English is third period.

Send them to me.

Drinking is harmful for your health.

You're not Canadian.

Do you really hate that idea?

Is know-it-all an insult or a compliment?

You'll get my full cooperation.

Brandon wanted to spend the weekend in Boston.

This whisky is very strong.


I am Brazilian.

I'm going to Paris next month.

Were you here alone?

It seems like it will take me a while to get accustomed to life here.

They said he was too friendly with conservatives.

Is it next Monday that Konstantinos returns?

Don't talk about Manavendra.

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How long do you study French every day?

You're insane.

So Dolkun's come as well!

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Go jump in the lake.


What's all the ruckus?

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He has reached the end of his patience.

I am hungry because I did not have breakfast.

Goro is good at English.

I always speak French with her.

Mayuko can't bear living alone.


I will accomplish that no matter what the cost.

Where's the hospital?

Pieter is there now.


Hope, not fear, is the creative principle in human affairs.

I'd prefer that black one over there.

I haven't been reading any books or magazines lately.

Today was the first time I ever saw Dani smile.

Murray came along at just the right time.


We began to sail in the direction of the port.

What's that in your mouth?

By the time Sarah realized what was happening, it was too late.

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A large bird landed on the windowsill.


Miki was carrying his son on his back.

I like that type of stuff.

Who's Nicolas trying to impress?

Maybe I can show you.

If you don't want to follow the lessons from the study session on countering corruption in the enterprise, you can also pay 200 hryvnia and get the evidence just like that.


Is this a hoax?

Don't walk behind me; I may not lead. Don't walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend.

Her grandfather died of cancer last year.

I have to complete it as soon as possible.

Sergei would likely agree.

The translators of the Bible were considered blasphemous.

They're not ruining their clothing.

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He freely praised her.


She lay her head on my chest so she could listen to my heartbeat.

Today, after riding, while grooming the horse I carelessly got my right foot trod on.

They do not accuse me, they insult; they do not fight me, they calumniate, and they don't allow me the right of defense.


Brandi kept digging.


He's still mad.

Transportation has been arranged.

Do you like this car?


We both saw him.

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She returned from the hospital.

Arne watched a cartoon.

Leaves collect on the sidewalk in the fall.

She didn't want to drink alcoholic drinks every day. However, beer is her favorite drink, so she drinks non-alcoholic beer every day.

My wife's father is my father-in-law.

He consumed much of each day in idle speculation.

I think you might need some help.

It's too late for regrets.

How many times have you gone there?


How big a discount did you get?

We'll fill you in on the way.

Aren't you embarrassed?

You have never wanted to study anyway.

I've known Alejandro since 2013.

John recognized all the melodies which he learned while still a child.

Eddy found a crumpled piece of paper on the floor.


He was reluctant to go there.

What did you get from him?

I was defending myself.


I'm not going to tell you my name.

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This shouldn't happen.

The toy train went around the room.

She gets about with the help of a walker.

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I want to know how you got here.

The Russians didn't walk on the moon in 1969.

I think you should be a little more supportive.

I sneaked up behind Andre.

Franklin was conservative.

She is sharp.

I regret spending so much money.

They heard you.

Is eating sugar really that bad for you?

Did he get here last term?

I'm just going to run down to buy some tickets.

Are you from the US?

Is Deborah armed?

The father sorrowfully buried his son.

Don't you have any ambition?

May I have the next dance?

Have you ever eaten alone in a restaurant?

John investigated the accident thoroughly.

Having once tasted ink, she became thirsty in that regard, as tame tigers are said to be after tasting another sort of fluid, and wanted to sign everything, and put her name in all kinds of places.

I can't help being thirsting

Keith's father retired early.

A trip to Hokkaido is not a trip to Hokkaido unless you try the seafood.

Wyoming is famous for its great skiing.

I don't want them to get upset.

She described him as a detective.


Let's not pretend otherwise.

This problem is very simple.

In terms of salary, that job is fantastic.

Someone tapped me on the shoulder.

Buying from locally owned and locally operated stores and companies helps improve the economy where you live.

Americans constitute 5% of the world's population but consume 24% of the world's energy.

Have you decided what you're going to do?

No further information was provided.

Why don't you want to help the police?

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This dictionary has about 40,000 entries.

Jochen wanted to ask her to dance but was afraid that she would say no.

It comes full circle.


I just saw Jeannie entering the principal's office.

A bunch of people thrust their way toward the rear exit.

They just don't get it.


Tell them about it.


I've got a lot more to learn.

Those things are irrelevant.

If there seems to be more to something than meets the eye, there probably is.

The flowers in the garden bloom in spring.

No one has the right to expel Dan from this country.


As if by magic, it disappeared in an instant.

Don't talk to me about respectability. I know every shady thing you've ever done. It would be a shame if the world were to ever find out about them.

It's the best-kept secret in town.

We should definitely meet again soon.

I wonder if Harry knows the combination to this safe.

I thought that you could tell me what I needed to know.

He has his own collection of phobias.

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I hate to make the bed.

All were invited but me.

I tried it again, only to fail.

I haven't had much sleep.

He put his hand on my knee under the table.

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Ning wants to know why Brodie is dead.

Move along, please!

Why wouldn't you let me go to Boston?

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I wonder what Mick was doing in here.


If you would drive a little bit slower, it would probably be safer.

I can't pay you today.

This answer has no question.

This looks like a good spot to camp.

I met her by accident on Third Avenue.

I understood only at a much later time.

I thought Kamiya was planning on staying for a month.

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I'm going to miss you, Mario.


Sedat is slaughtering a sheep.

Bryce looked terrible.

Sonja thought up several sentences and ran them past Leila before posting them on Tatoeba.

You don't seem too worried.

I have no problem with this.

The doctor called him back.

There's a lot of furniture in this room.


They smiled at her.

You can run, but you can't hide.

You'd better get ready.

Bob is very good at his job.

Graham punched Brandon repeatedly.