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The train will pick up speed in a minute.

It's up to you whether you study or not.

She fell down senseless on the floor.

Mr Hirano is looked up to as an excellent engineer.

You've bitten off more than you can chew.


I learned a lot about Australia.


The flower is red.

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It is said that...

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I had a marvelous time last night.


We're so happy you're here.

My sister will have finished her homework before she goes to Hokkaido.

Today, I'll sleep on the couch.


Jackye sprained his ankle yesterday.

Jitendra put the ring on her finger.

Your new hat is very becoming on you.

Dan was a highly respected police officer.

Dan knocked down Matt with a kick in the face.

Socorrito took off for home.

Giles was toying with you.

I hope to hear from you.

She was a woman of few emotions.


Kate has a light complexion.


What do you think we must do in order to maintain the peace of the world?

Charles promised he'd clean his room.

In 2013, Malcolm was a student in Boston.


Translation is like toilet paper: No one thinks about it until they need it.


There is no doubt about his ability.


Darryl bought himself a cup of coffee.

His appearance animated the party.

We can't allow ourselves to mess up.


Judy bought a very cheap camera.

Everyone needs to relax.

Becky is very resourceful.

Aren't you even a bit curious?

Could you give a simple self-introduction?

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A girl from America is in our class.

She complained to the manager about the service.

Nhan works two jobs.

He got the first prize.

Close the door, please.

I want to ask him for his phone number.

Tiefenthal pretended he didn't know anything about it.

This should do it.

The treaty was signed.


We haven't seen much of Tolerant since Francisco committed suicide.

Jerome is upstairs in bed.

That book still makes me cry.

Someone needs to talk to Les about what happened.

Much can be learned by observing how a child interacts at play with other children.

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My mother made me clean the bathroom.

Willie drew a line down the middle of the page.

Carisa wants to know whether you plan to come to his party or not.

Tai wishes he had a larger office.

Marlena's killer is still at large.

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You're my hero.

I should've reacted differently.

I am good friends with Bill.

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Jenine looks like her mother.

I'm really looking forward to seeing Carisa again.

Srinivasan should give me a second chance, don't you think?

Magnets attract iron.

I could not recognize him at first.

Who wants jello?

I got soaked boating down river.

I am unthirsty.

Many people were injured.


Now don't you feel stupid?


She's not talkative.

When I am going to visit someone I look up to, I first write to him and tell him why.

The plane was delayed for two hours on account of the bad weather.

There'll be standing room only.

He isn't able to do it.

"I fixed the computer." "Yeah, right."

Proceeding from warm-up exercises to leg kick practice without a hitch, the lesson went completely smoothly.


Somebody killed them.

Who buys such art?

Many architectural monstrosities are seen in Tokyo.

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The mother was very scared because of the baby's cold.

His house is at the foot of the hill.

Please tell her how sorry I am.

The post office is not too far from here.

I read the Bible in order to learn Esperanto.

Don't follow his example.

Roland says Cathy can be trusted.

The little boy disappeared down the road.

I don't even know where Gregor is now.


He officially announced himself as a candidate.


I'm losing weight.

Tatoeba is helping to improve my Esperanto.

This textbook is too hard for me.

Tiefenthal never answered the question.

I'm a bit groggy.

He ascended the ladder halfway.

Jitendra didn't have to tell me this, but he did.

I have known her since she was a baby.

That factory makes toys.


Stan was robbed at knife-point.

You have to see it.

Well, there's no such thing as being too late to correct one's faults.

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What time do you get off?

Vick is a skydiving instructor.

I tried to avoid him as much as possible.

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The huge building seemed to touch the sky.


This scarf feels soft and smooth.

I have a hangover today.

I have a shower every night.


It is what I would do.

I know you're not like Jem.

We made him chairman.

I'll call a repairman I know who'll be at your house to fix the washing machine promptly.

Temperatures from 2001 to 2012 were warmer than any previous decade in every region of the United States.

Would you like me to feed your cat?

It's a tossup as to who will win; both teams are about the same in quality.

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Kusum says he can't sleep.

It works now.

This one is all yours.


I think it's time for me to move on.

It's really beautiful.

Have you found them?


Do we have any chance of winning?

Could we stay at your place for a few nights?

I demand your daughter's hand in marriage.

The sun shone like gold.

Sandeep stepped off the train.

Make sure that you do it yourself.

Why bother fixing it?

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I screwed up my courage and went there.

They're here to protect you.

You should be careful what you wish for.

Their country is a puppet of a Western power.

My family is still working, so they can't go to Texas right away.

Kathryn told me where you hid the gold coins.

Cristina pulled into his garage, turned off the engine, and then got out of the car.

Tomas announced the agreement Monday.

Where can I meet you?


Dan came back home tired.

What has happened?

Is there something bothering you?

I requested extra salt on my French fries.

On getting off the train, he was met by his cousin.

We don't like cheese.

English is like a gated community; access is possible but cumbersome.

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Drop the gun.

We've come to get you out of here.

I'm no longer afraid.

Who will look after your dog tomorrow?

What's your favorite subject at school?

You must take care of us.

To hatred, I reply with pardon.

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I order pizza.

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Is that the best Sharan can do?

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Ever since he broke up with her she's been talking trash about him to all her friends.

That's kind of important.

A fault confessed is half redressed.


Hello honey.

Rolf and Vivek are sitting side by side.

So many people spend their valuable time in vain.

Kari was very hardworking.

Louie asked you a question. Please answer it.

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