You said you wanted to know.

Malcolm couldn't decide whether to name his dog Cookie or Pochi.

She was hit by a car while she was crossing the street.

Elliot never locks his door.


Nobody wanted to hate my country.

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Does anybody here know how to set up a web server?


It's easy if you try.

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Do you want to leave here?

This vacuum cleaner makes a lot of noise.

I was insulted in front of other people.

Fill in the blanks.

She beguiled me of my money.


Don't you agree that that's a bad idea?

He is a student to whom I'm teaching English this year.

You never told me you could speak French.

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Dan made arrangement for Linda to leave Morocco and come to live with him in Britain.

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I suggest that you don't trust Randall too much.

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Please drive slowly.

Could you help me find my keys?

Murthy had to admit that Carter was right.


She talks about him a lot.

We don't even know them.

Arroz negro tastes inky because it's made with squid ink.


People will laugh at you if you say so.

That had to hurt.

I need to speak with him alone.

Elizabeth was desperate to lose weight.

Lynne has probably already forgotten about you.

We really want to win.

I never said anything.

Keep following me.

He didn't press her for an explanation.

Lori would be my first choice.

Pilot says he doesn't want me hanging around here.

Do you dream in French?

George put a chain on the dog.

Andrew has been drinking all afternoon.

We built it.


After a little time off, I plan to go on another concert tour.


By the time the sun sets, we will arrive at the destination.


I'm three years younger than he is.

There are a lot of things I have to do before tomorrow.

Don't kill me, please.

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I don't doubt that she is married.

They took a trip to the capital.

The animal cell has a greater percentage of proteins than the plant cell.

The army besieged the castle for many days.

She gave birth to twins a week ago.

He walked on and on in the rain.

We all agreed.

Our music teacher advised me to visit Vienna.

You always get up early, don't you?


Tovah doesn't have to tell Oliver if he doesn't want to.

She said that.

Boston is beautiful.

Do you think this is a game?

I will go for a medical.

The streets of this city are wide.

Mother charged me to clear the room.

Nicolas doesn't get up as early as Boyd.

Rogue should know better.


Please don't try this at home.

I think Brodie is in the front yard.

She spilled her drink all over my dress.

How old is this tree?

Has anyone gone through this stuff yet?

Bob is extremely drunk.

Her late husband was a pianist.

It is said that every week, a language goes extinct somewhere in the world.

I became friends with at least 10 Americans.

I'm going to miss being a teacher.

They take their boat out on weekends.


I told you I'd be here by 2:30, remember?

He made superhuman efforts to maintain world peace.

She had her handbag stolen.

It is often said that the Japanese are hard workers.

For the time being, there seems to be almost no hope of a solution.


He's another poor fool.


I love living in this marvellous town.

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Brett was the one who suggested that we raise prices.

Hsi doesn't have a cat. However, Harmon does have a dog, doesn't he?

The doctor broke the Hippocratic Oath.

I saw a star today.

It's deserted.

I've made up my mind to go.

He was admitted to the club.

Mark used to do it.

Lo, the promised snow!

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Remove from the heat, add the butter, and leave to cool.


Young as he is, he has much experience.


Lucius's phone kept cutting out and she couldn't make out what Axel was trying to tell her.

The radio is disturbed by noises.

Brenda is going to be fine.

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She has asked the person at the front desk to connect her to that number.

I think Spudboy had been crying.

My specialty is being right when other people are wrong.


Juri won't let anyone help Archie.


When do you come and see me?


You ruined my birthday party.

It's been a stressful day.

Excuse me, I'm a foreigner and I don't understand Czech all that well.

Let's hope Emily can fix this.

How can it be claimed that tartiflette is a lie?

Narendra didn't even like baseball.

It's a pretty good one.

I think we should all go inside.

All Dan's belongings are gone.


Thomas put two pieces of bread in the toaster.


Vick won the bet.

Rajendra is a kind man.

It will take more than two thousand truckloads to finish this huge concrete platform.

Now that we're in our new house, I have to inform the post office of the change of address.

Sandra doesn't know it yet, but he's going to get laid off.

Virtues should be sisters, the same way vices are brothers.

Joachim doesn't remember the first time he met Jennifer.

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The game was sold out.

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The long-awaited commission of enquiry report was released yesterday afternoon.


Hon really is good at this.

Neil took a picture of the blackboard with his smartphone.

Clay was held hostage.

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I think you know everyone here.

I hate computers.

I really wish you'd do this for me right now.


Am I supposed to help him?

The only problem was that Jerrie didn't really like Hiroyuki very much.

The mother is really annoyed by the sound of the father sipping tea.

It must be about time for dinner. I'm really hungry.

She's no spring chicken. She's at least thirty.


I need to put some gas in my car.

Can we talk inside?

We pledged our support to the candidate.


I really wish you hadn't seen that.

Can we talk with him?

By the time we got there, it was already too late.


I had no more than 1,000 yen.

We found there was scarcely any money left in the cash-box.

What's on TV?

I am trying to help him.

If I'd had a little more money, I would have bought it.

He came by car instead of by train.

I was surprised to hear her voice in the next room.

Please don't insult our intelligence.

I think I feel better.


Novorolsky pressed his ear against the wall.


Could you tell me something about your school?

Will this change things?

I'd like to help you reach your goals.

I don't even know if Kevan went to college or not.

I hope you don't tell Nhan that.


I warned him many times, but he won't stop talking.

These photographs remind me of our holiday.

Let these people go.

We've been sabotaged.

I'll come home by six o'clock.

I wish I hadn't hit Kees.

Where did you nail them?


My client has been charged with murder.


In a word, I think he's a fool.