Engineering tools built for humans.

Kraken IM enable the flow of data for engineering and construction. We build data exchange platforms for the teams that design, build, and operate assets of all types. We can also help you adopt new technology and processes to make your digital transformation happen.

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HALCYON - the data driven project

Meet Halcyon, the tool that reduces risk and makes your whole supply chain digital.

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Digital Transformation

Learn how to leverage new technology, business models and to create and capture value. Discover our unique capability to transform your business.

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CFIHOS is an emerging industry standard for a consistent approach to information handover. Are you CFIHOS ready?

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The cost of poor information in engineering sectors are staggering. Every year globally we waste trillions due to poor information in construction. Kraken IM are working to make the engineering sector digital. 

We make software that makes your whole supply chain digital, reduce risk and gives you asset information that you can trust. We work with companies to enable their digital transformation in engineering sectors and we advocate and work with standards such as CFIHOS and BIM. 

Most of all we believe that better information management comes from better collaboration, which is why our software is built for humans.


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