Why don't you show Sarah around town?

Haven't you washed the dishes yet?

You should've just told me the truth.

Give me back the book after you have read it.

Spass got injured because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

This steel bar must be tempered.

He's learning Chinese.

Have you eaten dinner?

Stagger should be home now.


The joke is on Franklin.

She went to the osteopathic clinic because of a bad back ache.

The trouble is that there is little water left.

The president of Tanzania was on a state visit to Finland in 1998 together with his wife.

Why don't we go dancing?

Can I help you in any way?

That man over there asked me who I was.

Les said I wasn't to worry about him.

Let's go to the teahouse!

Jem earns thirty dollars an hour.

Ever since Earle changed his mother-in-law's light bulbs, he's been in her good books.

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I have a lot of ideas.

It seems to me that I heard a noise in the attic.

I had dinner ready for you.


My brother has joined the baseball club.

He corrected it.

Both of my kids have already graduated from high school.


Motherhood and childhood are entitled to special care and assistance. All children, whether born in or out of wedlock, shall enjoy the same social protection.

Is there a doctor in the house?

He has the same school qualifications as I have.

Do you have any idea who would do this?

He's always on time.


Christina has no perspective.

Can't you understand?

She protested to me that she had never done such a thing.

What do the rest of us have to do to convince you?

I can't understand his ideas at all.


It's dangerous to swim at night.

I personally consider the death of an artist like Lou Reed tragic.

He could not go to college.


Productivity has fallen. Accordingly, workers' bonuses will be reduced.

I have to tell Tommy about it.

It'll be very, very hot.

We studied the road map of the country around Paris.

The building is equipped with emergency stairs.


Sean was kind enough to make tea for us.

I am melting!

I'll be in the library.

He said that everything would turn out well.

We didn't know this was going to happen.


My soul is not human as it is from another dimension.


I can usually hear my neighbor's TV.


Delbert threw a big party at his house while his parents were on vacation.


We're not doing anything, are we?

"He didn't call the entire day, and when he came home late in the evening, he asked me to leave him alone." "How typical of Josh."

He was very pleased with the result.


What's the name of this bird?

That's exciting news.

The grass was growing so quickly, it had to be cut every week.

She's always satisfied with herself.

I'm not really sure about anything.

Who of those who have read the novel can forget it?

I can carry that for you if you'd like me to.

Hop in.

I think I just heard somebody scream.

Durham is an English town.

Everyone is being tested.


Hank was never found.

I won't let him down.

She's looking at me.

Please answer by telex.

I agree with that.

The crowd was mostly women and children.

I don't know what I know.


After he had finished his homework, he went out for a walk.

She wrote 5 novels in 5 years.

He saved all of what little money he earned.

He must buy a new bicycle for his son.

I wish I had the courage to speak about my feelings.

Without his help, you'd have failed.

It is used on public transport services within the Buenos Aires metropolitan area and was promoted by the Argentine Secretary of Transportation.


Is there a nonstop flight to New York?

We met while we were both visiting Australia.

I'll make sure all of your things get sent to you.

The sports world should, at this time, eliminate the collusion with criminal organizations.

I don't plan on getting caught.


He came by the sign.


I walked into a wall.


Come with me to Boston.


But, Shel, Esperanto isn't necessarily as artificial as computers are, right?

I was fine and startled.

I have been having a battle of wits with an unarmed opponent!


Year 2011's most notorious expression is "Kebab murders".


He isn't worthy to take the lead.

He is anxious about his future.

Leila is an art critic.

You shouldn't have come so soon.

He is always very affectionate with his relatives.

Cindie found me a good place to live.

The merchant bribed the politician.


In order to be loved, be lovable!


You want me to get a better job, but I don't think I can.

Make sure Fred doesn't see you.

Soohong is still passed out on the floor.


You say that like I have a choice.

Why should I talk to them?

You can only smoke on the patio.

But why?

That sounds credible, doesn't it?

I was just telling Jakob how much we enjoyed having you here.

Juergen says that learning a foreign language is hard.

Parents hope their children will become independent as soon as possible.

Mayumi gathered her small change and bought a beach ball.

I love to help others.

Steven is sending a fax.

The sun is about 1,000,000 times as large as the earth.

Much to my disappointment, she did not come.


Jeanne still isn't quite convinced.

I can help my brother.

Where's Poland?

The group of clowns begin stumbling as they ran.

I don't look handsome; apparently I am handsome.


This is kind of a waste of time, isn't it?

That was very thoughtful of Danielle.

Julia calls Emilia.

Ahmed looked in a mirror.

May I take a sick day today as I have a fever?

I was in the middle of my holiday.

Descriptions can be analysed in terms of their focus and point of view.


I don't see her doing that.


Don has paid the bill.

Many of these things were not needed.

I hope Ritchey wasn't any trouble.

Why didn't Jerald say anything?

Shuvra is the only one who ever really liked me.

The thieves divvied up the proceeds from their heist.

Diana's fingerprints were on the gun.

We succeeded in breaking the door open after trying for half an hour.

I believe in Ken.

I don't think Wayne is listening.

Singing comes as naturally to her as flying does to birds.


Don't judge a man from the way he looks.

We still have a long way to go and very little time to get there.

I don't have time to translate this text.

We can't be happy here any longer.

Thad isn't busy.

I'd better talk to Spike.

There is no place like home.

Come on, already!

Rodney thinks I'm too picky.

Taking into account the time I'd just spent napping, I'm really picking up the sense that this time's exam really won't be straight forward.

Rathnakumar began to believe that he'd never be able to walk again.


We're experienced.

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Your honor, I am anxious for my day in court.

Sandip doesn't know what's really going on.

What brand of dog food do you feed your dog?

I'm really not interested in that.

Where there is no common power, there is no law, where no law, no injustice. Force, and fraud, are in war the cardinal virtues.


Last Sunday my family went to the zoo to see panda bears.


William lives in a small town near Boston.

I have so many questions.

It was mind-numbingly boring.

I didn't even think Rogue liked Lisa.

I offered him odds of 3 to 1.


Strive only for self-interest and nothing else.