Admittedly, models of hegemonic order cannot provide an explanation for all observed successful bargaining strategies.

We missed Blair.

I don't pay! I'm a musketeer.

Virtual memory is a memory management technique developed for multitasking kernels.

I had nothing to do with the matter.

His house was struck by lightning.

Judging from his appearance, he is sick.

Heather told Elizabeth that he had finished the work she had asked him to do.

Stay behind me.

He went to bed, but he didn't sleep.

I wanted to see her, too.

Mr. Smith has come.

I've got a problem here.

I love watching you work.


Would you like to come inside?


It's a large one.


I would have been surprised if the translation had been "I hate... " :)

Learn these names by heart.

He made a motion that we stop and rest awhile.

I'd like to call you sometime.

I am getting weaker and weaker!

I haven't finished speaking yet.

Prices are high here but that's because the after-sale service is really good.

Being happy doesn't mean that everything is perfect, but rather that you've decided to look beyond the imperfections.

Sanjib will explain everything.

I don't think the roses will bloom so soon.

I like Val's subtle humor.

They never spoke to us.

I'm glad that I didn't buy something like this.

"What did you say?" "I didn't say anything."

Jock was tired, so he went to bed early.

I think Sundar should do what he says he's going to do.

Is it really free?

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A good method for investing is a monthly allotment.

Japan has diplomatic relations with China.

Kevyn was the one who made me eat it.

You're a fool.

How much did you inherit from your uncle?

That isn't a good reason.

Was Midori skiing in Hokkaido at that time?


What are you thinking of?


Is it anything like mine?

The huge explosion killed six people.

We had a good many anxious moments, but everything turned out all right in the end.


Raanan went blind.


I thought you lived on Park Street.


I currently live in Beijing.

I brought you some flowers.

I agreed.


Today we will stay home.


If it were not for the sun, every living thing would die.

Why do bad things happen?

What makes you think that No will listen to me?

We don't know Mick.

The mayor's speech was received with much acclaim.

Here in the store we sell anything.

We have to expect the worst.


We're going to need some more coffee.

Fay could get arrested.

When Pilot woke up, he found that Anton had disappeared.

Leila's going to be quite happy.

Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few.

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The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

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Rajesh thought nothing of it.

Josip wasn't aware that anything out of the ordinary had occurred.

Have a piece of pie.


I thought Miek would do well.

Come on, spit it out!

Tad knows this is a sensitive issue.

She was at her wit's end.

One day their father said to his sons: "My dear boys, take each of you an arrow, draw your strong bow and let your arrow fly; in whatever court it falls, in that court there will be a wife for you."

I lost my way and, what was worse, it began to rain.

I used to listen to English programs.

I need to study many languages.

Ravi and Alice are sisters.

We're here to stay.

Some lawn equipment is loaded into the jerry-built cart.

You can let him go now.

Who's that cute girl I saw you with at the mall?

He told me he loved me, which surprised me quite a lot.

The pilots of Air France went on strike.

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The company's profit amounted to $250 million before tax.

Wait for the green signal before starting to cross.

I'm getting really mad now.

Why are you meowing?

What would become of us if war should break out?

No one was to be seen on the street.

She did pretty well.

My maternal grandfather was a murderer.

Do you really think I didn't know what you were doing?

Let me know where you're staying.

The dog didn't eat the meat.

Click: Quickly pushing the mouse's left hand side button once.

I asked them not to overreact.

His brother is still taller.

My cousin is already four years old.

I wish I had tried harder to get along with everyone in the class.

We grow a variety of crops.

I always have fun when I hang out with Kyung.

An apple will float in water, a pear won't.

I had no difficulty finding your house.

Who are you waiting for?

I never told anyone.

Then I sang a silly song about an ant who tried to wrestle a chewing gum.

Cottage cheese is my favorite food.

This question counts for 50 points.


No rain is expected.

It must've been Space who did that.

I didn't say I was in love with Petr.

I hope you've had a great day!

Urs is unlikely to want to go to Boston with us.

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How did you get out of jail?


I sowed wheat in my field.

A great ship needs deep waters.

You should have asked her for help.

Jeff took my keys.

I'm so ugly.

She bought a dictionary for her sister.

I got a suntan.

You need to stay alert.

I'm hot.


She told him not to get excited.


Are you going?

Did you ever ask Linda to stop doing that?

I never knew Tigger could speak French.

Let's vote.

We'd be happy to help.

He's above telling a lie.

Ramneek changed that.


You'd better be very sure before you accuse Avery of anything.

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If she gets some antibiotics and sleeps, she'll get better.

I haven't talked to Ning since then.

I never see this album without thinking of my high school days.


I don't have enough money to buy the medicine my father needs.


Herbert was in bed.

First of all, I want you to tell me how did you get there.

Sally is taking the kids to school.

Jerome seems to be disorganized.

We did this under very advantageous conditions.

I'll say it one more time.

My friend tied my shoes together and I fell when I tried to stand up.

I don't want to see him naked.

I should've let him go fishing.

Life is a gift. Accept it.

You're going to have to leave.

I'd like to make amends.

Vishal is reasonable.

This rain coat comes in all sizes.

He bestowed a large amount of money on the institute.

I like lemonade more than orangeade.

These are irreplaceable.


We're not going to Boston.

I've got nothing else to say.

I made it for you. Do you like it?

I'm not going to talk.

Our band played here last week.


I want you to drive to Boston.

You can't force me to do this.

You're still taller than me.


You cut down a cherry tree.

Can you teach me how to steal?

Vic heard something and wondered what it was.


A peasant like me surely would be lost in a city so big.

With you it's summer all year round.

They're celebrating their wedding anniversary.

I could barely stand the pain.

What the hell is a semicolon for anyway?


Put this on my tab, please.

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To make use of the nursing service provided by nurse-care insurance the necessity of nursing has to be recognized (nurse-care requirement authorization).