Your Personal Concierge in Canberra

Change your day to day living and change the quality of your life

Your Story

What would you do with extra freedom, extra comfort and extra time in your days?
Would you like to feel confident that, released from day to day tasks, you can spend your time on those activities you much prefer?
Are you working long hours and consuming your thinking time on building your career? Would you like to have more quality time with your family and friends? Perhaps you enjoy giving your spare time for community service and fundraising?

Make the change and improve the quality of your time.
A bespoke concierge offering gives you more choice for how those essential errands and tasks get achieved, how your home can be your comforting retreat, and how you can enjoy and enrich every day with your loved ones.

Our Story
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Let him who would enjoy a good future waste none of his present

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Select, mix and match your choice of services, in your timing, in your way

Relax at Home

Make your living spaces a joy, where you love to spend time and rejuvenate.

At Home

Source and supervise maintenance and cleaning; Tidy ups; Restock essentials; Decluttering and organising; Interior styling; Receiving deliveries; Constructing IKEA; garden tidy; House minding

extra hands and feet

You get your valuable time back as
I run the errands. Stuff gets done.


Drop off/pick up: dry cleaning, shoe repair, clothing alterations, post, car for servicing and washing, pets and the vet; book appointments and reservations; essential grocery shopping; pay bills; airport runs

know it all

Research and internet skills so you'll have the insider knowledge

Managing Info

Research and organise: travel, shopping, online services, useful software and apps; set up social media; sell items on ebay; online shopping; Sort digital photos

Special Occassions

Extra touches, special finds, handy help to get your event just how you want.

Party Time

Source and supervise catering, decorations and cleaning; Bar and serving staff; invitations and RSVP management; house guest preparation; personal hair, make up and dress preparation; Present shopping

Personal Styling

For that main event.... or you just need a change

A Different You

Appointments with leading stylists, hairdressers, make up artists, fashion boutiques, dressmakers; Collect cosmetics, make up, clothing purchases.

Getting Organised

Accelerate your projects or small business with additional management and administration.

Conquor the Admin

Home office and small business support; Organise filing cabinets; prepare business plans; Training and coaching; Meeting scribes; Virtual assistant; Manage diaries

Your Personal Concierge

Absolutely reliable, trustworthy, conscientious, discreet.
A quiet friend on your side, there to let you spend your time more fruitfully.

Meet Leanne Elliott

Packages and Prices

Cornerstone Concierge provides bespoke services most easily accessed through booking an package of hours.
These packages give you access to concierge services of your choice, and specialised services can be added.

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Will you make more of your time?

Contact Leanne for a complimentary consultation and begin to life your best life

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