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Welcome to the Alfred AI project

"Finally my technology is all working for me in concert, rather than each PC and device chaotically working against me for itself" - Testimonial exerp*(click here for full testimonial)

Q: What is Alfred AI?

A: Alfred AI is a software entity designed to incorporate & integrate a range of programs including: Web-Brouser (based on FireFox/Chrome), Media Player (based on VLC player), Ghost system back-up (based on ghost/acronis), Verbal Communication (based on dragon/android-voice – NaturalReader), Remote System Control (based on radmin)  - with the ability to integrate with limitless other applications via APIs, Plugins, and expantions.

The purpose of Alfred is to act as a personal assistant and control all of the above applications and also home automation all from a simple friedly personal verbal interaction with you.
The Alfred AI network will also provide user's accsess to his/her personal media library from any computer in the world (via web accsess or directly on an Alfred connected device)
Alfred will also revolutionize the royaly and media rights payment system via OPTIONAL advertising by choice and direct payment to copyright holders. Alfred will also offer media sales and hardware home automation sales directly from the Alfredai.com/shop webstore.
Alfred AI is a Home Automation, PA(Personal Assistant), Electronics Butler & IT Helper all of your own. Alfred will learn what you want, when you want it and aid you every day; from diary events to entertainment to social communication and a myriad of other tasks. You will wonder how you could have organized your life without him! (he can even let you know what your wife is cooking for dinner, get your son to take out the trash --- or if YOU are one taking out the trash, help you negotiate a little extra for your efforts, like asking dad for movie money if you also mow the lawn this week!)

Alfred will even travel with you in your iPhone/Smartphone and read you news, weather or your favorite sporting reports or your commute to work - click here for more Alfred iPhone app info - via the Alfred iPhone app you can ask Alfred to download today's torrents, or to write an email or to update your facebook, voice control your home pc or home automation - even ask him to call and order pizza for you to collect on the way home!

Vaporware system demonstration (coming soon)

When can I install Alfred on my PC or Mac? And what will it cost me?
We hope to launch Alfred in 2013 (depending on investors and programmers - click here to get involved) --- The best thing about Alfred is it will be absolutely FREE (you will have full use of Alfred as an organizer, media controller, home automation, family and household coordinator and password and license tracker - you will also be able to install free and paid apps/add-ons to allow Alfred to take on new jobs like cooking assistant, news reporter, robotics, home teacher, torrent downloader, email composer and reader, TV scheduler and Ad-skipper, facebook reader/updater and thousands of other applications, with more added every week!)