I am closing the garage.

Shortly after coming back to France, he decided to abandon his career as an economist in order to dedicate himself to his true passion: writing, in Spain.

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They cannot stop me.


While you are about it, please make a cup of coffee for me, too.

What's your interest in this?

Who said anything about volunteering?

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I love to write music.

He is a heroin addict.

I am extremely competent.

The young should be kind to the old.

I'm pretty rattled.

We will adopt your method at our school.

Were you even tempted?


She was looking for a room with a bath, and found one near here.

Don't worry if you find a green one you like.

She must have been very young when she wrote this poem.

I'll never ever sing in a karaoke bar.

I have to charge the battery of my car.


The bank promised us that our money would be safe.


Wait until all the facts in the case are known.


We were friends right from the start.

A vain attempt.

Rex kept every letter Rhonda wrote him.

The plane crash was only last week.

Why are people afraid of them?


I didn't mean for this to happen.

The balloon deflated quickly.

I need a computer.


Read this book!


It appears we have a problem.


Would you like me to come with you?


Annie doesn't sound too sure.

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Stop yanking my hair, it hurts!


The boy has taken the toy away from his little sister.

Why didn't you tell me you were planning to go to Boston?

The patient's descriptions of her family are vivid, but very cynical.


A man is sitting in his kitchen.


Bob has too many books to read.


It's all a misunderstanding.

Marcos is way taller than Sue.

I'm sorry to disturb you, but there's a phone call for you.


They agreed to form a joint partnership.


He guarantees it.

Mehrdad won a prize in the spelling competition.

Can you please tell Andrew I haven't made a mistake?

Stop talking like a fool.

You're taking a lot for granted.


Don't let others do what you yourself don't like.

I teach you to speak English.

This is an example sentence.

Claire has twenty first cousins on his mother's side, and an unknown number on his father's side.

The man was banging a blow-up doll.

I had a bite at around 3 o'clock.

Fishing just isn't my line.

I have visited Paris once.

Can you hold the elevator, please?

The children were assigned to sweep the room.

I want to hold him.

Kelly needed protection.

Did Israel actually say that?

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Avatars are no contributions, they're personal identities.

Please put away this box for me.

We're always learning.

Lo, we have conceived a great campaign.

Leonard still hasn't abandoned hope.

Deb is listening now.

Would you prefer a window or an aisle seat?

What souvenirs did you buy?

She lives by the sea, but she doesn't know how to swim.


I know you have to go back to Boston.

We hope for better weather.

You were almost run over by a truck.

My wrists were sore after lifting wieghts.

You're obviously dying to know.


We plan to help Pablo paint the barn tomorrow.


Eugene's family has been involved in dairy farming for years.

You should have your car washed.

This rare stamp is hard to come by.


He will tell me everything sooner or later.


It is necessary for you to work hard.


Heinrich doesn't carry a purse.

What year was it that the Berlin Wall fell?

He went slowly up the stairs.

All the ingredients are fresh.

These kinds of problems are relatively rare.


Did you know Rodger very well?


Reinhard died early Monday morning.

Between the upper and nether millstone.

Celeste seems reluctant to leave.

Didn't you hear me calling you?

It is better that you should know the truth.

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She prided herself on having won first prize.

She is firmly determined to own a store of her own.

Loren told me that Horst wasn't his type.

I have made several pen pals there.

Sylvan finally changed his name.

Until now the city of Bilbao has been characterized as a rough, industrial city.

I don't believe we've been introduced.

Would you like to get something to eat? It's on me.

I have something I want to say to you.


I couldn't drink both bottles, so I left one for you.

Menopause is the opposite of menarche.

Please let us know your conditions for making the concession.


She made great efforts to pass the examination.


Let Ning go and we'll talk about it.

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He fumbled with the keys before finding the right one.


Why is Walter looking at me that way?

I'm new at this kind of work.

Naoto didn't have to tell me everything.

Stop. There's a red light.

I suppose I'd better phone him.

They gave him up for lost.

You don't need to work today.

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I will wait for you.

The new mayor is well spoken of by the citizens.

I have to stay up all night and study.

It conforms to the requirements of logic.

The door gives access to the kitchen.

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I've had a great time in Boston.

If you have any problem, just call.

What do you think you're doing letting the loyalists into the castle?

My brother is a vet.

Sunspots are regions of the Sun where the solar magnetic field is very strong.

You're reliable like a shack in the middle of a hurricane.

I think you need to think about the future.

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Love brings love and sometimes brings pain. That's the truth about love, about life.. Love is not always a fairy tale.. there are some love stories that end in sadness.

Chip has a lot of experience in computers.

Tell them the problem is solved.

Where is it located?

Pria talked too much.


Gerald looks very uncomfortable.

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I expected to finish this work, but I couldn't.


Come here after you have washed your hands.

Andreas hated the shoes that Herbert was wearing.

I'm surprised you're still here.

It isn't much fun just sitting here waiting for Marvin.

I didn't tell Kris.

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Barley and wheat grow in the fields around the village.


Joseph was out yesterday.

How fast he swims!

I'll leave Tokyo tonight.

My wife telephones me often when I am abroad.

The lessons must provide a comprehensive and differentiated vocabulary.

Did you think you were right?

When a woman's angry, you only need four little kisses to make her happy.

That's a great help.

You broke nothing.


He spent no more money than was necessary.

My dear child, this is not a star. It is a full moon.

I'll return your books as soon as possible.

When did you meet Jeanette?

Dan hit Linda with a spade and left her to bleed to death.

The schools are closed today because of the snow.

I have a lot of dreams.

What an impressive person he is!

It's an incredibly moving story.