What time is your Basque class?

Are you going to hide?

It is believed that whales have their own language.

Agh. I waited for a long time for the receipt of a present from my mother. However, it's very problematic.


I shouldn't have stayed away so long.

His proposal counted for nothing.

Real doesn't have any classes today.


The main duty of a priest is to preach in church.

Travis wanted to call his son Gandalf.

Brett thought that Ami would like this movie.

I can't go with Guillermo.

Because the president is a human being, making mistakes is possible.


Kirsten has been staying at a homeless shelter.

Shuvra is fun to work with.

Who's your favorite golfer?

I never got along with her.

This contraption is complicated to use.


The weeks flee like dreams.


I will eat the meat.


I've been up all night writing.

Indian women are not allowed to work outside their houses.

Edmund is never going to promote me.


I've just lost my new black wallet.

Let's talk quietly so we don't wake up the baby.

Vicky loves to tell stories.

That was a good time.

Let there be peace in the world.

What team do you play for?

When was the last time you breast-fed your baby?

He turned bright red.

I came earlier than her.

I outwitted him.

The river rose above the level of the dam.


Fortunately, common sense prevailed and the strike was called off.

Brender was noticeably tense.

Painting is my passion.


That's Kolkka's drawing.


Where's the washroom?

I lost.

Let them sleep.


I think it is about time we changed our ways of disposing of waste.

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I went there to meet him.

You have to go on without me.

The priest blessed the marriage of the happy couple.

Darren and Simon are going to play tennis.

May I eat a little of it?


You were always there and I never knew.

I really have to get this done today.

Annard was genuinely happy to see Lana.

I couldn't wait for Marie.

It would have been better if you had waited yesterday.

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I'm not a bird, though I'd like to be one.


Raise your hand when I call your name.

I never gave you my name.

He works in that lab.


The President nominated him to be Secretary of State.

It is time you went to bed, Jimmy.

It is such a beautiful day that I'd like to go fishing in the river.

It took us a long time to decide where to go.

I think Kirsten left.


You worry about your weight too much.

I only want her to feel well.

We can help you find them.


Kiki isn't in the best of moods.

I'm not working for Sabrina anymore.

You are really putting me off.

If you don't want to go, just tell Jorge that you're not interested.

How long did you work in Boston?

Both girls are wearing white suits.

Dick passed the photo to me.

Leaves fall in the autumn.

The market prices have fallen across the board.


What's in all these boxes?


That's all you have to do!

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I think it's time for me to ask for directions.

You are kindly requested to meet me soon.

You've got a point there.

Those should arrive in a few minutes.

I don't get what you mean.


I don't know what Marcel would've done without me.

When can I see you next time?

I wonder if there is any meaning to putting proverbs into English.

They aren't ripe at all. You're going to break your teeth!

I'm upset about him.

Benjamin is just fine.

I didn't complain at all.

This medicine will do you good.

He loves coffee.

I ate an apple before I went for a walk.

You can't wear those clothes to work.

We are spending the night at my uncle's house.

Now it is official.

Why I can't register for that class?

We must operate immediately.


The nail that sticks up gets hammered down.

She rode a pony.

I'll be late today.

You can read a lot more than you think you can.

Cursed be he that first invented war.

Brad got hurt in an accident at work.

"Hello? May I speak with Devon?" "Please wait a moment."

There is no person to do it.

Will you please pass me your plate?

We don't market to children.

The fans have air horns that they blow every time their team scores.

An operation on his throat helped him recover from the pneumonia, but it left him without his voice.

"How do I look?" "You look fine."

Dory is wearing a party hat.

I communicate with my friends on the internet.

Bulletproof glass has already saved many lives.

Anybody who once proclaimed violence to be his method, must inexorably choose lie as his principle.

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I want to get it right the first time.


It will get dark earlier this evening, as it is raining.

I'm not worried about Shel. I'm worried about Miki.

This vending machine won't accept 500 yen coins.

The next instant Hercules caught hold of the monster.

That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

Will you please help me?

I wish I didn't look so much like Raymond.

I'll be out front.

Dammit, I've been ninja'd again!

This song is easy to learn.

I don't have enough vacation days left at work.

Let's not do that again.

I grasped the rope so as not to fall.

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He divided the bread into two pieces.

This year's fashions are different from those of last year.

Vishal shot at Norma with a crossbow.

Do you think I really want to be doing this?

The novel has sold almost 20000 copies.

He drank a cup of tea and then asked for another.

What's her problem?

We should've brought a flashlight.

Just step right over there.


I'm doing this job to help a friend.

Graham sipped some coffee.

The government's anti-corruption tsar resigned yesterday following allegations of bribery.

Approach! The time has come... one of us must die.

I guess I can't blame you after last night.

Mahesh can fix just about anything.

I am through with his long speech.

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Sharon is quite touchy.

There have been several cases of infantile paralysis.

Sorrel doesn't want to go to the hospital.

That's probably a bad idea.

Ramneek asked Bert to marry him.


This is a hospital.

I told Stephanie he was no longer allowed to visit Claudia in the hospital.

Joon got Alain to drink too much.

I was alone.

We've already done a lot for Naoto.

By the way, are you free this afternoon?

My mother is to meet with my homeroom teacher tomorrow.


A plastic glass is better than one made of real glass.

There are no roses in the garden.

Do you have classes with Margaret?

How many engineers took part in the conference?

Beth looked after our dog while we were away.

Theist and atheist: the fight between them is as to whether God shall be called God or shall have some other name.

We must alter our plan.

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I didn't even know his name.

It's not like we're doing anything.

Noam is already home.

It was bulky.

Dori always deceives us; I don't trust him.


The story is based on his own experience.

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How did you enter the tunnel?