They fight like cat and dog.

Thanks for taking care of my sister.

This mission entails huge risks.

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He is always pressed for money.


Elijah is incapable of expressing compassion.

I think Benjamin is persistent.

She listened to me with her eyes shining.

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I lost my purse.

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Saad immediately called the police.


Nadeem didn't tell me that you were a doctor.

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I hope you told him that.


What's your connection with Jin?

Ashamedly, I went along with it.

He set out on a lonely journey.

Do you even know how to smell the flowers?

Sridhar kept running.

The airport is closed.

She has more books than she can read.

You will never beat me, you hear? Never!

Judith doesn't want to be found.

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It was well worth the cost.

Real never was interested in sports.

I had to finish what I'd started.


I thought he was angry at me because I didn't help him build his house.

Do they sell phone credit?

Who speaks French?


I have no control over what happens.

It had started to rain.

"Your idea is ridiculous." "It is?"


Try to jump as high as possible.

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It's an easy choice.

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I wish I had a magic wand.


It is not easy to write with chalk.

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Did you figure this out on your own?

I don't know what he'll do when you're gone.

Vistlik has a scar just below his left eye.


Massive stars are extremely hot.


Tigger needs to be told.

I'm perfectly all right.

What a huge loss.

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We failed due to a lack of preparation.


Life is the only road that can't be traveled twice.

All plants need water and light.

The war brought their research to an end.

Sri Lanka is a beautiful island.

Hugh has the respect of everyone here.

Take an egg from the fridge.

They defended weak people.


In the absence of sufficient proof, the police could not indict him.

What? Is there something stuck in my teeth or something?

Ramneek should be able to tell us a little about Boston.

There are twelve months in a year.

Can you guys meet me in the lobby?

He will get better in two weeks.

I would say that Yamada is more of an "herbivore".


The king's mother is dead.

I'm not always right, I just always correct you when you make mistakes.

I'm happy to see so many friendly faces.

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My birthday is June 12. Magdalena was born on the same day and year as me.

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Hume is quite smart, isn't he?

I just wish it hadn't happened the way it did.

So far he has done very well at school.


I simply don't have the time.

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What are you doing at school this afternoon?


He was well known throughout the country.

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Let me do my work in peace.

This should be useful.

I was gonna say a year.

Don't always try to appease women! They know they aren't generally good with technicalities.

I wish I could speak French half as well as you can.


Stay down.


You need to look at the big picture here.

On both sides of the road there are old walls.

They begin beating him.

Mulligan has been riding high since he seized the crown in a come-from-behind victory 14 months ago.

He ascended the ladder halfway.

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To the best of my knowledge, this chemical will prevent germs from breeding.


Rabin tried to have Klaus killed.

Is Sharon on board?

This is the cultural inheritance of independence.

That was a tough one.

I got a bug in my eye and I can't get it out.

Can we still be friends?

I'd make a good chaperone.

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This is my problem and I'm going to deal with it.


Miles married a Canadian girl.

I think breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Thank you for the tickets.

Thanks to his help, I finished my homework.

I don't think this is as funny as you think it is.

Why would someone kill him?

Were you listening to me?

It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog.

Drew has been seriously injured.

Would you care to join us for a drink?

Eliot rushed into the house.

I've been trying to talk to you alone, but you always seem to be with other people.

I've had enough of this mess.


I only told Fay what Raman told me.

I'd rather not go to Boston.

Nathan teaches French at the school Mark goes to.

Which club do you want to join?

Hartmann isn't going to come back here.


Why didn't you tell me that before?


Amarth is always candid.

I furnished them with food.

Languages are not carved in stone. Languages live through all of us.


I wish I'd never asked you to do that.

How did you sleep?

I don't know when Bob came to Japan.


You're wrong, you know.


Every day was exhausting.

You should not have done that. It was wrong.

He did it by himself.

Oh geez, I'm not sure, but I think I ate too much.

Helen got off at the next stop.


The music of Mozart is always pleasing to me.

We are surprised at the news.

In this sign you will conquer.

We fitted ourselves out for skiing.

He is guilty of corrupting the young.


He came to Japan when he was a boy of ten.


I need only one cat.


You have something in your pockets, don't you?

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I'm not ashamed to tell you.

They say Australia is a wonderful country.

Are you smiling?

Then they played Jump The Daisies and Run Through The Clover.

They dated just for a year.

I'm going to the police.

I'll accept suggestions.

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Acupressure is like acupuncture, but without needles.

I skipped French class today.

She abandoned her children.

We've already waited too long.

Cut me some slack.

She always speaks English.

These pants are too small for me.

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We need a clear definition of the concept of human rights.

Mickey is helpful, isn't he?

I'm sorry, I don't mean to pry.

Smoking is harmful to your health.

Well, how did it happen anyway?

I'll wait for you in the hotel tomorrow.

Srivatsan likes Hillel, you know?

Socorrito is now managing the business for his father.

He said the words in a very small voice.

These girls are in trouble.

What motivated you?


I've done questionable things.


I have been to see my friend off.