I caught sight of the boy escaping from the classroom.

On July 20 1969, Neil Armstrong left the Lunar Module Eagle and became the first human to set foot on the Moon. He was soon followed by his fellow astronaut, Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin.

Price wasn't with us last night.


It's the answer told by lines that stretched around schools and churches, in numbers this nation has never seen. By people who waited three hours and four hours, many for the first time in their lives, because they believed that this time must be different, that their voices could be that difference.


Larry kept his balance.

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Stand up when I am talking to you.


To hear him talk, you would take him for a foreigner.

I'll give these to them.

There's nothing more fun for me to do than to talk with him.

A hundred years ago the jungle had already fascinated people so much, that they placed it under protection.

Lynnette called Kay and asked her out.

The band is now doing a sound check.

No man can serve two masters.

I taught Siegurd French for three years.

The order is not fixed.

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You're not worried about the test, are you?

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Jeannie can count on Marco.

That's what I like to hear.

He is being very careful.


Dreams speak the truth.


Grant is the only person who paid on time.

A day has twenty-four hours.

Legend has it that America was discovered by Christopher Columbus.


You should not have lent the money to such a person.

I see no reason not to tell Stanly what happened.

You must really like Liyuan.


Edmund cut the pie into six pieces.

Just how well can masks block the, even smaller than pollen, yellow sand dust? I think it much more of a nuisance than pollen.

It seems to be a good house.


The answer to both questions is no.


Everything fell out as I expected.

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These jewels are expensive.

He wants to marry me.

Naomi wants you to stay here.


I'll find them myself.

He met a pretty brunette at the evening party.

I did what I was asked.

Mickey is the only one in this group who owns a truck.

All Clayton wants to do is swim.

Edwin put the document on Dorothy's desk.

He heard that.

The handsome dining-room at the club looked bright, but it was empty.

The Snow Queen kissed Kay again, and he entirely forgot little Gerda, her grandmother, and all at home.

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All of them were terrible.


I'm the one in charge now.

I can't stand cowards.

I am not your daughter.

I want to do something for Jelske.

Starbuck has a strange way of talking.

The Europeans I experienced were hard working individuals.

She radiates with charm.

I've made my choice.

I was promoted three months ago.

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Her apprehensions were justified.


Please repeat after me.

Memorize it.

Kylo finally found his way home.

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He's a lifeguard.

Probate lawyers to the rescue!

Thad knocked on the door, but nobody answered.

I've made up my mind what I'm going to do; and no ifs, ands, or buts about it.

In my country, our people don't like others who are cleverer than them.

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When it is appraised, in order to check the authenticity and state of preservation of the painting, the real thing has to be borrowed from its owner.

It is late.

It turned out all right.


Is it really your day off?

Alf thought what Dale was carrying was a bomb.

Adding sentences to a master database for the purpose of bringing people together through language is both brilliant and ambitious.

You're just scared.

Kathryn is waiting for Samuel in front of the supermarket.

In my opinion, it would be better if you went there.

I cannot forbear expressing my doubts.

It'll be really lonely without you.

Are you asking me to marry you?


I won!

Do you think I need to go?

"I want to climb this tree," said the boy.


She talks as if she knew everything.

You're not missing much.

One of the committees is composed of eight members.

Words alone cannot meet the needs of our people. These needs will be met only if we act boldly in the years ahead; and if we understand that the challenges we face are shared, and our failure to meet them will hurt us all.


She has yellow hair.

They'll get married sooner or later, I think.

We formed a circle around the teacher.

I love her son.

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Please show me another.


I'm sorry for what happened to you.

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This high humidity makes me feel tired.


The student felt that her low grade was not just.


She wants a divorce.

She met her uncle at the shop.

Land prices seem to just keep going up.

No one else knows it.

Statistics suggest that the population of this town will double in five years.

Why didn't you tell us about Jarvis?

Barbra hasn't helped the poor.

Do you want to win?

Patrick wondered how his ex-wife and her new husband were getting along.

"I discovered a a great website today. It's called the 'Tatoeba project', if you're interested." "If you're talking about 'Tatoeba', I've already known about it and have been making submissions for 10 years!"

He judged it wiser to remain silent.

When she looked, the men were building the way.

You cannot put time limits on grief.

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He has a strong sense of responsibility.

This is all the money I have on me.

What can I say, I'm irresistible.

They did a tour of the world!

Look! A falling star!

Had it not been for your advice he would have been ruined.

None of us are opposed to his ideas.

If he is not ill, he will come.

What are the first five letters of your email?


It was good.

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Niels used to be our handyman.

I can tell that you've suffered.

If he wasn't lazy, he might be rich by now.


One day, a black woman, Rosa Parks, was returning home after a hard day's work.

You'll get tired.

The man carrying a violin seemed upset.


Thank you for refreshing our memories.

Sedat has been apologizing too much lately. It makes me feel sorry for him.

Thank you for helping me correct the situation.


Our destination is still a long way off.

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My clock is running 5 seconds faster everyday.

That plan is unacceptable.

Do you know whether she can speak English?

That was unprofessional.

He has a drug allergy.

If you cross with a red light, it's against the law.

I knew what I was supposed to do.

We have to take that risk.

And so, Reiko, it's nothing for you to panic about.


How cute!

"What would you like to buy?" "I would like to buy a dog."

It's cold today!

I'm not sure anyone can help.

Leslie has been arrested.

Man returns to his phylogenetic roots in panic situations.

I had to book a flight for him.


Open the box.

Piet is a bit conceited.

The child is writing a book.

I tend to forget what I say when I'm drunk, but I'm confident that it reflects my true feelings.

I have never been to China.

We know what it feels like.

You're very strong, aren't you?

I thought we were partners.

I signed the check.

Earl and Tollefsen were just shooting the breeze.

The property passed from father to son.


I haven't yet bought you a Christmas present.

Can you play well?

Don't tell me it was really a demand for money from debt collectors?

A genius is a person with extraordinary creative abilities.

I am a bachelor.

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She lost her son in the war.

I can't think of any alternatives.

I joined the golf club three years ago.

I thought there was a possibility that Eugene was going to break the contract.

I respected some young writers.