You've been here a long time, haven't you?

A small amount of brandy is added to the whipped cream.

When young, she was very popular.

That was our biggest problem.

They do that to everyone.

All the children fell asleep before it got dark.

Did I understand that correctly?

Shyam's not at all sure what he should do.

Klaudia advised me to keep it secret.

You should think about your future.

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How did they come by all that wealth?

Combine potato flesh with butter and green onion; stir until butter is melted evenly into potato. Add salt, black pepper, cayenne pepper, and cheese; stir until cheese is melted. Pour cream and egg yolk into potato mixture; mix to combine. Season with salt to taste.

Hello everyone!

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Are you sure you don't want to come tonight?

I'm afraid I have to turn you down.

Nobody ever told me that before.

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Don't speak so fast.

Have you already decided whether you want to go or not?

They made Israel tell everything.


Keep all medicines out of reach of children.

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I'm not talking about them.

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I went to the park yesterday.


Did you know Sally is pretty good at speaking French?


What do you wanna eat?

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Hugh didn't even notice I was there.

The leaves in the park have already started to turn colors.

You have to be fingerprinted.

Is he studying now?

Bradford has known Roxane for years.

Everybody's fault is nobody's fault.

Same time tomorrow, this time yesterday, same time next week, this time last week, same time next month, this time last month, same time next year, this time last year, never the same, this time tomorrow, same time yesterday, this time next week, same time last week, this time next month, same time last month, this time next year, same time last year, same time tomorrow, this time yesterday, same time next week, this time last week, same time next month, this time last month, same time next year, this time last year, never the same.

Careless as she was, she could never pass an examination.

Klaus apologized to Sanity for his son's rudeness.

Our teacher showed us different kinds of flowers and told us in passing that those flowers came from her garden.

Vasilissa washed her face, dressed her hair, put on her best gown and sat down at the window to see what would happen.

She died two days after his arrival.

See what's going on.


Where'd you get to last night?

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He is eager to become famous.

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Morris will be here in a while.

Are you familiar with that?

It wasn't Pierce's fault.


"Juma will pay school fees. How about Hamisi?" "No, he will not pay them."

He never said it again.

I went the whole way with my teacher.

We share a dream.

He's good at cards.

Skiing is a good form of recreation.

A car, you say! He can't even afford to buy a sack of onions.


I'd like to open a checking account.

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Raghu misses you.


Tao and Vidhyanath talked about the trip.

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Phillip wrote down something in his notebook.

The company managed to keep afloat.

Do you still want to go to the zoo on Monday?

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Are those yours?

What do you think my old guitar is worth?

Who wants to come with me?

He was able to get home before dark.

I'm at Lucifer's house.

I'm actually ready to go.

It's not moralism.

It's been dismantled.

We're not available.


This couch is very comfortable.

The beautiful widow was being talked about by the people in the village.

What time is your curfew?

His statement runs as follows.

How bad do you want this job?

We need tools.

I have homework to do.

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It is very important to tell the necessary from the unnecessary.

I will be working on my report all day tomorrow.

Ssi got extraordinary grades.

He came home later than usual.

She had bright black eyes.

I have some things I need to do.

I'll be right by your side.

Listen to yourself.

The fox scampered off after a few seconds.

I think Christie knows something the rest of us don't.

Do you have some lip balm? My lips are dry.

Most of the people I chat with on Facebook are students.

No matter where you go in Holland, you'll see windmills.


No silence was ever written down.


I see no reason for us to do what Audrey told us to do.

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We have to keep working on that.

What... you still don't know how to drive?

One way to learn a foreign language is to interact with native speakers of that language.


Just because he is poor, it does not follow that he is unhappy.

We're not about to give up.

"What do you want me to do?" "Hate school and books and teachers, as we all do. They are your worst enemies, you know, and they like to make you as unhappy as they can."

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Sid spent the night in the small cabin near the lake.

Why couldn't Liz stay here?

I wasn't really having fun.

What was the weather report?

Sam doesn't have the right to say that.

Where are my clocks?

Are they going to arrest us?

No one's around.

Konstantinos regrets what happened.

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Charley is a big baseball fan.


Consciousness is limitless and the ultimate reality.

Your plan failed.

There are no clean plates.

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Bertrand was condemned to death.

Thank you for supporting me.

Her father intends her to be a pianist.

The clutch of eggs is incubated by both sexes.

Can the crisis be overcome?

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Do we have enough time to finish this before Jennifer gets here?

Patrice would've won if he hadn't injured his ankle.

I see with my eyes.


I want to hear a story.

Postgraduate research is much more demanding than research at undergraduate level.

He died soon after he received the documents.


Not even me!

I'll never go there.

It is really time for us to go.

We're both named Nathaniel.

I'm not leaving with them.


I believe we spoke on the phone.

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Luc ran back to his car.

We helped him financially.

She saw him too.

Why did you back away?

Be sure to call me up tomorrow morning.

I promise you I won't do it again.

Red and blue paint mixed together give us purple.

According to a survey done by the UN in 2015, Russia is one of the few countries that has a large number of both immigrants and emigrants.

We always had fun.


Damone is a pretty sophisticated guy.

I've been trying to reach Tran since yesterday.

Ariel has helped me in the past.

Ken won't be able to get to the airport on time.

I like his cat.

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I suppose her brother would be about forty when he died.

Linley wrote Swamy a love letter, but he did not send it.

That can only be her.

That's the reason we need to fight.

There were no eyewitnesses.

I brought dinner.

Just then I heard footsteps in the stairwell.

I'll never work for Kirk.

You're probably bored stiff.

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You didn't have any choice.


Where did they take you?

I don't want to sue Prakash.

Ravi moved out here from Boston.


Lynnette is in heaven.

These pencils need sharpening.

I'm sure I know him from somewhere.

I've cut my finger.

Was it a dream?


Even if she doesn't like you, you still have to finish the work.

It wasn't supposed to happen yet.

There's one possible problem.


"How do you feel?" "No complaints."

I have to lose weight.

No one else was in the room.