Conciliation is the matter of the law.

Dan couldn't find anyone to give him a ride home.


Ice cream cones are made of wafer.

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I have nothing to say to either of you.


I didn't see the light change.

Vassos is waiting for Daryl to return.

You have a very welcoming smile.


The thieves knocked off another bank today in a daytime robbery.

The skater spun round and round on the ice.

Who's that lame boy?

He got his discharge from the army.

I felt the wind blowing on my face.

He works for a large corporation.

Hiroyuki has been stabbed to death.


A 5% consumption tax is levied on purchases of most goods and services.

Do you really trust her?

It will shortly stop raining.

I like this work because you see the result immediately; it's very rewarding.

Do you believe that animals have souls?

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I'll do everything I can.

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I don't agree at all.

Anastazja is the classmate of Ania.

A sheath for a sword is a scabbard.

Your ideas are rather old-fashioned.

Only a few drops of rain have fallen.

I thought you cared about Guillermo.

You should let it go.

I am not sure, but I think I want to be a teacher.

Animals can sense fear.


Was Winston at home yesterday?

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Our car ran out of gas after ten minutes.

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The music next door is very loud. I wish they would turn it down.


We had a sound sleep.


We promised.

I'm going to split.

Do you want to sell them?

The girl is used to playing all by herself.

I saw Tammy try to kiss you.

It was our first time riding a tandem bicycle.

Emmett is the first guy Piotr has really been interested in since she broke up with John.

Hungarian is my mother tongue.

Rajeev borrowed mine.

I don't know how or why it happened.

I ran for the mayor.

We're stuffed.

We have important matters to discuss.

If Jesus Christ was the being which those mythologists tell us he was, and that he came into this world to suffer, which is a word they sometimes use instead of 'to die,' the only real suffering he could have endured would have been 'to live.'

The crowd applauded.

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Liyuan stayed awake all night.

Kamel didn't kiss me.

Does he understand Italian?

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Thanks for pointing this out.

Hoist the sails!

You want to vote?

Take a bath and go to bed.

Let me tell Ahmed first and then you can tell Rees.

I got Curt to paint the fence.

I'll see you all next week.


I'm surprised you didn't get the job.


You cannot be too careful when crossing the street.

I'm not sowing your wheat.

Are you with Sarah?

What in the world does he mean?

Do you work with her?


They cannot stop him.

Somebody is calling you from the gate.

Are you still seeing him?

I want to know more about your country.

In this town, if anywhere, you will find old Japan at her best.

The doctor examined over fifty patients that day.

I'm on time.


He sometimes visits me.

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I asked Marc where he'd gone.


How long do you have to eat lunch?

Here is a method of fighting down your fear.

Sometimes we get lost.

Does that mean that we won?

Luc also was very hungry.

It's a very important step.

Websites collect information about you.

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Carlos couldn't protect me.

When did you come up with this plan?

I must answer her letter.


Julian has left, but Kerri is still here.

"It is written only Link can defeat Ganon, and Link is in space!" "Wait... we're going to be attacked by the evil forces of Ganon?" "Now you finally get it."

With whom do I have the honor to speak?

You don't need my approval.

He had to call for his friend's help.

I'm going to be very honest with you.

I feel helpless.

We took his story on trust.

Not everyone has as much money as you do.


I don't like waiting for Charlie.

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Nothing is going to happen.

Alex doesn't want to be my friend. He thinks that he's too cool for me.

You have to audition to join the choir.


Hector and Dale are Canadians.

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She asked him why he was crying, but he didn't answer.

Let's go before things get worse.

Loukas is still a student.

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I took care of it.

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Marie told me to cook it for thirty minutes.

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Your idea is definitely worth thinking about.

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I want to snooze some more.

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Nobody can pay that.

The girl standing over there is my sister Sue.

He was then a boy of ten.

Fallen rocks closed the way.

Could you please keep an eye on Al?


Axel was wrongfully convicted.


She doesn't smoke and she doesn't drink vodka.


Sundaresan went on a road trip with his friends.

I didn't think it was so bad.

This place is horrible.

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I should be making lunch.

The man robbed her of her bag.

Please, don't be concerned about it. It's just a formality.


This problem is both yours and ours.


We'll have known each other for three years next Christmas.

I just ate sushi and drank beer.

I never dreamed that our company would expand its business to the U.S.

This is an animal found in that desert.

I have a bit of a problem.

Give me one second, would you?

Ernest was a shrewd businessman and his company went from strength to strength.

Please breathe through your nose.

Don't blame it on him.

Have you ever drawn an animal?

A 5% consumption tax is levied on most goods and services in Japan.

He is aching to go abroad.

We all had a good workout before lunch.

I can manage on my own.

Who kissed him?

"Where is your house?" "It is over there."

Are you a chemistry student?

Pat said he would strenuously defend the charges.

In early times, inventions were often stumbled upon by accident.

His car soon went out of sight.

Life being very short, we ought not to waste time.

I think this coat should fit you.

It was so much better before.


I'm in school.

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Thanks to you, I arrived on time.


Who knows what else there might be?

I'm shooting.

Both Olaf and Noemi are in the living room, watching television.

Sjaak asked Jamie if she wanted to ride his horse.

Doesn't anyone want to speak to me?


This is so embarrassing.

I sing to make my living.

Italian youth unemployment hit a record-high at 44.2 percent in June 2015.

Jem didn't want to think about it.

A true German can't stand the French, yet willingly he drinks their wines.


My father is a good man.


Why do you lie for them?

Is it really your day off?

The letter will arrive tomorrow.