"I've seen that play." "So have I."

I often talk to him on the bus.

Jeremy cut his hand when he fell.

You need not telephone me.

Clarissa did exactly what he'd been told to do.

I know what she's capable of.


You could try and be a bit more civilized.


It seems that Mr. Tanaka has taken his exam.

I'm an excellent listener.

C'mon! English is easy!

You can eat whatever you want.

Luis didn't agree to the proposal.


You shouldn't trust anything Bonnie says.

Liz and Emmett took the boat out of the water.

He is wearing a wool sweater.


Frank is not a team player.

Rees and Takeuchi just don't seem to communicate very well.

Aren't you stretched pretty thin already?

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The boy caught a large fish.

I owe my success to him.

Vladimir thinks I'm missing this great opportunity.

I've added an alternative sentence and I've tagged it as 'old fashioned'. What more do you want, blood?

She wasn't even there.

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She didn't even say thanks.

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My predecessors had asked their questions of nature with genuine curiosity and awaited her reply.

He has already eaten.

Moses didn't buy any bread.

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Do you want your language to die?

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It couldn't be helped.

"How long have you been living here?" "It'll be five years next week."

The toy train went around the room.

You're moody.

I think he knows about us.


Pravin must be Linley's brother.

It is difficult for me to read the book.

We're not going.


She's in desperate need of money.

I prefer hot cocoa over coffee.

It's his Christmas present.

Ping handed Sigurd a blue folder.

I'm afraid I won't be able to make myself understand in French.


It's already dark outside.


Her face betrayed her real feelings.

I'll be a bit late. Keep dinner warm for me.

What's the best way to travel?

Celia and Suresh always talk about the same old things. It gets kind of boring.

Whether she will agree or not is not clear.

This boy has a strong and healthy body.

I've got to tell him.

I can afford it.

Bert does that very well.

Chet woke up when he heard the dog barking.

Even when being praised, modesty is important.

You should keep your windshield clean.

Let Dan talk to me. Don't interrupt.

Show it to me on the map.

Are you sure Philip is coming?


We're going to the beach. Would you like to go with us?

Our first proposal was turned down.

You've worked with Heinrich for a long time, haven't you?

A leopard can't change its spots.

He shares a room.

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You must speak clearly in company.

I called at Tony's house yesterday.

She hid her ugly face.

Pat gladly agreed.

We all know what happened here.

What time will we reach Akita if we take the 9:30 train?

Where are Tony's gloves?

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The best before date is 3 days past, but it's probably good, right?


You made it, Barry!

Terri was hurt.

Why aren't you asking me?

Herbert looked at the letter.

Where did he go?

We have work to do, but if you need a day to recover from jet lag, we can start tomorrow.

I can relate with people from different nations and culture thanks to my foreign experience.


She's a bit naive.


What are you going to use this car for?

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She is a beauty, admittedly, but she has her faults.


The dawns are calm here...

Cristi has been staying with us for the past three days.

Millions of people understand interlingua at first sight.


It was just what Gary wanted.

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I have a debt to pay.


I won't let anyone push me around.

I don't go by what he says.

Old cooks for Joshua every day.


Mrs. Green taught me English.


I'm slightly hungry.

For I call the whole universe nothing, Except you, my rose; in it you are my everything.

You mustn't drive on the right.

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Mitchell is afraid of dying.

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The eel I caught last week is still alive.

I am pouring a cup of tea.

Just be cool.


What are the odds of this working?

She was nearly hit by a bicycle.

I don't even know how to respond to that.

I was born in 1977 in Osaka.

When I heard that song, it reminded me of my childhood.


I rescued him.


She was rapt in prayer.

I saw a horse pulling a cart.

I have to print 100 pages.


In C language, There are two ways to pass parameters to a function: to pass by value and to pass by reference.

Parents punish their children for misbehavior.

Which CD do you want to listen to?

I wanted Max to take me with him.

Richard is now thirty years old.


I would like to make an offering to myself.

A large proportion of the world's population don't have access to basic human rights which are taken for granted in affluent countries.

Yesterday I went to the Goethe-Institut in Bologna with my mother to ask for information about their German courses.

This land yields a good crop of rice.

I receive a million messages a day and I can't answer them all.

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You must not be jealous of others' success.

I wrote them a letter.

Whether you like it or not, you will really die someday.

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Are you sure Geoff is OK?

One person suffered life-threatening injuries.

His face was red.

I read the book in my second year of high school.

Please come dressed up.


The death of her husband was her rebirth.

They got a warm reception.

Did you really make this by yourself?

Can I bring my friends?

Sridharan said he saw something scary.

I'd like to show this picture of Nigel to you.

The miner asked the lamp spirit for a happy life.


I was watching you.


Ruth was so paranoid.

Blayne ran across the road.

Russ was the luckiest.

I learned a lot about Greek culture.

What high school did Randal go to?

He softly touched her.

You said you loved her.

Love if you want to be loved!

There are three exceptions.

Knapper started flipping through the pages of the magazine Jerry had given him.

Jiri wondered why he always felt so tired in the morning.


If you look carefully, you'll see that the box has a false bottom.


She won a prize in the spelling competition.


It's a long road with no curves.

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Titles and honours signify nothing to me.

Dennis laughs at Wilson's round face.

The door was broken open.

I hate the taste of my saliva after eating chocolate.

That was the reason which prevented them from coming with me.


I prefer to forget the past.

I wouldn't hurt you.

Europeans tried to civilise the tribe.

You have to understand that he died.

Brush your teeth clean after each meal.

We had a whale of a time at the beach.

When could you start working?