This is a good hospital.

She was her daddy's little girl.

Is he a teacher?

My English isn't that bad actually.

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The man went out of his way to take me to the station.

I want to speak with my attorney, now.

You're the last person in the world I would like to see cloned; you're boring enough on your own.

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Okay! Does everyone understand?

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Lynne is used to getting up early.

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The Japanese take off their shoes before entering a house.


Is Horst staying here?


Keep listening.

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The police arrested Scot after responding to reports of a disturbance at his home.

Generally speaking, men are stronger than women.

I don't know when I'll be able to pay you back the money I owe you.


The wind calmed down in the evening.


We'll wait thirty more minutes.


He burned for his moment of triumph.

I don't like coffee.

This is the boy.

It wouldn't be too difficult.

There aren't many qualities that are true of all life on Earth, but the need for water is one of them.


Max put a star on top of the Christmas tree.


Well, do you like it?


Are you going to tell me your name?

India is poised to surpass China and become the world's most populous country.

This sentence is still ambiguous, even though it isn't long.

This race is already won.

I wonder what she means by those words.

My sister likes to smother her toasts in butter.

Do you remember what Saify was wearing?

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You're reliable like a shack in the middle of a hurricane.

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Flip to the back of the book for the index.

She is rich, and what is better, very beautiful.

He doesn't work for us anymore.

The botanist studied the flora of the remote island.

Sometimes it is pleasant to look back on one's childhood.

Grumpy suffered from insomnia, that's why he was always in a bad mood.

The puppy grew larger and larger every day.

We are thankful for your kindness.

I can't tell yet.

Ann should be fired, too.

Was it just a game to you?

Am I fully covered in case of an accident?

This is really embarrassing.


Try to avoid bad company.


This fashion has had its day.

The people are suffering.

It's been a while since I've ridden a horse.

Have you got a headache?

Ellen rarely goes to church.

Nobody had seen such a beautiful painting.

Don't give in to peer pressure.


Among familiars, the merest hint suffices each to know what's going on.


Have I ever told you guys about the first time I met Malloy?

Nothing bothers Antonio.

I've learned a lot about him.

You don't have to try.

You never should've gone there by yourself.

I'm going to take you to them.

It all happened so fast.


Why aren't you dressed yet?

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Angus ate the whole cake by himself.


The patient was allowed up.

He doesn't live here anymore.

Spain has been a democracy since 1975.

I dislike coffee.

We saw what looked like an oasis in the desert.

I'm not bringing her.

Tell Rhonda that I already know how to do that.

I don't know who you are anymore.

You're a terrible dancer.

I would rather die than live in dishonor.

Do you like this colour?

Keep an eye on the bags.

What colour do you like?

He raised his hand and smiled.

Jianyun has to work harder than he used to to make ends meet.

He swam across the river.

I woke up at five o'clock.

Perhaps that's true.

Why do you suppose that was, Vijay?


I'd like to go with her.


The actor who plays Jesus is quite handsome.

He is in the publishing business.

Ima didn't notice the mud on his shoes.

I did not have sexual relations with that woman.

He is nothing but a businessman.

A boy of seventeen is usually as tall as his father.

Have you checked this with Jong?

I don't really want to eat Chinese food tonight.

I lost my keys somewhere yesterday.


When the prince stepped over the threshold he caught sight of a maiden of wonderful beauty, with brown eyes and fair curly hair.

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They love art.


He just drones on and on but hardly even touches on what we need to know for the test.

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Why do you doubt your senses?

Does your spouse attend church with you?

I am just dying for a Coke right now.


The sight made my blood freeze.

You won't like me.

His ignorance causes her problems.

I thought you might like to know.

All his efforts seemed to have been wasted.

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I'm on my break.

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You shouldn't eat anything cold.

His absence was due to illness.

I hated to see Rodney leave.


Jess had something to do with that.


They failed to get the necessary votes.


It's a tough read.

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Would it be OK if I discussed it with my family?

A bright child is curious about life and reality.

Glen was fearless.


We banqueted on lobster that night.

Seymour stared at the picture Narendra was holding.

It seems that Tobias is lying.

The bear is quite tame and doesn't bite.

I don't think Tammy ever really loved me.

Love does not forgive.

Doesn't anybody want to take a walk to the sea?

Some insurance companies require that you select a primary care physician before you try to visit the doctor.

Alain always seems to be happy and smiling.


They are looking into the problem.

I can't talk with people.

Who are they to tell me what to do?


The city in which I was born is Tel Aviv.

Anne will not accomplish anything.

No one supported me.

It is man's natural sickness to believe that he possesses the Truth.

Leung was not happy.

At this time tomorrow, he'll be speaking with his family.

I pardoned his fault.

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You have to enter your house number, suburb, post code and street seperately.


Ethan is always up-to-date on the latest fads.

She went to rehab and straightened herself out.

That's why I came.

Children grow up very quickly.

We add new examples to Tatoeba.


Gypsy could only think of one thing he really wanted to do.

I have a report to write tonight.

It became difficult to find buffalo.


Winds in this area gust at more than one hundred miles an hour.


He is mentally handicapped.

Butler was very hardworking.

I have to put down your new address.

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Keep the medicine away from children.

Do you know who invented the machine?

The poet went mad in the end.

Selfishness is an essential part of his character.

Place them on the baking sheet, then glaze them with egg yolk.


I would prefer to get a divorce.

Walter put his ear to the door and listened.

I read a book today.

Father bought me some books.

I love Alex Marcelo.