I wish I could stay with you.

I'm doing this for the good of my country.

When was the last time you were here?

Does anybody here have a corkscrew?

We're not a couple.

Why don't you try this jacket on? It looks nice with your trousers.

Hey, where did Nadeem go?

It is generally accepted that a person cannot be successful in life without a lot of hard work.

I don't want to do your dirty work.

That would be a waste of time.


He's collecting various data.

After graduation, Robert decided to find work in Panama.

To be always ready for war, said Mentor, is the surest way to avoid it.

His idea is beyond the reach of my understanding.

The door is locked.

Have you ever written a computer program?

My military instructor was a guy of the special forces.

What movies are playing this week?

If Kitty would eat less, he'd be healthier.


Let me put this business in your hands.

It was the window that Jack broke yesterday.

I think perhaps I can help you.


Brandy thinks it's better not to lend Patricio any money.


Harry will talk.

I was terribly worried.

Don't let Pilot go.

They looked away from her.

My father has never been overseas until now.


Meanwhile you are out and about with her!

Judy certainly wasn't very happy about that.

Is there something that I can help you with?

Kay feels he offended Sir, and that's why she's not here.

Irfan is very fortunate.

Gary Ewing was sentenced to life under the three strikes law for stealing three golf clubs.

I was born on 23 March 1969 in Barcelona.

Derek and his wife have just had a baby.

Are you sure you've never met Erick?

Whose turn is it to drive?

Can we talk to her directly?

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I'm calling the cops.

My problem is other people know you're the one who's paying my bills.

We've allowed for that.

It's great working here.

I watched television yesterday.

You had better prepare yourself for the next game.

Saad wouldn't tell Suyog how old he was.

I won't get caught.

I'm still doing a test.


Would you do the same thing again?


Giovanni asked Woody to take back what she said.

Cute shopping mall full of great restaurants and bars.

It happened that we met at the station.


Where were you in 2003?


We use miscellaneous methods such as discussion, threats and physical injury.

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Pratt has lost his touch.


No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it's not the same river and he's not the same man.

Keep Jong busy.

Every single thing that you eat affects your body.

He is driving at top speed.

Now you've ruined it.

Elizabeth has got to be here somewhere.

I've just been to the bank.

An office girl was robbed of an envelope containing 100,000 yen on her way back from the bank.

When dreams begin, breathing becomes irregular and less deep.

I view his error as insignificant.

Hadn't we better be going now?

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Tell me something about your country.

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Stop dissing me in front of Bobby.

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Why didn't you wake me?

Angus didn't respond to my latest letter.

That's really nice to hear.

They didn't have uniforms.

He loves to play football.

Heisei is next after the Showa era.

You will fail.

Her deathly paleness is due to long illness.

Why did you have to go?

How are things at the office?

She passes the time moaning.

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She steamed a potato.

When did Antonio get to Boston?

So the pigeon can feel the magnetic field on its head, but it can't feel the Earth's magnetic field.

How many people do you know that don't have health insurance?

The boss had to advance him some money.

I am growing up fast.

Karl is going to start working here tomorrow.

This is how I want to be remembered.

Rafik didn't know what was wrong with Lisa.

That's dry information.

Izchak talks about Trent almost all the time.

Erwin may never be able to walk again.

What makes old age hard to bear is not the failing of one's faculties, mental and physical, but the burden of one's memories.


Our class has 41 students.

He lives in a small town in the hinterlands.

You need to help us.

I assume you're referring to Barton's problem.

What do you usually eat with red wine?

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One night in 1572, Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe saw what he thought was a brilliant new star in the constellation Cassiopeia. (We now know he was observing a supernova.) In 1604, a second supernova was observed. These discoveries caused scientists to seriously question Ptolemy's theory that all stars were contained in an outermost sphere of the universe that never changed.


How the other half lives.

Tor has already eaten.

Vernon is a triathlete.

The following morning, Caroll Stadt had disappeared.

We'll learn the truth soon.

His study of optics led him to the invention of the magnifying glass.

We saw what looked like an oasis in the desert.

She's driving them to school.

Lisa's birthday is next week.

Hi, are you Rudolf?

What did she say exactly?

She's out of touch with reality.

Patty and Peggy are like-minded.


Kusum enlisted in the Army.

I'm saying "For the sake of Earth's environment," but actually it's "For the sake of the people living on Earth."

How very wrong he was.

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Have you ever seen a cuckoo?

Our employees are working around the clock to fix the damage caused by the ice storm.

It's so hot that you could cook an egg on the hood of a car.

Last week she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.

All of my strength gave out.


The moment I saw him, I knew he was angry with me.

I don't wear suggestive clothing.

The exam was too difficult for me.

Sanford has been waiting patiently.

Does that matter?


Philippe is very afraid of dogs.

She saw her former employer at a conference.

Who surrendered?

What's your story, Leigh?

I simply have to tell the truth.

Did you find your car-keys?

Lori did everything for Terri.

Don't waste your time looking for an obstacle - maybe there is none.

Judging from what she says, he's guilty.

Watch your step, as the passageway is slippery.

We have something special for you, sir.


I've been on hold for ten minutes.

You should discuss this with Edith.

Since I couldn't solve the problem, I returned, along with my people, and told them what had happened with our cook and her husband.


Are you sure that you want to do this?

Whose bicycle did you want to borrow?

All of us know him well.

That was a pretty good one.

I'm sorry, I couldn't write earlier because I was ill.

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I'm beginning to lose patience.

It seemed that they were interested in tropical fish.

If you just work a little harder your grades will improve a lot.

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I've made a lot of friends since I entered college.

Many clients went to the able lawyer for advice.

Do you also accept American Express?


It depends on the strength of the flame, the pan used and the type of ingredients.

Come back later.

I don't think Dirk lives in Boston anymore.

You never give up hope, do you?

My house is really big.

This is just too easy.

That helps out a lot.


My grandparents were born in the last century.

Were you the one who called the cops?

Exactly what happened here?


I reckon you should do it.

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He couldn't bring himself to shoot the deer.


As far as I know, Elliot is retired.

That poem mixes prose with poetry.

Len was lured into a trap.

We're too old to be doing this kind of thing.

I will buy a car.

Nobody trusts my country.

I have to answer his letter.