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Saqib wants our help.


Clark will plumb her new house with stainless steel; she expects the pipes' endurance will make up for the higher cost.

Did you ask Nguyen to leave?

My husband notices everything.

This flower is more beautiful than that one.

Steen intends to stay in Boston for three days.

We need to develop a new kind of energy.

The new pope comes from Argentina.

Arthur claims that he's rich.

Everyone agreed to a certain extent.

The temperature fell below zero last night.

Herman is a lot like me.

What makes you think Teruyuki was talking to you?

To summarize, I'm saying that society is becoming better.

No one knows who threw the first punch.

My mother gave me what I wanted for lunch.

We cannot add flour to this sauce.

Is it true that Stephan went to Boston?

Truth is a goal, not a destination.

I want to know why you weren't at the meeting this morning.

She will grow up to be a very good pianist.

I heard they caught Heinrich's killer.


I don't think it works that way.

She should learn Esperanto.

I had to see Jacques.

Salted monkey nuts are popular in many parts of the world.

We know it was you that broke the window.

But why doesn't she shut up?

Isabelle is quite big-headed.

Did you call him up yesterday?

Heinz had nothing to eat.

Will anyone be disappointed?

I saw him at one time or another.

She is young and foolish.

How long does it last more or less?

Grammar is confusing.

She spoke French.

Do you want to tell me who that was?

Old MacDonald had a farm.

Nevertheless I think the experiment was successful.

Rajarshi started the car and put it in reverse.

The pupils did the work themselves.

Dorian struggled to stay in control.


How was the honeymoon?

The actress tore up her contract angrily.

All the apples that fall are eaten by the pigs.

He lifted his hat politely.

I need a mouse pad.

I fell in love with her on first sight.

Nathaniel seems to have a touch of fever.

Do you know what we're supposed to be doing now?

He makes a point of reading newspapers after dinner.

Hotta isn't worried about Sundar.

I plucked up the courage and confessed that it was all my fault.

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Vance sometimes rips off his customers.

I want you to come with me to Boston.

Srinivas approached them.

Could I get my ring back?

I want to send these letters by airmail.

I have a French neighbor.

Wondering what makes it so fascinating.

Maurice flew home to Boston.

The dog gave a yelp when I trod on its paw.


Laura was the one who brought you these flowers.

Vultures circled above the dead body.

The farm includes 160 acres.

I'd like to reserve a table for three.

I don't know how such a rumor got about.

That'll bring a lot of criticism.

I went to Kawagoe by taxi.

I know Skeeter died.

Let's hope Saumya can do better this time.

He gets angry if he's contradicted.

Uri lives just outside Boston.


I watch the birds.

Along with Tokyo, Osaka is a center of commerce.

Your assistance in this matter would be greatly appreciated.


You have no right to take it away from Jim.


I want to thank him.


Your kiss is bitter with cocaine.

Suu was a lawyer.

It takes many years of training to become an astronaut.

It's finished now.

It's not safe to text while you drive.

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Here's the good one.

Avery knew all about it.

To rephrase, why did you say an address?


The boss promised mountains of gold.


Detective Dan Anderson gave Linda a routine polygraph test.

This castle is full of secret passageways.

Herb will get here sooner or later.

I'll send you the money today through PayPal.

Why don't you just take it with you?

You're finished already.

I don't think Murray would mind if I used his bicycle.


I was shocked to see that.

Can you write that in hiragana please?

This continuous noise annoys me.

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She never wrote him back.

In the project "Springboard to Languages," they teach Esperanto in schools in Great Britain as a propaedeutic to prepare for learning other languages.

He held the trophy on high.

He runs a supermarket in the town.

I'm looking forward to your letter!

Stacey won't come back again.

Do you go to school on foot or by bicycle?

I know what to watch for.

It didn't go that well.

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The dentist will see you only by appointment.

I'm going to go to my room.

I suggest that you start a behavioral therapy in order to cure yourself of your obsession with comas.

You can't force us to go.

Did I interrupt anything?

Naren and Patrick weren't there.

By the look in his eye I could tell that he was speaking tongue in cheek.

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I skipped lunch, so I'm pretty hungry.


Leila had his ear pressed to the door, trying to hear what was going on in the next room.

How do you know all that?

Svante pulled the ring off his finger.


Japan is one of the greatest economic powers in the world.

I respect you for what you have done.

Thank you for being here.


Jagath is similar.


If you had a time machine, when would you go to?

Look, a butterfly!

I'd be delighted if they asked me to give a speech.

He looked pretty tired.

The ideal lexicographer knows simply everything; unfortunately, that's impossible.

The enemy torpedoed our ship.

Those things are irrelevant.

Barry is perfectly capable of taking care of himself.

It rained as soon as he got home.

The noise was a nuisance.

Just as I was asking her to marry me, an impudent fellow jumped in.

Let's see how it ends.

Dan threatened Linda with exposure.

Is it so difficult to choose between heaven and hell?

I knew you'd never let Tammy die.

Be sure to bring rain gear.

That's a strange idea.

Aimee is very polite.

We can't do everything.


I'll just leave this here.

Be with God and be a lord. (Obey God to be a king)

Emil is a famous portrait painter.

Greg has been up most of the night.

He is Japanese.

We're biased.

I'd like to meet some of your friends.


With all her faults, I still like her.

How often do you like to go to the beach?

There's something I need to talk with you about.


I have not yet dared to declare my love.

My company is a success.

I already feel like things are getting better.


Milner has been close.

The front door is locked.

A foreign language cannot be mastered in a year or so.

I'll go tell her.

We'd be crazy if we did that.

Not all of those books are useful.

Many cars passed by.

He is a man after our own hearts.

Call me up whenever you need my help.

This nut is very crunchy.

I've started learning French.

Please don't blow your nose on the tablecloth.

I had a wonderful time.

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You'll get used to this in three or four weeks.


What did you tell her about me?

Eduardo is from Ecuador. He is Ecuadorian.

Weather changes often.

I'm envious of you because you have a good boss.

We all want to know why you weren't here yesterday.