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Don't let them hurt her.

We have been waiting for hours for you to arrive.

This is one of the nicest houses I've ever seen.


They unlocked the door.


You won't need it.

Emily has blonde hair.

I saw her a while back.

Osaka is the center of commerce in Japan.

Giovanni and I have a lot more in common than I thought.


Speak your mind.

I plead not guilty.

Jianyun interviewed Jonathan.

Ahmed is going to cross the river.

One can't change one's set of values.

The police found no clue.

This sentence contains several mistakes.

"No," replied Jwahar decisively.

The sound of the train faded away.

Father fixed the car.

When I was young, I used to climb trees a lot.

They won't let me see you.

Joshua should've surrendered.

He was seduced by Stanley.

I've just finished waxing the floor.

This was my first visit to a foreign country.

Would you like more mashed potatoes?


We can know in advance what excuse he will make.


It didn't cost as much as I thought it would.

Stop jumping on the bed!

How much did you pay for this?

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We were pretty quiet.

I don't want you to quit.

This TV show is about penguins.

Sean's son is as lazy as his father was.

She seemed to be very surprised.

The man shot three birds with a gun.

Would you please send this letter by airmail?


Kevan offered to help Olivier wash the dishes.

How do you plan to handle this?

The issue turned out to be very contentious.

There's no shame in losing to such a great player.

The rain compelled the water to run over the banks.

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I'll do whatever Billie asks of me to do.

Eat up all your spinach!

Good students study hard.


What's the saddest song in the world?


Thank you for the update.

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We agree, you will come to dinner at our house.

It looks terrible.

I myself have, before becoming employed by this company, twice spoken bluntly to the people at the top.


Does it really matter what I think?

Success! This is the five-thousandth Klingon sentence on Tatoeba!

When did that happen?

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I'm from Diyarbakir.


Archaeologists are those who hunt for clues about the lifestyles of ancient peoples.

This train runs between Tokyo and Hakata.

Even though there were many cookies on the dish, I only ate three.


A tribe of natives once honored Christopher Columbus with an all-he-could-eat feast. Years of famine followed.

No problem is insurmountable.

I found it impossible to do the work in one day.

How long does it usually take you to fall asleep?

I thought it was a dream.

If anything happens to him, let me know.

What time shall we make it?


I went stag to the prom.

The crops have withered.

Refer to my previous article.


Although they were not guilty, they were charged.

What's the name of this flower with serrated petals? I tried looking it up in a encyclopedia, but I couldn't get anything.

I can't get through to him.


What brings you here?


I really want to be around you.


No one is listening to Kanthan.

Would you like to know the truth about this fact?

Life begins at forty.

The cows are milked at six.

My parents made me sell my motorcycle.

I thought I told you to stay in your room.

I don't know how to make stew.

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That's why we didn't tell him.

We'll miss Irvin.

Please give him a fluoride treatment.

I took to sleeping late in the morning.

No, Chinese dishes are the best.


It's bedtime.

You're like family.

On the one hand, I very much want to help you, but on the other, I already have previous commitments.

Does Grace intend to help us?

Timothy wanted to go to Boston, but his father wouldn't let him.


Pelicans are strange birds.


"What's wrong?" "I can't get my car started."

Cliff could be doing anything.

Why does Winnie think he needs a bodyguard?


It's totally without precedent for the suspect's attorney to be the true culprit.


We were under constant surveillance.

I went to the station to say good-bye to my friend.

The times of chivalry between two rivals is long gone.

This is the first sentence in the New_Tat_List. And it will be the last.

Scot says he regrets doing that.

Quitting smoking is hard.

My neighbors say they're going on a family trip to Hokkaido.

The girls amused themselves playing games.

Creativity is the key.

How many calories do you burn running up six flights of stairs?

I have many coins in this box.

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Unfortunately, I had another commitment.

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Why are you so thin?


He likes to explore underground caves.

They are playing soccer somewhere.

Elizabeth could sense something.

Why the fuck do you live like this, Clare?

Kate is majoring in German.

Animals act according to their instincts.

You're repeating yourself.


You have never said hello to me in all the years I've known you.

They cheat.

In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Anybody can do that.

I get asked that question a lot.

I think we both know how Stanislaw feels.

Some English speakers think that omission of the subject does not occur in their language, however, the subject of phrases like "thank you" or "bless you" is omitted.

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Why did you tell Guido I was here?

I'm glad Scot invited you.

Do you know a better way?

You know I can't wait any more.

Dorothy warmed himself by the fire.

The content of that polyethylene bottle is cloudy and yellowish. Could it be urine?

Bigots work against democracy.

He deserves to be beaten with a stick twenty-five times.

When was the last time you contributed to this project?

Why is anyone here?

This building has been condemned.

Fashion is not my specialty.

He had difficulty in hearing and could not walk.

I cut myself this morning.

Phil volunteered to help.

I never got caught.

I have different priorities than you do.


The floor is made of boards.

The bus stopped in front of the house.

Marnix has done very well.

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Lucifer looked distant and distracted while Donal told him her life story.

We're all going back to the library.

It being Sunday, I didn't get up early.

Roberta knows about that.

My roommate is 20 years old, and didn't know what a clitoris was until a few weeks ago. He thinks that his lack of knowledge is self-explanatory because he is gay, but I don't buy it. I think it just goes to show how shitty the public education system is here.

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The oldest woman in the village was the one who picked his name at birth.


What did she want?


Let me ask you a stupid question.


I don't want to be treated any differently than before.

Every man has his humor.

I think that's awful.

I'm not young like you.

This isn't journalism; this is trash.

The rumor may or may not be true.

He has to study hard.

Give me the knife.

Have you read anything interesting lately?

It seems so strange.

How ridiculous I was as a Marionette! And how happy I am, now that I have become a real boy!

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Julius used to come to work in a Ford.