If Natsu marries Mr. Ando, then it will make a "red bean paste donut", won't it?

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The law is harsh, but it is the law.


Everybody has something to hide.


Dan fell to the ground and broke three ribs.

Claire was elected class president.

Belief in God is not evil per se.

Only months into their marriage, Ray began to see a darker side to Knute.

It's better to go senile while you're still young. It'll save you the trouble of having to do it later.

We don't allow Spencer to watch TV until he finishes his homework.

Of the floor, sticky from the party, one said, "Flock it."

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She is an admirable woman.


It's an honor.

The date of the party is still up in the air.

I know that Gordon expects me to help him.

Who will win the XLVI Superbowl? The Giants or the Patriots?

Maybe I shouldn't have kissed Brett.

I need you.

Technology is always changing.

Where were you coming from?

Will you put us up for one night?

The teacher would only allow us to speak French in the classroom.

Stephe ridiculed my idea.


If there are no taxis, we'll have to walk.

Here are the proposed agenda items for the meeting on June 16, 1998.

I'll warn Urs.

Brandy and Petr are going to tie the knot this spring.

Vulcan philosophy scares the ordinary, because it encourages freeing from emotions.

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We have way too much work to do.


She is taller than you.


I'll get back to you on that.

I'm not wasting my time.

Do you have the internet at home?


Don't interfere with my studying.


He said to me, "Children are like small animals."

I'm bothered by the noise from the neighbours.

This journalist, whose article you were so interested in, is my neighbor.

I know why we're doing this.

Nobody hates my country.


You should feel bad for her.

The women in this film are dressed in a very conventional way.

Takeuchi must've missed the train.

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I need some help here.


When parents get old in Japan, they are customarily looked after by their children.

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What exactly was Gil trying to say?

This one's really nice.

The automatic doors opened and Jakob got in.

I would walk along the river.

"Will he come?" "No, I don't think so."

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I am choosy with the wine.


There are also fish that fly.

Diane's parents aren't living anymore.

They want him back.

The tenant must pay the landlord the rent at the end of each month.

We're sorry.

I'm amazed Molly is still alive.

Leave me in peace!

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His manners proclaim him a gentleman.

His mother was standing in the doorway.

Nobody wants to talk about that.

He bowed to the Queen.

Anderson took a step towards Jayant.

A man was found dead between the bushes.

Even today, however, women struggle against discrimination.

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He is very afraid of dogs.

Once you enter a company, you have to work for the company, whether you want to or not.

What did you steal?

Charlene didn't come home until 2:30.

I found the problem easier than I had expected.

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I think I'm in trouble.


I'll do as you wish.

Let's give Plastic a hand.

There are only chemicals in that mayo!


There wasn't a living soul as far as the eye could see.

How long did it take you to fall for each other?

She never came.

Do you think it is easy to deceive children?

Who wants to go first?

That's a sad excuse.

I'd never do anything so stupid.


You have only to play a role.

The club is composed of ten women.

What've you guys been up to?

Time turns hair gray.

I like bright colors.

The food was delicious.

I suggest you apply for that job.


Mann smiled at Gilles affectionately.

She needs answers.

I am taking pictures of the bridge.

Only answer the question. There's not enough time.

Neville used to be tough.


I think you thought what I'm going to think.


Who's going to help me wash these dishes?

We call the cat Madonna.

Could you convert this file into a Windows 95 compatible file and re-send it?

My mother is strict about manners.

It is rude to point at others.


They found the body of a newborn baby in a freezer.


Make up your mind.

King has done everything for us already.

Try on both these coats and compare them.

Pitawas is not really in Boston now.

Do you sell advance tickets here?


No matter what he may do, he will be praised.

I can understand how Bryce feels.

I think you want this more than you want to admit.

That is the book I want to read.

Raphael could scarcely believe it.


The cricket is chirring softly.

You sure had me fooled.

Time travel is impossible.

Kathy wouldn't go to the hospital.

I could have killed you, but I didn't.

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Are you sure you don't want to go with us?

Donald is sitting beneath the tree.

I must get a new suit made.

Where are we going tomorrow?

Kyu doesn't want to go home.

I can tell Don everything.

I said I was tired.

My father is very nice.

Are you able to afford the time for it?


I don't want to intervene.

Aliens prevented a major war on Earth by hidden manipulation.

Who did you have lunch with?

That custom originated with the American Indians.

We go to school every day except Sunday.

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I'm not happy with this situation.

The whale has been found off the coast of Wakayama.

Take steady aim at the tiger.

I was not aware of a mosquito biting my arm.

You must be Alain's mother.

I heard the sound of a ringing bell.

What did you buy your boyfriend?

You can take care of things like a secretary.

There are many old buildings in our neighborhood.


I'm a member of the swimming club.

Miniskirts have been out of date for some time.

Liz tried to win Stacy back.

The girl usually drinks orange juice.

I'm listening to the radio.

The four of us went out on a double date.

Can I stay at your place for tonight? I do hope my question is not out of place and that I haven't put you to any trouble, inviting myself out of the blue. I hope we haven't inconvenienced you.

Have you found Prince Charming yet?

I'll have to think it over.

My grandfather has never consulted a doctor in his life.

Get us something to drink.

There's a postcard here.

Shadow has offered to take care of the children this afternoon.

Why do you want to go as far as Germany to buy a car?

I even wrote a speech just in case I was asked to give one.

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Thanks for your response.

Kanthan's foot slipped on a rock and he lost his balance.

We took care of our horses by turns.

Why are you stopping?

Walking along the street, I hit on a solution to the problem.

There are over 800,000 Basque speakers in the world.

Sherri lived there a long time.


There were strange guys at the bank this morning.

His ambition knows no bounds.

Dogs see in the dark.

Kari said he didn't feel cold.

Leaf after leaf fell to the ground.