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June 3, 2017

I switched my mobile operator!

I had mentioned in my last post I am going to be switching from Airtel to Vodafone using the Mobile Number Portability facility. I tried MNP a few weeks back and I must admit that the whole process was totally smooth and it worked in just, less than a week. Vodafone promised they will switch me over to their network once my MNP request is approved and they did it! The whole experience was smooth and flawless and it worked, a rarity in this country! There was no long customer support calls, complaints or weeks of following up! It just worked, period. Thanks to both Airtel and Vodafone for making this smooth as silk.

For those who like to know how Vodafone is holding up – Not Bad! It’s only a few weeks and I will definitely let you know with usage how it fairs. For now, in Chennai, I am yet to see it show 4G even once! Absolutely no Vodafone signal in Chennai Airport domestic terminal. Lucky if we get EDGE elsewhere in Chennai. Despite that the voice quality is great and when with signal, it didn’t disappointment with frequent call drops like Airtel did. Vodafone works great in Bangalore.

More about this a bit later!

March 12, 2017

Switching from Airtel, finally!

Over 10 years of persisting with Airtel mobile connection and not going anywhere with it now prompted a change. Tried everything from raising a complaint to changing devices to what not? The Open Network software on the mobile turns out to be a joke. It just tells that the location of the towers and how close you are to the tower. Basically indicating that it is not their fault!

I have now opted for Mobile Number Portability (MNP) and have decided to switch to Vodafone. I am sure many would perhaps say Vodafone is not any different. It is just that I have paid so much to Airtel for the last 10 years, perhaps time to move to another provider. Let us see what holds now with the new service provider.

January 28, 2017


9407630048The last weekend visit to Kabini for just a night was totally unplanned and threw a huge surprise. We didn’t know what was in store waiting for us when we stepped out for the evening safari. We tried our luck in Zone B for a while moving around the sunset point looking for some action with the big cats but didn’t see or find anything interesting. The forest was dry and very little water in the waterholes and some even had gone totally dry due to the onset of summer. Thats when our naturalist Jeevan received a message that someone sighted a leopard just a few minutes back and that we may have our chances. We were just waiting to hear something like this and we were immediately on the trail. A quick 5 minutes ride and we joined our fellow wildlife enthusiasts looking curiously at a huge banyan tree about 400 – 500 meters away. Caught by surprise, we just turned our 4×4 and positioned ourselves so that we can position our gear appropriately to get a clear shot. The light was playing its hide and seek and was casting its shadows by the minute. A 3 minute window when the sun god decided to help us and brilliant light from behind lit the scene with the leopard on the tree branch sleeping beautifully. The only grudge now is that its face facing the other side and no clear shot of the face. After waiting nearly for 35 minutes the beauty turned around showed us a glimpse of its face just for a few seconds and that only under the shades of a huge tree branch.

Sighting this beauty in its habitant and what we all know as what it does best – that is sleeping perched on the tree! My first. And this indeed will remain in my memory for a long long time.

Din’t I say in one of my previous posts – Kabini never disappoints! True indeed.

Take care.

Wildlife tours and the last 12 months

Since my last blog that I posted a year ago, I have done three wildlife tours across the best national parks in India. I began my tours with Tadoba in the June of 2015 which was a dream come true tour of my life. One of the finest tiger reserves of the country, Tadoba definitely did not disappoint me. Fantastic tiger sightings and a number of birds and animals each day and each safari. Watching the majestic Sonam, the tigress cooling off the Telia lake easily is the highlight of the Tadoba tour.

The second major tour of 2015 also completed the year was Gir. This was special from three perspectives. While watching and photographing the asiatic lions definitely is the agenda, Gir was generous enough on us to provide with an opportunity to see the most elusive cats, the Leopard. A head on shot of the Leopard is always a delight. The second special sighting was a young lioness going for a near kill and missing the spotted deer showed us how fragile the animal kingdom is. The entire build up to the near kill was just wonderful. Thirdly, sighting a serpent eagle accomplishing a kill of a 6 feet checkered keel back snake and actually eating was one of the best action in the wildlife I have seen. What a sight it was. The sighting, speed, the agility, and finally the kill and post kill actions were just unbelievable.

And the third major tour was the recent trip to Kaziranga, Assam around the second week of March this year. Though the objective of this trip mainly was to sight, photograph and document the one horned rhinos, like Gir, nature did throw us a surprise. And yes. The elusive big cat, a huge male tiger showed up unexpectedly. We followed him to the lake where he drank water, took a nap, again drank water and came out on the other side about 15ft from where we had parked and waited for him. He didn’t disappoint. What a majestic animal and what a sighting it was. This trip also is very special in that, we had fairly consistently sighted some very unique species including the endangered vultures, the Gibbon Apes, the Golden Langurs and the Pig tailed monkeys. Never in one tour I have had an opportunity to see so many unique species before Kaziranga.

I have had some great opportunity to photograph some of these wonderful species and have tried my best to record them and catalogue them. You can view them in my photoblog site at 407-416-0598

(512) 568-1883

White_Bellied_WoodPecker_002No matter how many times you visit, Kabini never disappoints you. One of my recent trips is no exception to this! There is a reason why wildlife photographers and naturalists are so fascinated with this “Land of the Leopard” that they keep visiting Kabini again and again.
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I have been using WordPress for a long time now. While I like the flexibility of WordPress as a CMS and a general purpose blogging system, I am finding it a bit too complex and not so intuitive for photographers to upload and manage their catalogs or digital photo rolls in a very organized manner.

I am currently evaluating Tumblr, 500px and the time tested Flickr, now a yahoo owned photo management site. Both 500px and Flickr are turning out to be excellent so far. I find the 500px interface to be excellent but is not totally free if we want to expand and many of the features are now part of premium subscription and appears pricy. (678) 497-1913

February 26, 2015


I am improving usability and readability of my blog. It is currently undergoing changes for the better. You will see contents, graphics and UI constantly changing over the next few months and this is because I am changing it all the time! The last few months have been interesting for me particularly learning a lot of web design, general stuff about internet and hosting, design tools, HTML, etc.

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February 25, 2015
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