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Quilt offers daily in-home gatherings for women to encourage connection and professional growth.

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Do you need support and inspiration?
Chats are a 1-hour topic driven conversation for up to 8 women before or after work.

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Are you over working alone but don’t know where to go?
Co-working is a 3-4 hour work session in an environment that feels good and promotes productivity and accountability.



Do you have a specific career question you want answered?
LearnShops are intimate workshops focused on personal and professional development led by an expert in her field.

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Gatherings created to meet you at every stage of your professional journey.
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What We Do

At Quilt, women are empowered to transform their homes into community spaces. This encourages genuine connection, sharing and learning in an environment that feels good: her home.

Why We Do

We believe that the spaces we gather in and the people we connect with matters. By reimagining the way women to come together and connect through shared experience, we believe balance can be restored.

Why gather
Quilt Exists to Connect

We are committed to bringing women together, in an environment that feels good. Her home. We connect over shared thoughts and feelings, knowledge and ideas.

We are a community of rogue women

questioning what is for what could be. What happens when you feel supported? Come find out!

We believe in being exactly where you are

and energizing those around you.

We lead through vulnerability. The closer we sit, the deeper we go.
We power the potential in one another. All for one, one for all.
Quilt exists to guide a woman on her journey, to get her to greatness.
She’s one patch in the bigger plan. Woman for women, women for woman.
Be the Host of a Quilt Experience

Have a reason to meet new people in a place that feels good, your home.

What Our members are saying
Christina Topacio

Christina Topacio, Founder of Jig+Saw

“Quilt bridged community for me in a way I haven’t seen done before; the intimate gatherings, the personalized conversation. It all felt safe, and welcoming. So grateful that communities like Quilt exist to support women like me, who sometimes even when leading their own community, can feel a little lost. And we all need a home base; grateful Quilt can be mine.”

Laura Albers

Laura Albers, Cannabis Consultant & Market Research

“I’ve grown my professional network in the most beautiful & real way with Quilt. I’ve been featured on a podcast, the LA Times reached out to me, and I’ve found new clients. Being an entrepreneur requires a tribe and now I have an incredible group of women I can connect with for support, and love too. Quilt has moved my career forward in ways that I couldn’t imagine. I can’t say enough good things about it!”

Dechel Mckillian

Dechel Mckillian, Founder of Galerie.la

“As a solo founder of a sustainable fashion platform, Quilt has given me the personal and professional network I need, both to grow my business and myself!”

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