I haven't thought about Jarmo in years.

Don't let him shut this door.

Don't you want to walk again?

We're having a good time.

It's cold here.

Kyung practices playing the violin at least thirty minutes every day.

He could ski well when he was young.

Isn't it a mild winter this year? Makes life easier.


I've been with Kee all along.

Sandy has a piercing voice.

I am very much relieved to know that.


Don't you think I deserve an apology?


I was wondering when he/she would come back.

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I won't let that happen.

It crawls on all fours as a baby, then learns to walk on two legs, and finally needs a cane in old age.

The world's your studio.


Edwin isn't crying.


He hopes to exhibit his paintings in Japan.


Perhaps there has been some mistake.

I don't want to move again.

We'll discuss that when the time comes.

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Was Joe with you yesterday evening?


Debi isn't watching TV now. He's sleeping.

Guess who's coming to Trinidad next week.

I'll introduce you to him.


Our school encourages sports.

Were you talking about me?

I'd rather read.

I hope to finish soon.

There's no one named Stephan here.

I cut myself this morning.

This is same type of camera as the one I lost.

I shouldn't have to go to the dentist again for a while.

When you have kids of your own, you'll understand.

Don't try to help me.

This sport got more and more popular.

Rodger and Bryce are hugging each other naked.

Maybe Sue gave it to Marsh.

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I wonder what happens if I press this button.


I went to the scene of the crime.


How long has Ken lived in Kobe?

Are you going to see him?

Tell me where you got this.

If the United States try to hit and annihilate Iran, this will be its last war.

It's a shame Edith isn't here to see Mariou receive the award.

Which football team are you a fan of?

Janice is afraid to make new friends.

Does that make any sense to you?

Raul knows Jarl better than he knows anyone else.


It is necessary for you to start now.

I haven't yet paid for the ticket.

I panicked.

He rose from office boy to manager of the company.

On that day I forgot my wallet at home.


These days many people use computers.

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That has happened before.

They are a peace-loving people.

What percentage of the students are admitted to colleges?

We've got three hours left.

I know them better than anyone.

They have broad shoulders.

I'm able to speak French.

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What does it matter what happens to Santa?


The building has been evacuated.

Kusum can't say for sure where Tao lives.

Stay the hell away from him!

Be seen by me!

Did Miriam ever mention Geoff?


How was the bachelor party?

All of us are working on the case.

Does Debi ever talk about his personal life?

Tomorrow I must leave earlier.

There is a knock at the door.


The United States boast some of the world's cleanest food.

That's a pretty strange-looking bracelet you're wearing.

The manager controls his men at will.

I bribed the policeman.

It's quite likely that FIFA is rotten to the core.

Catherine is a well-adjusted, happy child who relates well to her peers.

This suitcase isn't as heavy as it looks.

I think they like you.

Stop that!

There is more than enough room for improvement.

I'll put you up for the night.

Germany is in Central Europe.

Everyone ran outside.


I used to think no one cared.

What would you do in a situation like this, Carolyn?

I'll stand up for what I believe in and won't yield to any threats.

She lost her only son in the traffic accident.

He gave a detailed description of the accident.

The bus picked up the speed gradually.

I hope I get a watch for my birthday.

We are tired of hearing you bragging about yourself, you little turkey cock!

Why should I go to Boston?

When a woman's angry, you only need four little kisses to make her happy.

This road is under repair.


Finally I found the answer to the question.

I got an F in chemistry.

We mustn't give way to these impudent demands.


He is willing to stand up for his beliefs.

I was on the wrong track.

I sat up in the freshness of the morning, trying to remember how I had got there.

A lightweight sensor attached to alpine swifts reveals that the small migratory birds can remain aloft for more than 200 days without touching down.

His words rendered me speechless.

I didn't have to go.

What's your favorite girl's name?


Eileen is one of the guys on my basketball team.

Where could I find someone to help me?

Here are some examples of the types of personal information our company may collect and how we may use it.


I can't get this door opened.


They shake hands instead of bowing.

I want to get it right.

Socorrito listens to his favourite music on his MP3 player when he goes for his morning walk.

There was no objection on the part of those present.

If by any chance you run into Celia, give her my regards.

She did her homework in a flash.

What'll it be, in a bottle or draft?

She charged me with dishonesty.

Which is the heavier of the two?

I'm afraid that's being a little too optimistic.

He is better than me at math.

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Bookends are very useful things.

The privilege is reserved exclusively for women.

Mats swallowed his pride.

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What's your aim in life?


Will you help me with my French homework?

Do you want to go back?

Pitawas allowed Sri to go by herself.

Is everybody listening?

We're free.

How long is this blade?

I'm too old for you.

I was absent from the party.

He's a very nice and respectful young man.

"Whose medicines are these?" "They are Fahima's."

It's very dead around here in the summer.

With such friends, one needs no enemies.

Lars is one of my neighbors.

The concert will probably last three hours.

He lives in a London suburb.

I think I can handle it from here.

All of us climbed aboard quickly.

Don't forget to bring your umbrella in case it rains.

Give him this picture.

He negotiated a free trade agreement with Canada.

Where's Lenora's file?

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That wasn't the problem.

Diana is a dedicated family man.

Be nice to us.

Save for retirement starting with your first paycheck.

It's awful, just awful.

They looked up to their leader.

There is no such thing as a Belgian, there are only Walloons and Flemish.


Now that's not a bad idea.


Mick saw a notice on a lamp post offering a reward for the return of a lost dog that answers to the name of Venkata.

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I have a big favor to ask.

She bought that camera while she was in Japan.

He heard you.

What floor is your office on?

I read this book when I was in college.

George Eliot is subtly subversive: there are have-nots on every fringe, and her women collaborate in exquisitely detailed mutual oppression.

Prices have risen quite a lot in the past few years.


Maybe you could draw me a picture.

These trousers are made of durable cloth.

He still sticks to his opinion.