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This Ol Girl right here has slept with so many guys in waterford/clarkston/pontiac there is no one left.. you can go to a bbq & shes slept with every guy there.. thinks shes cute when really here fat whale blubber arms are not cute. why dont you try to keep your legs closed and maybe you could keep a man or stay of the cocaine. Stay out the bars and stay home with your kids. This hoe of the century needs no introduction becuase every guy/girl knows her reputation already.

May 31, 2013 RoastNow _Ladies Comments: 306-830-2492
Russian roulette

Russian roulette

This person is everything I hate, with his team Russia shirt with a popped collar man purse, and tight rolled pants. Go back to fucking your vodka bottle daddy's girl

May 29, 2013 RoastNow (928) 498-4407 Comments: 0
40 year old elf

40 year old elf

This girl thinks she is all that.. She is 4'2 and 98 lbs of weathered make up lathered leather. She is in her late 20s but looks like my aunt if my aunt was ten years older and smoked her whole life. She is infamous for burning bridges and people and some how manages to parlay a fake hooters job (tilted kilt) in to lavish trips to islands and world class hotels. Totally adds up!

November 28, 2012 RoastNow _Unsure Comments: 7324840546
Thug Life more like Pug life


He thinks he is hard as hell talkin gangster and braggin all the time about how great things are, taken pics of all these projects he supposedly works on when everyone knows dude cant provide. The only thing bigger than the BS he spews is his puffy face in all the self pics he posts. You aint buff yous a marshmallow puff! When he raises his arms in those tank tops it looks like larry the cable guys sister.... Only he cant Git er done

November 28, 2012 RoastNow _Unsure Comments: 281-725-5186

Grocery Groper

This manager at Sweetbay on Swann in SOHO is a complete and utter creeper. I am surprised that he has been able to keep his job as he spends all his time sexually harrassing the female patrons. He does not have a clue that most local women will not even go to his store because they dont want to get hit on. He is as gross looking as he is old and needs to be fired! The only thing this pervert should be managing is his sexual advances. STOP CREEPIN!!!

November 18, 2012 RoastNow _Gentlemen Comments: 8179577772
Ex Nightmare

Ex Nightmare

This Ol Girl be talkin smack when I Have know idea how she has time to talk at all, aint no breaks in between bites of food. She claims Im some kinda deadbeat dad when everybody know I got my Sh** together. Hope she happy with her new blimp when she used to roll w a real pimp!

November 15, 2012 RoastNow _Ladies Comments: 715-747-8941