Brodie told us that he had a headache.

Don't go in.


If you go up two floors, you'll reach the clearance sale on the sixth. Most of the items up there are half-off or less.

You don't want to get lost, so take your mother's hand.

Shouldn't we give Marla a chance?

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The doctor asked Nanda what the pain felt like.

Then it draws more silky lines across these spokes, leaving a smooth, non-sticky patch in the middle of the web.

Many people, if not most, look on literary taste as an elegant accomplishment.

How many people do you think have an ear for music?

I didn't ask Laurianne.

They asked me to make a speech at short notice.

Should this be allowed?


The number of the living was smaller than that of the dead.

Happiness is a delicate flower.

He is a true man.

Conrad had work to do.

Life without humor would be unbearable. This applies to love as well.

Todd put Tai on hold.

Are you from around here?

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I showed these postcards to my friends.

My husband is watering the flowers.

Can I call "Chargeit" and reserve?

Sue's bluffing.

As I read through the letters, I realized that the Pope was the true culprit.

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Where were you the other night?


Jessie stood at Charles's side talking into his ear.

This is the fastest car in our showroom.

I haven't seen you in donkey's years!

Even if he doesn't come, we'll have to begin.

I know that people also speak Interlingua in the Blue Mango Country.

Meeks smiled briefly.

I cannot understand what he is driving at.


We'll deal with her later.

The play was presented by a group of young actors.

You are absolutely correct.

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We'll never forget what we saw.

I went to see them.

I just want you to know that I regret it.


It was very hard to anticipate how Spyros would react to this news.

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This broken vase cannot be repaired.

Imagine all the good unpublished books from rejected manuscripts!

But (I suspect) that is not difficult.


Tell me everything about you.


He's a child actor.

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To do him justice, he was kind at heart.


I only hope we're not too late.

Casper's new wife's name is Margaret.

Marlena doesn't want to take any chances.

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Kristen didn't let me answer Mario's questions.

Rodney killed someone.

We're only here to help Tharen.

Are you texting Kirk?

Is everything where it's supposed to be?


Is the individual or the family the basis of our society?


He insulted her.


Mr. Bergerac, I'm your cousin.

No pain, no gain!

I didn't know how to do that until I was thirty years old.

The dancers really came to life during the Latin numbers.

This tradition originates from China.

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Sigurd is angry with me.


There is a river beside the house.

I love walking barefoot on the grass.

Come and eat your supper.

Don't make fun of me!

Only three people were in the room.

The buses ran back and forth almost empty.

I am going to speed up the video.

The world without anime would be like a washing machine without Internet-access.

You don't have to tell the truth all the time.

Doing that was stupid.

The plane had already left the airport.

Of course, I have to tell him.

When I came to, I found myself lying on the floor.

Pick a date.

I'd like to ask Ken if he feels the same way.

Diane is your half sister, too.

Your shirt is inside out.


He did not know what to say.

Is this a good time to talk?

Piet didn't need to use the knife I lent him.

You never mentioned that to me.

He was incautious in regard to the decision.

You made your point.

Even though eye witnesses saw the HMAS Sydney sink in 1941, it took 60 years to locate the wreck on the bottom of the Indian Ocean.

We need to protect the earth.

If I were you, I'd listen to Morgan's advice.

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Sumo is a traditional Japanese sport.

This parcel is addressed to you.

I hate man pages without examples.

The plane will take off in one hour.

No one expects friendliness these days.

Love happens in the workplace all the time.

What's on the air now?

Are you still in the job?

At this time tomorrow, he'll be speaking with his family.

Were you really kidnapped?

You don't need to do sports.

I'd prefer not to do that.

What should we do with her?

I've never heard that before.

It may be the last time.

I thought that was fun.

You don't own me.

There are many more beautiful ladies in Shanghai than in Tokyo.

It is dangerous to walk on a calving glacier.


How are you doing, Mike?

Linder jabbed Ned with his elbow.

He stole money from me.

The captain gave the order to abandon the ship.

Without the United States, the world will end. It will be invaded by little green men who would spread terror and chaos, and it will be the end of civilization. Was there any civilization before the birth of the United States? Of course no.

The bus stops right in front of my house.

We've just got to get better.

It's about time somebody did something about this broken door.

Earnie was pronounced dead on the scene.


Is there a train station near here?

The library is eighty years old.

Oh, woman, you are the best wizard in the world!


I've been wrong.

We have to wait until we have more information.

There are beautiful flowers scattered throughout the garden.

This is weird.

Moran was in the bar drinking by himself.

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I thought you didn't want anything to eat.


They think it's superfluous.

The sensitivity certainly drops if I use a condom, so if possible I'd like to do it bareback.

Please have some cookies.

Wolves scare me.

He doesn't want you to talk about your sexual life to him.

Be polite, but firm.

Would you like to have your hair washed?

The economy of Japan is still stable.

I don't know how easy it'll be to change.

I was very idealistic.

Fred was annoyed when Pedro turned up unannounced, because it wasn't a convenient time for her.


Teresa is a Portuguese name.

Janet wants you to do it for him.

Apart from her temper, she's all right.

Propellers are not used on high speed aircraft.

I called the hospital to ask if Helge had been admitted.

I wasn't implying anything.

She turned eighty-one.

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Remember to cross your t's.

I need to finish painting my house.

You're not my girlfriend anymore.

He was banished from the kingdom.

Speak for yourself.

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You've gone mad.

Please don't fight.

She looks just like me.

Ilya came to my office today.

Wes has a very important job.

She is being blackmailed by him.

That's not a choice you have.

The explosion took place because of his carelessness.

There's someone behind you.

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I was never a believer of Christianity.

I consider him my enemy.

My wife often called me when I was travelling abroad.

How can I be of use?

Something strange is going on.


Panos picked the book off the floor.

Could you please give this to Willie?

This building should be kept as a national heritage.


Energy comes from inside.


I've been everywhere.