Wolf is still a virgin.

I want to thank you for everything you've done.

The man who I thought was his father proved to be a perfect stranger.

Kenneth is studying now.

Tao told Brender all about his childhood.

There isn't any hope.


Ingratiating behaviour can be really annoying.

Let's do something fun.

Never have I dreamt such a strange dream.


Just remember, never walk on your garden.


It was careless of you to forget your homework.

Tell us the story from beginning to end.

I'm going to try to quit drinking.

Let's keep going.

Irwin got to the bus stop just in time.

You can't die like this.

He is, without question, the best man for the job.

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Marsh won't back off.

I tried climbing the mountain.

I just want to wish you a merry Christmas.

Jealousy was the motive for the murder.

Which key is it?

When did you study yesterday?

Boats can sink.

He'd used the dirty brush to paint the wall green, and he did not clean it afterwards.

I'm fine too.

A woman was hurt in the accident, and her two daughters were too.

Naim thinks he'll go shopping this afternoon.

It was yesterday that Mike bought this racket.

Don't tell lies.

Pratapwant certainly knows what he's doing.

He tried to restrain his anger.


I think we should call her.

No one has seen him.

I've been here every day for the past three weeks.

In this hospital each nurse attends five patients.

No wedding would be complete without a fight.

Come on. Let's have a little fun.

Evelyn has nothing to be afraid of.


This doesn't work anymore.

Cathrin hates Martin, but not as much as she hates him.

He was slain in battle.

I love studying languages.

I just spent three hours with Eileen.


I want to spend some time with you.

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We'll take care of him.

I will not add sentences in Russian.

I have to admit that I'm impressed.


Shakil didn't know why Krzysztof wasn't at school.

It's a mixture of ceramics, porcelain, stoneware, and earthenware.

Doesn't that sound romantic?


All of the books on the bookshelf have been read.

I bought an umbrella.

We have already passed the peak of the summer heat, but it's still hot during the day.


Cecilia got down on one knee and told Pascal that he loved her and wanted to share his life with her.

She wants to be a simultaneous interpreter.

Other people need nine or ten hours of sleep.


Why don't you just sit with Klaus?


I don't need Ronni to tell me anything.


I was much moved by his speech.


We can help him now.


It took me ages to pack up my suitcases.


The area around the melting ice cream was crawling with ants.

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Since I wasn't hungry, I only ordered coffee.


It took four months to write a new Constitution.


What do you think of your job?

Gotta catch 'em all!

She did the right thing.

Japan's competitiveness is very strong in industrial products, but weak in agricultural products.

Should we cancel?

Lowell wants to give his old car to Hurf.

I can't see taking advice from Kris.

This house is not very large.

The prison guards will strike from midnight in three days.

Do you think I'll miss my train?

There was a note on my desk in Brent's handwriting.

The view for the country's future is bright.

Somebody messed up.

You should ask your parents for permission.

I'd never met Bryan before this morning.

He regained consciousness in the hospital.

The most amazing thing happened yesterday.

Slow down!

Let's sit in the front.

Hey! This is not the right place. You should contact the actual national coach for information regarding this.

She never said anything about this.

May I take a pen?

I hope you and Jon have a good time.

I want Stevan to be arrested.

Can you tell me where Main Street is?

Roy lives in an apartment not far from my place.

The train for Birmingham leaves from platform 3.


No one has the right to tell you otherwise.


They went to a bar.

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Miki would've been extremely angry.

OK, try again.

Something is wrong with my watch.


Byron has been told what happened.


I'm your conscience.

I have seldom heard from her.

An airship is lighter than air.


Are you happy with your weight?

She earned it.

I've decided to let you come back to work.

The real heroes are us.

I have other priorities.

It was sultry last night.

If a dream is a wish and a wish does come true, I might dream of Disneyland tonight.


If Natsu marries Mr. Ando, then it will make a "red bean paste donut", won't it?

That's the most important reason.

Merlin was a wizard.

Is that your own idea?

For kosher meat I go to the butcher of my choice.

I don't have time to help you today.

Do you think he is the guy that broke the window?

Ramesh told me I had done pretty good.

You have a great job.


Kinch and I usually meet here at 2:30.

Is that a weapon of some kind?

She's the black sheep of the family.

Nothing happened to them.

She tried to run as fast as she could.


Kazuhiro was amused.

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Which season do you like best, spring or autumn?

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Spock was complaining of back pain.

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Vladimir spoke calmly.


Why are we doing this?

Tell them you'd like to help.

I had never seen so much money.

There's a south wind blowing.

We'll convince Tiefenthal.

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Did you write down Petr's number?

She doesn't know anything about her family.

Having been left alone, the baby started crying.

We got our roof blown off in the typhoon.

Some farmers are using donkeys to protect their sheep from wild dogs.

Nobody'll ever find us here.

Conchita felt guilty for ruining Theo and Ramanan's relationship.

I'm trying to figure out a solution.

I bought a car in Derry yesterday.

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Did you tell Wendi Pierce did this?

I am digging a well.

He was hurt and angry.


Sriram poured himself cup of herbal tea.

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Phill is a creature of habit.

Think has left the room.

Some think that a belief in Santa Claus is on a par with belief in God.

My dog was hit by a car.

Rick is still not accustomed to city life.

He sat on the bed.

It doesn't get any better than this.

I've been reading a lot.

Was it fun?


I've been doing it all my life.


None of what Van said was true.

When did Claudia come?

What else would you like to do?


Alan hasn't done that yet.

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Don't confuse love and desire.