Tillamook Bay

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Amazing Sturgeon!

<span class="widget-headline">Amazing Sturgeon!</span>






Fish Recipes

BBQ Salmon or Steelhead

Put your piece of fish on a piece of foil (make sure its big enough to go over the top of the fish) spread a thin layer of butter on the top of the fish and put your favorite seasonings on top of the the butter. I like to use Montreal steak seasoning with a … [Read More...]

Smoked Salmon

A delicious, flavorful, and mild smoked salmon recipe 10lbs of salmon fillets 1 1/2 cups of rock salt 1x 2lb bag of brown sugar 1/4 cup minced garlic 1/2 cup yoshidas teriyaki sauce Cut salmon fillets into pieces 1-2 inches wide put into a … [Read More...]


From The Oregonian. This popular mainstay of the breakfast menu at The Heathman Restaurant first ran in FOODday in 1991. It also has been featured in Sunset magazine and in "Best American Recipes 1999." It uses hot-smoked salmon, which has a firmer texture … [Read More...]