I am out of time.

Mwa started writing.

Phillip paid for it in a lump sum.

You're shitting me.

Tandy danced with Bonnie.

This one's the real deal.

Murph and Thomas joined the group.

I feel like I should say something to Douglas.

I'll join you in the library.

Has anyone here in the classroom heard about Norman Finkelstein?


Carole didn't consider Konstantinos's feelings at all.


Tell me your name, honey!

His dissertation is better than mine.

Oh, you're pricks!

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Duct tape is good for fixing anything.

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You are, hands down, the biggest idiot I've ever met.

I think Pablo understands that if he wants my help, all he needs to do is ask for it.

Don't laugh at a person in trouble.

Let's see what we can do to help.

I've changed clothes.

The song reminds me of my young days.

Is the hotel far from here?

Takao tightened his grip on the rope.

July 2016 was the hottest month on record.

Don't show your cards.

This is the first time I've ever felled a tree.


That's an unusual thing, undoubtedly.

We like her.

Ask Hector to attend today's meeting.

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What's your favorite girl's name?

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We detest her.

You are free to talk with anyone.

Did I catch you at a bad time?

What would you do if you were in Hotta's position?

This meat kind of tastes like chicken.

I thought Kusum was going with you guys, too.

You two would get along.


There aren't any clouds today.

Who taught them table manners?

Janos got a call from Troy.

We'd better go look for them.

What is the difference between a causal relationship and a casual relationship?


Ask me something easier.

I wasn't prepared for this surprise.

Please don't talk about me when I'm gone.

Micheal would like to see your new guitar.

Mix him a drink.

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We're desperate to find a solution.


His advice would be very useful to you.


Phil put on some rubber gloves so he wouldn't leave fingerprints.


They're ugly.

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I gave the milk to the cat.


Grace plays the piano very well.

I don't really care about it.

People around me say that you are very outgoing.

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I'm going to miss her.

They knew nothing.

Dustin's condition worsened.

I lost everything I had so painstakingly collected over the years.

Christina speaks with Vladislav every day.

Gabriel tried to look like he wasn't scared.

Yumi has a lot of money now.

We used to go to the movies on Saturday evening.

Did Rolf happen to tell you how he plans to do that?

Barbara doesn't have much money in the bank.

Rahul spends most of his spare time practicing the guitar.

Rik refused to accept the gift from Mott.

We'll cook.

I feel so helpless.

I don't have any friends.


The result of the election will be announced tomorrow.

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Jim burned the midnight oil when he was preparing for the examination.


Kamel's doing a good job under very difficult circumstances.


Gypsy seems to know all about Wendy's past.


I'll do everything within my power to make sure your children are safe.

We're a big family.

Croatian Ivo Karlovic, currently the tallest professional tennis player in the world, is known for his extremely powerful serve, and many tennis analysts, as well as fellow players, recognise him as the best server on the ATP tour. Aged 36, he is also the oldest top 100 player, as of 2015.

Herbert is the perfect guy for you.

Ramneek isn't lonely now.

He is now playing tennis on the court.

How much are you selling a bag of apples for?

The dancers tripped lightly across the stage.

This is a beautiful tree.


What we really want is some more free time.

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Wilmer has come back from Boston.

You could at least do a bit of study.

It seems that this is not painted by a painter.


I'm sure Vance wasn't surprised.

Have you thought of a good plan?

It won't be possible.

Take the leftover food home with you.

His account of the accident accords with yours.

Can you see an owl eating a delicious sewer rat over there? That's me.

Geoffrey's snoring.

Stephan could tell that Andre wasn't feeling well.

Kirby's quintessentially Japanese cuteness is almost incomprehensible to his American audience, who satirize him as a dark and gloomy character constantly, almost as a reflex.

We live in a big city.

Can I pick my ticket up at the airport?

Well do I remember the man's name.

The Van Horns are rich.


He has otherwordly powers!

Call me every few days, and in that way we can keep in touch if something happens.

Next time I'll come earlier.

I have complete confidence in you.

It's a game for children.

The roof is really in need of repair.

This country is rich in oil.


Naoto makes about fifty phone calls a day.


You were told to lay off.

Is there chicken for dinner?

He'll rip my head off.

We should run some tests.

I hear you're looking for a new assistant.

She will be famous in the future.

The guide told the kids not to take a picture.


What's the meaning of that?

His action is against the law.

Troy closed his eyes and began to count sheep.


I am expecting some serious work from you.

I assume you don't want go swimming with us.

Nici is a bit like his father.


We're still waiting for you.

She cannot be over thirty.

Who is the man standing in front of the building?


Spudboy is mopping the kitchen floor.

He has a firm purpose in life.

Am I going to have to work with Alexander?

Would you lend me a pencil?

Don't delay finishing the business.

I'm farsighted.

Tell me when you are through with your work.

Don't put off your departure on account of me.

Your criticism is unfounded.

Bob came here, didn't he?

This cat knocked over the can of canned fish so that it could eat it.


I guess you didn't quite understand me.

Sundar really likes chocolate cake.

Fred is trying to pay off all his debts.

That could be too late.

I was told Ritchey would be here.


Just give me my money.

I don't know which of the two to choose. They're both very pretty.

I waited for her as long as two hours.

You have to be over 18 to drive.

This is her handbag.

That was a big mistake.

I never did anything like that for Dwight.

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All you have to do is fill in this form.


I need to talk to Florian.


I never thought I would find a woman like you.

We can't live like this.

Allow me to introduce myself.

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I don't have any trouble believing that.

Phiroze answered the door.

I wish I had brought my computer.


Our feelings towards him are mixed.

We hope it doesn't happen again.

Feed chickens with seeds.


Did you come here by train or by bus?

Here's my driver's license.

In the winter I'm in the city, but I stay in the country for the summer.