She is in her hotel now.

Loyd will speak for me.


After he was released from the psychiatric hospital, Dan continued to suffer severe mood swings and erratic behavior.

Calvin solved the mystery.

All my family were just crazy about baseball.

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I told her a few jokes.

They got thoroughly wet in the rain.

Klaus loves it.

Kerri hasn't been able to reach Roberto.

Do you have friends in your class?

The death of my mother left a big blank in my life.

I'm very sleepy now.

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I completely forgot the number.

He never brushes his teeth.

Ninja has not yet been told of his father's death.

Who are you trying to convince?

Carolyn is surprisingly sensitive to cold.

He said, 'May God help us!'

We have to set off at the crack of dawn tomorrow.


I knew I was making mistakes.

I told Ramon he was no longer allowed to visit Ted in the hospital.

Is it real?

She approaches everything with a businesslike attitude.

After lunch we have two more classes.


Everyone looks exhausted.


The grapes of this vine are very good.


She called me very late last night.

I couldn't think of anything worse.

Don't fritter your newly earned money away!

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We have everything here that we need.

I was very tired, so I went to bed early.

You got us evicted.


You must be accurate in counting.

I'd like to meet her father.

I wonder what made her do that.

I guess I'm wrong.

Is this a puzzle?

They tried to walk past her.

I will let you know after I have inquired once more.

I hope they arrive soon.

I didn't know the truth until this morning.

Give, and it will be given to you.

This fruit has an unpleasant smell.

Clayton doesn't watch TV very much nowadays.

You can't be too careful in driving a car.

Patrick got kicked by a mule.

Something needs to be done about this right away.

I'd have let you know if I had known.

It's a co-worker.

There is strong shadow where there is much light.

With a slow movement of his hand, he pushed aside a lock of her hair. Then, tenderly and softly, he kissed her neck below the ear.

Homicide is punishable by death.

Lisa is going to Harvard.

Give us something to work on.

Anton checked out three books from the library.

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You are threshing wheat.

I thought we'd already been over all this.

Annie baked an apple pie.

It will work next time.

I met him in January.

Thanks a lot!

Corey had to go there.

Please sit on the sofa and relax.

Is the food good there?


I think Wendi needs a vacation.

This week, 25 people have written at least one Esperanto sentence on Tatoeba.

Justin was both puzzled and concerned.

The wife of a missing man has delivered a heartfelt plea to the public for information on his whereabouts.

Hi, my friend!


I think we'd better sing that English song!

Hopefully, it won't rain this evening.

I was greatly disappointed at hearing the news.

Hands reveal our inward emotions.

He promised to come home early tonight.

The 2011 Women's Soccer World Cup will end in Frankfurt, Germany.

I'm just getting back to basics.

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I often stay up all night.

I'll be at your place in about thirty minutes.

What do you say we hang out together on the weekend?

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The victim was identified as Dan Anderson.


I know what might happen here.

I'm sure Heinz understands what needs to be done.

Case, how old were you when you left Australia?

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Your being obliged to wear pants doesn't logically follow from the state of your being a man.

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I don't want Tandy to find me again.

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He was mayor.

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She was glad of my company.


Everything went exactly as planned.

She could scarcely gasp the words.

Prison is the school of crime.

The child cried all night long.

Stan followed in his father's footsteps.

Is she better than me?

Do you ever dream about flying through the sky?


How much do I owe you for the ticket?

Why did you do that?

Green suits Alice.


Russ lives in a small town not too far from Boston.


I couldn't get another copy of the book.

You look like a monkey.

Somebody's inside the house.


In retrospect, it may seem obvious that we shouldn't have been burning our trash so close to our house.

I'm not fat.

Who did Sofoklis do that for?

Have I told you where I first met Dave?

That's OK with me.

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It's hard to catch words in the Osakan dialect.

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Tomorrow I'll go and play football.


I don't like the way he looks at you.

Here are my books.

Is there anything that I can do for you?

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Is the meeting today or tomorrow?

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The wall is thirty yards long.

Are you sure you're going to be OK?

I have not heard from her recently.

What exactly are your symptoms?

All this random shit is making me dizzy.

The sweatsuit doesn't fit me anymore.

I think I should handle this as soon as possible.


The young girl was haughty to me.


The old people make a habit of getting up early.

I don't know any other way to do it.

Why wasn't anything about that in the report?


Everybody went to the same bar.


I didn't wait for her.


Don't interrupt me while I'm speaking.

His success is in question.

Do you all feel that way?


Tell me what you want me to buy for you.

That's a safe assumption.

His loud voice drew my attention.

His resignation left a vacancy in the cabinet.

What are the benefits?

I have been to Kyoto.

Daddy loves to say funny things.

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Per knows the police suspect him.

Work harder if you plan to succeed.

I really can't accept this.


Pantelis paused briefly.

Luke should shut up.

We've got other fish to fry.

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My book bag is very heavy.

That is why I don't sleep.

Morris doesn't know why Presley doesn't eat meat.


I don't know as much about this as you do.

It was because of her that he lived so miserably.

Most of my friends are girls.

I don't suppose Louiqa will be long.

Paul doesn't like clubs where there is loud music.


We've discussed a lot of things.


I must draw up three papers in as many days.

I have something that belongs to you. Why don't you come over and pick it up?

That's a fake.

I'm sure that you will get angry.

Bad luck!

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I'm a lot more comfortable now.

I'm going to stay.

Please don't ask me to do that again.