I know how much you love Theo.

Does he have general common sense?

You said Anatoly liked me.

I don't plan on getting caught.

It's hard to blame her.

Stacy wouldn't have left without saying goodbye.

I thought you were going to buy that car.

Hitoshi doesn't go to school by bus.

Hui shot him.

It's one of the reasons.

Nicolas has been close.

I want to buy books.

I know Lindsey has already left Boston.

His success attest his diligence.

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The show's going to be great.

He comes alone.

You need to do exactly what I tell you.

Antonio looks slightly disgusted.

I do it because I want to.

I met Tony on my way school this morning.

The third in the series was a level above the rest.

Good morning, do I disturb you?

They robbed stores and threatened public safety.

I think I've fallen in love with you.

It's like him to behave that way.

You answer questions so well.

Try to hold it together.

What lovely flowers!

When are you going back to Boston?

What's going on out there?

This medicine will do you good.

Frederick will be here real soon.

Mahmoud wants to hear both sides of the story.

I love bread.

I was in Boston when that happened.

Bobbie is a very good storyteller.

This question is like asking a parent which child they love the most.

He was given the sack.

The elephant trumpets.

He changed overnight.

Vladimir grabbed Neil by the throat and started choking her.

Grab the bottom.

You are free to go.

The two of them have been in Boston for over three years.

The Swiss franc is pegged to the euro.

I don't even know if Pedro has a girlfriend or not.

Spock is a bit older than Thomas.

They're handcuffed.

It all started the day I was born.

I have not been to New Zealand.

She was seen to dance.

A housewife should be economical.

He felt great affection for his sister.

Hey, have you ever seen a guy's privates before?

Tyler took off his socks and shoes and walked into the sea.

The mere existence of infiniteness in the universe would bring about endless contradictions.

Can Tatoeba help you to learn foreign languages?

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I haven't heard anything from him since then. I wonder what in the world he's doing.

Naresh didn't intend to let Earl drive.

Remember what we talked about.

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Religion was very important in the Middle Ages.

I resent his rude attitude.

Protestants were in the majority.

Thank you for submitting your manuscript to AJE.

Judge met Jacob on the way to school.


The pie was delicious.

You must escape.

Will you please act for me in the matter?


She is likely to live to one hundred.

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It's time we do something.


See, you shouldn't work so hard.


The astronauts went up to the moon in a rocket.


Why are you downloading this music?

I'll work alone.

I am no more intelligent than he.

You're hilarious.

Do you have a big bowl I can borrow?

I love her, but she's a lesbian.

Prakash looks discouraged.

Most employees expect a pay raise once a year.

The next Shinkansen train leaves at just nine o'clock.


People under 18 do not marry.


Why are you walking away from me?

Paola hated school.

Who doesn't want to look young and sexy?


Vladimir kept working despite her illness.


Arne was speechless.

I have my doubts about Damon.

How soon do you think you can talk to Cindy?


Jeans can cause infertility for men.

He came home in high spirits.

They were right.


It wasn't just me.

Maybe I should talk to them.

What's Izzy even doing here?

Jianyun suffers from homophobia.

There was no need to worry.

Your father is very responsible.

You won't get anywhere by arguing with a disturbed individual like that.

We've decided to hire him.

An honest man is the noblest work of God.

I think we're fine.

I risked my life for it.

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Care killed a cat.

Robert shouldn't drink.

I'm not going to talk to you.

Are you aware of anything concerning his past life?

He's not my boyfriend, it's just platonic love with benefits!

Everybody had changed so much that I could hardly tell one from another.

I'd be interested in seeing the house you used to live in.

I talked about the international brotherhood of painters.

Hazel is below the general level of the class.

Toft won't even know I'm there.

"My goodness, Hugh! You look completely tired out!" "I didn't sleep a wink. Sharon snored again like a champion."


I asked Randal to make tea.

Would that my father had lived longer.

Judy wouldn't complain.

My sister is a junior at Kobe College.

I always loved your delicacy.

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We haven't even discussed it.

You're so pretty.

I didn't know how to start.

That's a tough question to answer.

Jesus was a carpenter.

The play was adapted from a novel.

Did you get an answer from them?

Your hair really does look untidy.

I could get used to living here.


I walk to school in 30 minutes.

The physiognomy of the landscape on the tropical coast is gorgeous.

Ramadoss says I'm not dependable.

Show me how it's done.

Sputnik 1, launched in 1957, triggered the Space Race.

I'll try as hard as I can.

We will begin the match when he comes.

I'll get used to this sooner or later.

My book is very heavy.

Neither of the drowning men could be saved.

Don't you think that's a bit weird?

Part has bought us some time.

The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today.


Reinhard was the one who introduced me to this restaurant.

Be sure to turn off the gas before you go out.

I cannot afford the time.

Forget about the past. Compared to yesterday, I like today more. That's why I try to enjoy the moment, that's all.

Deception was deeply rooted in the character of the mustachioed captain.


I'm thinking of moving in with her.

He was good at this game.

I leaned forward.

His discovery gave rise to a revolution in transport.

That was a horrible thing to say to Honzo.

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I didn't put it together.

"How many times have you eaten here?" "Many, many times."

I can stick around if you want me to.

Serdar knows how to answer the question.

Excuse me, what is the name of this place?

Have you ever donated blood?

If there's something I ought to know, I'd like to hear it.

The little girl doesn't like to wear shoes.

We had a lot of chances.

The woman sitting across from us is his wife at present.

Are you watching the game?

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Why didn't you make me stop?


It was so good.


"What's your name?" "My name's Rodger."

Len never seems to finish anything.

I need to have a haircut.

I still don't know what your name is.

I'd like to get into journalism in the future.


You must respect your elders.

The left front tire looks low.

I'm not going to take it anymore!

Travelling is a luxury I can't allow myself.

Did something happen last night?