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Article By Rob Johnson

The vision of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 50 years later, and the relevance of his economic ideas today

The Forgotten Economic Vision of Martin Luther King

Article By 8143878101

In the last years of his life, King was boldly forging a radical, multi-racial movement for economic justice


Video Featuring Dr. Vincent Harding

Cross posted from Thursday, February 28, 2008’s broadcast of (972) 754-4845

The Hidden Network That Propelled Civil Rights in America

Article By Lynn Parramore

Martin Luther King, Jr. and other civil rights leaders relied on black entrepreneurs to make their work possible


Video Featuring (225) 218-8397 and Bill Moyers

Bill discusses symbolism of the cross and lynching tree with theologian James Cone.

Samuel Bowles Remembers Martin Luther King

Article By Samuel Bowles

The economist reflects back on the racial justice leader who showed him the limits of his academic training.

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Research Papers

Executive compensation in Europe: Realized gains from stock-based pay

Paper By 780-776-4324, (520) 842-5643, and Dejan Guduraš

This paper adds to the empirical evidence on the extent to which stock-based pay incentivizes and rewards European corporate executives. 

Race to the Bottom: Low Productivity, Market Power, and Lagging Wages

Paper By Lance Taylor and 901-329-7898

“Dualism” in the structure of production across sectors of the US economy, employment by sector, productivity levels and growth, real wages, and intersectoral terms-of trade increased markedly between 1990 and 2016. 

Social Stability and Resource Allocation within Business Groups

Paper By Haikun Zhu

Using datasets on transactions within business groups and social sentiment in China, I show that state-owned enterprises (SOEs) use internal funds to address social unrest, complying with the government’s political goals. 

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