I cannot but believe her.

The man suddenly started shooting his gun.

I found it necessary to get a loan.

A free press is essential for democracy.

I can hardly wait until summer.

Eat snow.

It looks like a great day for a picnic.

Ramsey nearly got away with it.

Sofoklis lost his wife a few months ago.


We will decide later.


Linder has no will power.


The stomach connects to the small intestine.


We'll have to wait a few minutes.

They tortured Brenda.

Lester is a bookworm.


Can we close the door?

A mysterious legend has been handed down about this lake.

My teacher told me that I should have spent more time preparing my presentation.

I believed everything they told us.

It's very unlikely that any evidence will turn up to prove Meehan's guilt.

She arrived when we were about to leave.

Murph is apt to lose his temper.

Kirsten said he couldn't swim as well as Hamilton.

My anorak, such as it was, stood me in good stead.

I never learned about any of this in school.

We heard somebody shout.

I don't know how long I'll have to wait before I become more creative.

The pastor gave a fiery sermon that left the sinners among them shaking in their boots.

Ninja could've and should've done something.

I need to know what happened at school today.

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You cannot get blood out of a stone.

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Elvis intends to stay in Boston for three days.

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I must watch a documentary.

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It is a pleasant day today.

Sridharan may not be the only one who knows what happened.

You are a professional, but I am an amateur.

Miltos was very kind.

How were you able to escape from prison?

I must say something to you now.

What time does the dining room open?

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Kiki sat down on the park bench and began to read his book.

She told me this story off the record.

I made a draft of my speech.

He solved the problem with great ease.

Peaches are sweet.

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Do I stink?

Show us the way.

I think you've been very immature.

The Joker is the wild card, OK?

We should go back to the ship.

I'm sorry I didn't get you anything.

Well, I've been better.


It isn't your decision.

We had to count on our strength only.

Every dog has a name.

Pass me the sugar, Gregg.

I'd like to strangle Craig.

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The convention voted.

Why should I help him?

I'll give Ross the message.

Should I call you a cab?

He lacks confidence.

He never participates in any reunions.

I wanted to know if you'd heard anything about what's going to be discussed at tomorrow's meeting.

She blushed red.

Have you got a light?

You don't seem too happy to see me.

You see, he is a good baseball player.

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I'm waiting for his telephone call.

It is good for the health to rise early.

I knew that he was reading.

I'm almost positive.

Mickey won't be able to get there in time.

I'll bring him.

Did you have fun at the party last night?

Bigots are incapable of discriminating, since they lump individuals into homogeneous groupings.

Tycho Brahe was born in 1546 in Denmark.

Were any weapons found?

I bought that book for them.

Steve reached for his weapon.

Language is one of the most important inventions of mankind.

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They say that eating more slowly is one way to eat less.


Do you have any sisters?

My brother sent me a letter last week.

He is glad to hear the news.


I'm still upset.

I think about that constantly.

The men played cards and drank until late at night.

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Don't believe him.


I don't think we have to worry about anybody showing up tonight.

Do you have a permit?

Bale fouled and the team got a penalty kick.

She's down to earth.

I didn't hang up on you.


The bone caught in my throat.


We can hear the ocean from here.

Dozens are still missing.

Why are you being so reluctant?

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You've got a bus to catch.

Happiness is a delicate flower.

I need to check it.

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He writes to me once in a while.

Jesper nodded back.

She drinks beer.


Did anyone tell Walt?

I didn't get anything for you.

A lot of buildings collapsed in Japan due to the earthquake yesterday.

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How long does the spring break last?


Why are you talking so funny?


A new actor was billed to appear as Hamlet.

I am sure we have a lot in common.

Love is a feeling of great fondness or enthusiasm for a person or a thing.

I left my umbrella here, but now I can't find it.

You need to stop gambling.

You've exceeded the time allotted.

He stole a kiss from her.

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Bonnie bet me fifty dollars that he could eat more hot dogs than I could.


I would like to try it. Where is the fitting room?

Cole said he hadn't seen Milner for a long time.

I wonder if Russell noticed the difference.

It's everybody's dream to win the lottery.

I looked for Roger and Tao for over an hour.


Do you want to come over to my place and watch Netflix or something?


I'll be free tonight.

I don't know where we'll arrive.

I'm not giving an inch.

Daniel is in constant pain.

Irfan is a very handsome boy.

She interrupted him while he was speaking.

This window won't open.

She knows that you know.

Now, can we please change the subject?


Ram struggled to keep calm.

She's never fallen in love.

Luckily nobody got killed.

That car is quite up to date.

Since the flat is actually a hotel, will the room be cleaned every day?

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I know something you don't.

Can you order them for me?

Her story reminded me of the good old days.


The street is too narrow for lorries.

My child cannot say "Kinpira style sauteed Gobo", he always says "Pinkira style sauteed Bogo" instead.

All we know is that Ahmet is guilty.

Would you like me to tell the truth?

He spoke to her about the matter.

That's a gorgeous color. What kind of beer is that?

I'm worried about Edward, too.


This tea tastes good.

John talked with his customer on the phone.

It's not our job to do that.

Everytime her husband looked at me, he almost asked me: "For what purpose have you come here?"

We met a man named Plastic.

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To climb steep hills requires a slow pace at first.

Dancing: the vertical expression of a horizontal desire legalized by music.

I never saw anyone like Nancy before.


A permit is required.


How wonderful would the world be if everybody were me!

I bet you say that to all the girls.

Just wait here.


We're free now.