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The net got entangled in the screw.

I just want you to go away.

"Whose screwdrivers are these?" "They are the repairman's."

The room was empty except for a shabby bed.

Carlos is trying very hard not to slip and fall.

Don't be impertinent.

What a failure!

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Beverly has no friends.

I'd love to see this movie.

Our club is affiliated with an international organization.

Meeks took one bite and then spit it back out.

Pedro was very easy to talk to.

Check if the gas tap is closed.

Not a single star is to be seen tonight.

I want to climb to the peak of Mount Kitadake.

You're not missing much.

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Ji claims to have psychic powers.


They said no.

Miss Brown has gotten used to eating Japanese food.

We need permission.

Three students. Here's my student ID.

Boston is the only place where I've ever felt at home.

I asked around about her.

I'll talk to him alone.

Can I have it in writing, please?

I made my son a new suit.

You'll get used to it rapidly.

Nancy is accustomed to speaking in public.


I'm going to attend to the customer.


Does Becky have a bicycle?


This may seem nearly impossible, but it's actually very simple.

I'm trying to get some sleep.

I hate Andy because reasons.

Jerald covered Nigel's shoulders with a blanket.

He is an expert witness for the prosecution.

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Hunter has done everything he can.


She is in conference now.

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She paled at the sight.

Nikolai wanted to spend the rest of his life in America.

Do you think the rainy season will set in early this year?


Music is love.

That's all I wanted to hear.

Knowledge many languages is advantage in contemporary world.

Call me at six-thirty, please.

He declined to comment.

Sean reacted badly.

Please tell me your address.

I felt it was worth the risk.

Microwaves can cause serious damage.


This car is owned by me.

I'm a tourist.

Venkata is quite good at languages.


Tanya fell off his chair.

I went to Disneyland yesterday.

Rayan didn't write back to Moe.

He credits me with doing things I never thought of.

How fast is too fast?


Chris tried not to look scared.

I need French for my job.

Did Jerald contact you?

Do you have jeans in my size?

She's a better liar than I thought.

Root peeled the carrots.

We're not open.

The teacher reads the book.

To teach Alex, Pepperberg used a special form of training.

Four metres of this material cost nine francs; therefore, two metres cost four and a half francs.

Liyuan served five days in jail last year after pleading guilty to drunken driving.


I don't want to spend the rest of my life regretting it.

She won't know that you love her unless you tell her.

I already told Louie everything I know.

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Someday, the USA will elect its first woman president, and it will rejoice in the long overdue occasion.

Latin was the language of religion and culture.

By the 23rd century, human clones with genetic modifications, such as a different hair colour, became more common.

I'm not fat.

Stanly took off his bullet-proof vest.

Can I get your advice on something?

There isn't a Monday that would not cede its place to Tuesday.

Although I almost instinctively felt some resentment that my employer had placed me on probation after my mistake, I soon overcame my feelings of animus towards her and, instead of harbouring a grudge, resolved to treat the entire affair as a necessary learning experience.

"Mister"ing a tick? You're a funny kid.

The man claimed he didn't take the money.

"No", he said in a decided tone.

The Greeks invented the comma, not for their literature but for their actors, to warn them to take a deep breath in preparation of an upcoming long phrase; thus a comma represents a pause.

Let's just hope our team wins.


Did you recognize Ernest?

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I can come over to help, but not this Monday night.


He is far from poor, in fact he has a lot of money.


"Who is in the car?" "Indra is."


This is a writing style different from genuine English.


We all try hard to make the grade in life, but only a few succeed.

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We've come a long way.


You don't have to answer that.

Do you happen to know Merril?

I'd like to put the past behind us.


When was the last time you checked?


I don't want to bother you guys while you're working.


The history of every country begins in the heart of a man or a woman.


For the life of me, I couldn't remember his name.

They are indifferent to politics.

I want to make love with you.

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Merton may use my bicycle if he wants.

That's not mine.

It's understandable that you should feel this way.

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Many people like Asian food.

How long does it take to reach Okinawa?

I think it's very important.

My rich neighbors belong to a private golf club.

I am consoling Victoria.


Could you give me a hand with this thing?


The house represents a division between two opposite zones of London.

They drove to the station by car.

That's really hard.

I left this.

I have no interest whatsoever in eating English food.


The coffee enabled me to stay awake during the dull concert.

"Nuh-uh." "Uh-huh"

I made hotel reservations one month in advance.

Your name is taped on the case.

The theory is based on thorough research.


I had a small dinner party last weekend.

This project may not pay off.

The others are in the conference room with Wendi.

Ole always seems uncomfortable around children.

He works in a bank.

I'm drinking hot wine punch.

Interest in baseball cuts across classes and ages in this country.


The mice ate some of the bread.


It was unlocked.

No one encouraged her.

They appointed Jim manager.


Better the devil you know than the angle you don't.

I want to be in a rock band.

I'm going.

Many young people go abroad during summer vacation.

Kuldip is an ingenuous student.

Our team has the game on ice.

I usually read on the verandah.

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The dispute was settled peacefully.

I have some questions I need to ask Larry.

He bought his daughter a new dress.

It looks great.

I know how to make an entrance.

Get out of my life, and don't come back.

They say that the difference between art and pornography is all about the lighting.

You must save them.

He will get back from school by five.

You haven't seen all the family pictures yet.

I ran into Mr Lynch on the bus.

That's a great idea.

I always thought that having a heart attack was the way nature told you to die.


The student is reading at the library.


We are test animals.

I have been busy so far.

Just be sure to leave your passport in the safe.

Who swam?

It's about time you got married.

I'll give you a lift home.

It'll be helpful.


We have to buy a new rug for this room.