My toe began to bleed.

Keep your mouth shut.

I'd like to phone the parents.

He is paid a handsome monthly salary.

I remember the word.

Psychology is the scientific study of the mind.


Let's have a party with members of the tennis club.

Where is the other end of this thread?

Isn't the weather lovely?


Your grades are slipping.


It made me forget about my problems.

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He suffered an insult.


I only want her.


We went to high school together, as you can probably gather.

You shouldn't make too much of the fact.

Damn they've got a nice house! I wonder where they got the money for it...

He fainted with hunger and fatigue, but came to after a while.

The lives of little children are full of fears.


I can start tomorrow.

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Should we arrest Lex?

I got a taste for sake at the age of fifteen.

It's a small school. Everyone knows everyone.

I don't want him to see it.

We're understaffed right now.


Do you study French every day?

The British government is against the plan.

I complained to him face to face.

I'm used to talking about it.

Why don't you just go ahead and pay all your bills?

Please report discrepancy in data.

Christopher was horrified.


We hacked a path through the forest.


I think you should stop.


Sridharan's car was totaled.

she has quietly in the clasroom

Kate was frightened to see the big dog.


This can't be the way to do it.

They came in.

You can tell Jean really wants it.

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I used to take a walk early in the morning.

My sister is younger than me.

Both his father and mother are dead.

I can't live this way anymore.

The students learned this poem by heart.

We'll allow a 5 percent discount off list prices.

Naren complained about her husband again - the same old story.

They come to collect the mail at three in the afternoon every day.

I like you better than my last girlfriend.

My father went to Germany when he was young.

Australia is smaller in size than South America.

Why are you so interested all of a sudden?

I'm not very good at speaking Arabic.

He is hurting from his recent divorce with his wife.

I like that necklace.

He was excused from the remainder of the work.

He gave me a hint.

If I were Loren, I would've punched Vicki in the face.

You've got no alibi for the day of the murder.

That's enough exercise for today.

You're skating on very thin ice.

Are you asking me to marry you?

He knows very well how to deceive people.


Excuse me, do you speak English?

The story wandered.

That is an exception.


She dresses herself quickly.

Where have they been in the last three months?

The girl hugged her doll.

Tell him it's not my fault.

Loyd isn't on the volleyball team.

You could learn a few things from Teri.

Please fill this bucket with water.

Laurie treated Cathryn badly.

Leora snatched the doll away from Think.

She left on Christmas Day.

Officially, he works for us as an interpreter.

An eclipse of the sun is a rare appearance.

How would you describe your relationship with Panzer?

Something's missing.

She was never to see her children again.

The children kicked the dry leaves into the air.

Where else in Boston do you want to go?


I'll never forget the sight.

The joint of my left shoulder aches.

Nobody knows anything.


Hsuan says he needs to talk with you.

I'm looking forward to the return of spring.

What do you think she is doing now?


I sat between Elvis and Earnie.

You obviously have other things on your mind.

It looks terrible.

Since the weather is so good, can I open a window?

For now, I will wait at the hotel.

The child was named Sophia after her grandmother.

I always have fruit and oatmeal for breakfast.


Where's it supposed to be?

I don't know the day when he will come.

Don't take that dramatic attitude all of a sudden.

I can't think of anything I'd rather do.

You can have both.


Hirotoshi seemed like a nice guy.

Kirk is going to pay you.

That's classified information.

Skip has been in excruciating pain.

Happy fourth of July!

There isn't any coffee in the house.

There's a cold wind from the north.

They may even ask if you are all right or if there is something they can help you with.

Would you mind if we put this off until tomorrow?

You can't judge Kimmo by ordinary standards.

Do you love him too?


Did you know that July 6 is the International Kissing Day?

Is your car next to her house?

Rebecca is a very capable person.


Pam stole the diamond.

Turn right at the end of that street.

Seenu was charged with embezzling money from the city.

Listen carefully. You need to know this.

Her new hat becomes her.

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It's urgent.

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Let's split up into groups.

I had no idea that such individuals exist outside of stories.

She flashed him her angry eyes.


I wanted to share it.


Give me something to write.


It's sad to know that we may die any moment.


Are you sure it's OK to leave Alfred alone with Allan?

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When it comes to sewing, she is all thumbs.

Adam said my plan wouldn't work.

After Stephanie finished watering the plants, he sat down on the porch to enjoy the sunset.


What do you think Jitendra will want to do?

Don't screw with me!

Bud spent all his money on a car just to impress girls.

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The discount can't be used for all goods or at all restaurants.


Mother looked at me with tears in her eyes.

You've got to see them.

Sir lives on this street.

He has a son and two daughters.

How many times have you done this puzzle already?

We should understand the underlying premises.

The company is in the red.


It wasn't a total loss.

The man's third attempt to stop smoking failed.

There is little water left in the canteen.

So what can I do for you?

By the 22nd century, teleportation of large objects, including animals, became a reality.

It's cold; I have goosebumps.

We should hire her.

Ken can't get his computer to work.

We heard it from Mr Such and such.

Procrastination is very democratic. It does not discriminate by platform, genre, or protocol.

They say that ferns can have flowers.

His sister is very beautiful.

We've worked hard.

He and a colleague who went to China later translated The New Testament into Chinese.

Get rid of things you don't use.


Dawson has agreed to babysit the kids Monday evening.

I stayed so he wouldn't feel lonely.

The structure of the language is also a structure of understanding.


I've never seen this much money at once before.


Konrad was able to get us all tickets to tonight's concert.

You should associate with people who you believe are trustworthy.

Vistlik saw that Julianto was still asleep.