I was about to leave the house then.

We made a couple of mistakes.


There is a hole in his sock.

My parents are crazy.

It might be because I am near-sighted, but I can't read or write if my desk is not in a brightly lit place.


I've known that all along.


I thought you guys were planning on coming to my party.

Are you going to take part in the English speech contest?

This book is less large than that one.


Get a good night's sleep.

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I know a shortcut.

Swingers are people who like to exchange sex partners.

Sympathy is a human emotion.

Cathryn is unlikely to come by himself.

No one could find the cave.

After it rains and the ground is damp, it's easier to pull weeds.

It's easy to hear you.

Lindsey has done it.

I never could say no to you.


She likes to tell dirty jokes.

The apple is ripe.

I was determined to help her at the risk of my life.

You can still change your mind.

Other people need nine or ten hours of sleep.


No work is possible without an order.

Did you find your car keys?

We saw Mr. Sato leave the room.


The rain fell even harder.

It took three weeks for me to get over my cold.

Mott didn't want to argue with Mysore.

Although you can't make it as "the greatest person", you can still be the best person to your partner.

We must pay a toll to drive on this road.


He is a typical Japanese.

I was sure of receiving a good welcome.

I've got money.

He isn't very happy today.

Recently, a lot of people are losing their jobs.

You love this car, don't you?

We're not trying to impress Tiefenthal.

I want to buy a shirt.

Tell us something about yourself.

Leanne has got blue eyes.

The rain turned to snow.

There is no anwser for your question.

Ro got angry with us.

Do you see my pen?

He took it for an implied rebuke.


The new government promised to rid the country of corruption.

You know you've really mastered a foreign language when you can write a decent poem in it.

Many languages use English words.


I'll try harder.


One man says this, another that.


Nature is not threatened by man.

Why is Gregge going with him to the picnic?

They'd like to be healthy.

I memorized his name and address.

That article makes fun of vegetarians.

Dan couldn't find anyone to give him a ride home.

We've talked about that.

Written in easy English, this book is suitable for beginners.

George doesn't seem to care one way or the other.


Luc has three older brothers.


We have the edge on them.

Lojban has incorporated a detailed grammar for mathematical expressions. This grammar parallels the predicate grammar of the non-mathematical language.

John was the first to receive that prize.

We aren't married.

Donal will end up in prison.

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Santa lives at the North Pole.

Victor Hugo is a very famous French writer.

Who's that cute boy?

There he is!

Timo kissed me on the head.

Personal hygiene is very important.

I met them at a party.

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Derek would probably choose this one.

How soon will the meeting begin?

He introduced me to Sue.


Which air conditioner do you think is the most efficient?


I don't want to work here.


We were excited as we watched the game.

Kris knows that he'll be punished.

There is no point in having a fitting room without a mirror.

You can use Tifinagh alphabet to write in the Tamazight language.

Why are you standing there?

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We know who we are.


Jones often complains about his mother's cooking.

He was sleeping on his face.

He jumped about the room.

We simply want you to leave.

I became angry.

The rains came in torrents.

You should consult her.

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Dan contacted Linda's sister.

He's encouraging me to go there.

I like watching planes take off.


I suppose you've got a point.


Tell her this is urgent.

I want to keep one.

The motel can accommodate as many as 400 guests.

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Jarl can talk his way out of anything.

I asked him why he was sad.

A power failure contributed to the confusion in the hall.

Danielle didn't seem to mind sitting by himself.

Are you ticklish?

She photographed the house.

A wrench is a commonly used tool.

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I was away from home all through the summer vacation.

Why did you decide to study French?

I just want to be alone.

Are you taking the bet?

It is doubtless that he was murdered.

You're three years older than me.

Painting is another thing I can do fairly well.

His music and words appeal to young people.

Let's just do it.

The Hindus worship in temples.

Water is an important natural resource.


Find Rajesh before he hurts someone.

I never thought this rubber band would come in handy when I put it in my pocket this morning.

Patricia changed the summer tyres.

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Fat people are hard to kidnap.


The mosquitoes will eat you alive.

It isn't something I want to do.

In Colombia, Catholic customs prevail.

Keep a box of baking soda in the fridge to keep it smelling clean.

Malcolm is extremely unstable.

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We have to get away from here.

What time do you get up on workdays?

Sixty-five countries boycotted the 1980 summer Olympics.

Jinny accused Jack of lying through her teeth.

Some girls are naturally pretty.


Liberals would rather endlessly debate abstractions than spend five minutes listening to another person's lived experience.

Does that window open?

Why didn't you tell me that last night?


He cannot be a poet.


I'm playing with my computer.

Agreements need to be respected.

I used to pretend I was her.

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Would you please send this letter by airmail?

Sitting over my book, I fell asleep.

Oliver shut the cage and latched it.

It may be said that a man is known by the company he keeps.

Can anyone confirm your story?

Klaudia got a voice mail from Edwin.

Do you recall me at all?

I'm happy if you're happy.

He set up as a butcher.

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I've never been to Boston, and I don't intend to ever go there.


Let's not go.


Our school was founded in 1990.

This is devastating.

Ow, the coffee is very hot!

Stop inhaling your food. You should eat a little slower.

Why don't we all go out to get something to eat?

Samuel has already resigned.

I was surprised to get your call, David.


I am under the blanket.

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Konrad never told me anything.

No charges have been filed against the suspect.

It's pretty romantic, isn't it?