the genius of the language that it is written in, and not that of the original language. A good translator, therefore, needs to be intimately acquainted with the philology of a language pair.

The fact is that they are talking.

I have no objection to your plan.


There's nothing like a good cup of tea.


She is brutally honest; it hurts me from time to time.

That remark is no less damning than what you said in the first place.

His name was forgotten.

Shane has not yet arrived.

Adrian said he had half a mind to throw in his job and hitchhike around Australia.

Pieter is eating breakfast.

I like the color blue.

Today I start to write a rap song.

I hate being sick.

Spain is called "Espanya" in Catalan.

Dave bakes cookies on Sundays.


I'm going to pull over at the next gas station.

Seek truth from facts.

Evening dress is desired.

Guido always speaks his mind.

I think we're a good team.

We were farmers.

Discriminating against people because of their race is a mistake.

Mother gives my sister two thousand yen every month.

I assume all our equipment is still up to date.

Dominick and Conrad's marriage lasted three years.

Japan depends on the Arab countries for its oil supply.


Please tell them it's important.

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I'm not leaving without him.


I cannot lie to Taninna. She's my wife.

They live two flights up.

His immoral actions did not go unnoticed.


This time, the battle would be among diplomats.

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John Rutledge disagreed strongly.

I like the people here.

Her expectations are too high.

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This is the same watch that I lost a week ago.


Svante is trying to pick the lock.


It is a ragbag of ideas.

That's a good brand.

I hope Olof comes as well.

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The tea is very tasty.

Shamim pushed the button, but nothing happened.

I still have a few friends in Boston.

Get me a slice of pie, too.

Your family is well.

The rules are about to change.

I'm very glad to finally meet you.


Christopher Columbus demanded that an entire "Columbus Week" be set aside to celebrate his glory, but in the end only got a day, and only in the United States.

Alex writes with his left hand.

You have a habit of exaggerating everything.

It belongs to me.

There's a cab waiting outside.

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Monica bought a nice house in Boston.

Something good did it, to be honest.

Jan already has enough to worry about.


Hopefully you'll comply with traffic regulations after this.


I shouldn't have slept in.

There was a winner.

There were no other choices.

I'm just going to sit here a while and rest.

I can't lose weight.

It can't be that.

A big dog, sitting on its tail, was watching the fire.

Slavery still exists.

You have no good reason for thinking as you do.

He searched all day for the letter.

The country's civilization has advanced.

I came back.

You never mentioned you were Vladislav's friend.

We need soldiers, not monsters.

Appearance is deceptive.

Do you know much about us?

She doesn't always translate the real answer.


Could I get a closer look at that one?

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Conscience is the knowledge that someone is watching.

Even Boyce is a little surprised.

I'm not in any hurry.

He was very vulnerable after his divorce.

You've won her heart.

Where did you find this awful dog?

I love shopping!

Victor has been accused of selling classified information.

Let's check with Patricio.


I have a lot of stuff planned for tomorrow.


Why is there no food in my refrigerator?

This bus will take you around the city.

I don't think I want to study French with you.


Dave needs something.

The sky today is the bluest that I've ever seen it.

How did you get Diana to admit he was the one who stole your wallet?

Frederick didn't even seem to notice Himawan.

How can a presentation be made interesting?

Where, Sir, are you going to?

As I told you before, I had no choice.

You had better ask him how to do it.

I want to eat out today.

This sheet is light.

That is why he failed the exam.


I am weaving a carpet.

Wouldn't that be neat?

I hope to graduate at the exams.

I have a bat and ball.

Dan and Tiefenthal are angry.

How did you buy your car?

Cheer up! Things are not so bad as you think.


I caught my sweater on that nail.

I felt my heart beating violently.

How did you enjoy the party?

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The woman promised to go on a diet, to stop smoking, and to do physical exercises.

For one thing, he thinks she is stupid, for another, he doesn't like her.

I don't know anything about art.


This is the most absurd thing I have ever heard.