Let’s go. The situations that you can do first can make you ultimately have a positive effect on overall health.

Take the trip as an investment into your own happiness and health. Keep in mind that even a small or short change of battlefield can bring you numerous psychological and physical benefits. Travel removes stress and depression Depression, stress, anxiety and many other psychological disorders have become an inescapable part of modern life. Stress at home, at work, at school makes you tense, restless, irritable, steals your elan and energy, limits your ability.

What is also very worrying, stress in your long-term harms your physical health. Travel gives you the chance to move away from the cause of stress for some time. It allows you to re-examine your lifestyle, habits, procedures and perceptions in different circumstances and ultimately eliminate the causes of dissatisfaction and depression by looking at them from another angle.

It is extremely useful for women. Like many other yoga exercises, butterfly has multiple effects on our body. In addition to solving spinal problems, it also helps in removing PMS syndrome, restoring and affecting the proper functioning of the reproductive system, solving urogenital problems and preventing the appearance of bruises and sciatica or nerve impacts. It also strengthens the uterus. In addition to this, the back muscles are fixed, the shoulders are corrected and the complete body posture is improved. Pelvic belt mobility is also increased. Butterfly is traditionally considered a female asan in yoga, although it is also recommended for men, primarily those who lead a passive way of life. If you do this exercise every morning, you will notice very soon that pain and discomfort have been significantly reduced. Exercise technique Sit on the floor in a lotus position. Bend your knees so your feet touch. Construct your heels and feet by helping your hands. Correct your back and shoulders.



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Exercising in the open, in the woods, in the sea or on the shore is a wonderful experience. Walk the boss and activate your feet. As you sunbathe on the beach, you realize your breathing, which part of your body moves while you breathe (shoulders, ribs or belly) and try your breath to the bottom of the ribs and upper abdomen. It’s like spreading around that part of the body in all directions (left, right, front and back, and slightly up). While lying your breath connect with your bowl. Make sure that you are moving up and down in your pelvic diaphragm, and that the muscles that open the wrists and the anus open and squeeze.