Where on earth was I?

I'll see you Monday.


Joanna washed the potatoes.

If you compare our product with others, you'll see ours is far better in quality.

He never forgave me for it.

The morning doesn't happen good.

Do you have any beer?

I already knew I am a blue blood.

Liu Xiaobo is Chinese.


Jane told me you were married.

I've been feeling this way all day.

I guess that's just the way it goes.

I can't fault you for that.

The highways in this country are excellent.


I'm not arguing with that.

A good poker player can tell when someone's bluffing.

Without advice, you would have failed.

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You have nothing better to do than spend hours lying on a sofa talking to a shrink?

Have you met him yet?

It is a fact that smoking is bad for health.

Do you know what's in here?

She keeps complaining that she has no time.


Marc is still in there somewhere.

I am relieved that you are safe.

What do you learn Spanish for?


I have socks, but I have no shoes.

Hard work never hurt anyone.

According to the stars, she and I aren't supposed to have much chemistry between us.

This firm manufactures cars at the rate of two hundred per day.

Sergio wanted us to talk to you.


Seth can't be right.

Good day! You are our new neighbor, if I am not mistaken?

That's what I want.

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My door is always open.


What'll you make for lunch tomorrow?

He mistook me for my younger brother.

Dissolve the baking powder in 1 tbsp water.

All you care about is yourself.

It's far from here.

The region called Azad Kashmir in Pakistan is called Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir in India.

Not only you but also I am in the wrong.


"Whom the gods love die young", was said of yore.

I was expecting Wilson.

Marion doesn't need to do that right now.


Have you decided on your dissertation topic?

Call the coast guard.

I held up my end of the deal.

From Tursun to Guzelnur, you are all good students.

"It will be all right, Cynthia." "No, it won't, Johan. It won't."


Don't cast pearls before swine.


I'll call you around five o'clock.

Red suits you.

What made you change your mind?

I just can't help it.

Equestrian is the only mixed-gender Olympic event.

Anything you say may be held against you in a court of law.

If you were only able to meet with one historical figure, who would you like to meet?


The sea has risen, the sea of peoples.

It cost me one thousand yen to get the bicycle fixed.

Soap helps remove the dirt.

Her parents were devastated.

I thought I had everything.

The car got stuck in the mud.

Your mother is very beautiful!

Do you like to sing?

Doyle took a few things out of his suitcase.

I've been able to read since I was six years old.

You will do well to leave her.

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He is the boy of whom we spoke the other day.

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It's not a problem.


We've been watching you.

In America the young are always ready to give to those who are older than themselves the full benefits of their inexperience.

Of course "Hayabusa" is not actually closing in on the Sun, it is just positioned as in the figure so that, seen from the Earth, it is on the opposite side of the Sun; this is called 'conjunction'.

We all strive for success.

You should speak with Samir.

It was the perfect day for a picnic.

You speak quickly.

I know what I know.

I told them it wouldn't be that hard to find someone to replace Isabelle.

Terrance needs to buy some new shirts.

What's Lester's dog called?


I'm not really that thirsty.

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Dennis's computer is so old that it still runs Windows 98.

What kind of food did you eat when you were a child?

It only takes thirty minutes by car.

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Within the settlement, Kyu was known as a professional schemer.

Call me if you have difficulties.

I laughed like you were like those people that we weren't able to make Czechoslovakian.


I've been trying to find them.

I have to leave immediately.

They learned all there was to know about it.

That's too much for my little brain.

Men sometimes overestimate their sexual prowess.

Valentina Tereshkova piloted Vostok 6 and became the first woman in space.

Who would want this job?

She likes to listen to music.

You're dreaming.

Revised refused to let Brandon in.

The game will be held even if it rains.

What fruit is your brother seeing?

Let's settle accounts.

We are both from Boston.

The accident happened on a side street.


Nathaniel said he saw that movie with Russ.


Trent runs a food bank in London.

Is anyone listening?

The earth centers on the sun.


We'll follow them.


Geoff called me last night from Boston.


I seldom see him.

You're not moving back to Boston, are you?

You should call your mother as soon as possible.


There are a number of fishing boats tied up at the dock.

He did his job.

I said I was hungry.

Courtney was green behind the ears when it came to defending himself in court.

Have you heard of the German Beer Purity Law?

Ruth translated the letter from French into German.

Can I offer you guys a drink?

Why would they call them "Jazz essentials"?

He tried to pass himself off as a Frenchman, but his accent gave him away.

I'm lost.

Whether you succeed or not, you have to do your best.

I refuse to let you marry that man!

Daddy, I can't walk any more. Carry me.

No matter how hard I practiced, I wasn't able to do the backstroke.

Ever since, I've wandered aimlessly in the everlasting night of your eyes.


His Truth is marching on.

It was a great afternoon.

I think I'd like to be alone.

They hit it off from the beginning and have been together for two decades now.

Did you hear the news?

Are you fond of golf?

It has been snowing for two days.

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Takayuki picked flowers for Celeste.

Why don't you follow her example?

I'll give you my typewriter in exchange for that radio.

Take it, please.

Our car is rather old, but so is theirs.

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Sriram survived unharmed.


Everyone, as a member of society, has the right to social security and is entitled to realization, through national effort and international co-operation and in accordance with the organization and resources of each State, of the economic, social and cultural rights indispensable for his dignity and the free development of his personality.

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I'm still not used to getting up so early in the morning.

I don't date.

Whatever you say, she is the one I'm going to marry.


I saw her only a week ago.

The long and the short of it is that I simply don't like her.

Twenty years is a long time.


Can one find a telephone near by?

She always does this.

Have a nice summer vacation.

How many people are on board the ship?

Don't come late, okay?


I'll do it tomorrow. I promise.


Maybe Panzer didn't like what he saw.

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I really appreciate your support.

I've got it all figured out!

We have to transmit our culture to the next generation.

Polly pays his debts promptly.

We'll be seeing each other again.

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What will you say then?


In the mountain area, snow has fallen more than fifty centimeters deep.