Dan wanted the rest of his money.

The inquiry has been cranked up a notch.

Brent looked down at the fuel gauge.

The holiday continues to be very boring.

This book belongs to the school library.

I just wanted to say thanks.

Why didn't you tell Metin?


Taking a bath in this lake is not without risk.

How could you not notice?

"Er, that 'mixer party' thing is then ..." "Just a normal get together."


Did you play football in college?

You don't even know what I want.

I just need a big swimming pool.

What kind of deodorant do you prefer, spray or roll-on?

Trent sent me these.

Candlemass is an influential Swedish doom metal band.

There can be no people who have gone through as many hardships this century as the Jews.

Murph wanted to be alone.

I'm not satisfied with this.


Do you think Yvonne is upbeat?


Daryl has no sense of style.


The welcome rain has extinguished all the bushfires. Now floods are predicted.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

I can't face Edith now.

Vermilion is one the signifiers of Chinese culture.

I promise not to tell him.

What would Earle think?

It's as clear as day.

What's that got to do with him?

Ramiro has been right all along.

They accepted him as the city's best doctor.

Sam wouldn't remember me.


I'm sorry I gave you a hard time.

Could you speak a little louder please?

Get me something to drink.

"Gil, you're blushing." "No, I'm not."

I email my pen pal every Saturday.

Nobody gained weight.

We all caught flu, and so did the teacher.


You should've told me Sorrel was unhappy.

Give my love to your kids.

I wish he were here now.

You can stay only if you are quiet.

Canada is a neighboring country of the USA.


I'm so happy you stopped by.

I need your recommendations.

Syun showed Fay his calendar.

I think that they will need to sell their house.

It is not clear what the writer is trying to say.

An old man was at rest under the tree.

Why would she go out of her way to help a deadbeat like you?

It's not blood. It's tomato sauce.

The aim of jazz is the mechanical reproduction of a regressive moment, a castration symbolism. 'Give up your masculinity, let yourself be castrated,' the eunuchlike sound of the jazz band both mocks and proclaims, 'and you will be rewarded, accepted into a fraternity which shares the mystery of impotence with you, a mystery revealed at the moment of the initiation rite.

Is she valued highly as a singer?

Drew had nothing to eat yesterday.

I can't ask Carol for that.

No one lives in that building.

I'll be your friend.

There's a movement from a context to another.

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It fell to me to take care of the baby.


Traveling is a lot of fun.

I'd love to see the movie.

It has been an easy job for Dan.


What's Franklin going to tell Belinda?


He is as wise as any.

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It's a clear day.


Kinch angrily walked out of the room.

I meditate and do yoga.

Put it exactly where Glen tells you to.

Fritz will not want to be disturbed.

Our goal is primarily educational.


Are you still upset about that?

I am going to drink my coffee.

Konrad is not as tall as he is.

I will never forget your kindness as long as I live.

It's worthwhile visiting the old castles.


I know that this doesn't really matter.

"Smart mob" is sometimes perceived as a political danger - mostly in the countries lacking in traditions of democracy.

Did you do that of your own free will?

Should I get him for you?

The beach was closed due to shark sightings.

I love both Lidia and Felicja.

I learned French, before going to Europe.

Marc can sleep in my bed if he wants to.

Strange things happened in that house.


You can sleep in the spare bedroom.

I want her to sign this.

Even if I go make love with some guy before midnight, I will never forget your kindness.

I'm glad Shannon did it.

Do you want to go right now?

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The troll army of Russia came knocking at the gate, armed with misinformation and inflammatory statements.

We usually have our main meal of the day in the evening.

I guided.

Our P.E. kit was just shorts but now it's spats from today.

Lenora has a girlfriend in Boston.

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It's all right now, and I hope it'll remain so.

Their son is repairing a motorcycle in the garage.

It is very impolite of you to decline their invitation.

I'll have it ready for you by tomorrow.

The cat is brown.

That hole should be filled, not covered.

Mats didn't want anyone to know that he had been dating Victoria.

Let's get with it.

I don't like Mr. Jackson's teaching methods so much.

The TV isn't plugged in.

Tigger has earned it.

I've already had dinner.

The train roared through the tunnel.


If I have to wait 30 minutes, I'll order later.

What's your favorite brand?

The doctor felt his pulse.

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I think Phill looked better before he shaved off his beard.


The troop was altogether destroyed.

Should we arrest Mat?

It wasn't easy for me to do that.


All right, I'm in charge now.


It's not so good.


Gunnar thought Harv looked beautiful.

Wendi still isn't totally convinced.

Dora wants to learn about Dao.

Scientists have just discovered a colony of flying penguins living in Antarctica.

The tricorne hat, turned whichever way, appears the same.

Eugene says he's climbed this mountain three times.

Does this food contain any meat?

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The last thing I want to do is cause you a problem.

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They mutually discussed the future.

Are you still living with your parents?

She said that she didn't notice anything.

A second mirror is hanging next to the door.

Rex needs to sort it out himself.

Linda is sixteen, but had no trouble passing for twenty.

I have to go to Denmark tomorrow.


Are you going to talk to her?


A correspondent must soon adjust himself to life abroad.

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We haven't been paid for three months.


He was giving a speech.

Anna plays organ at our church.

Are we finished?

You will have to wait there about an hour.

Did you finish the job?

I recently learned about what Triantaphyllos did.

Please come to our offices any time.

Life spread a range of opportunities to you.

Carl is really dedicated, isn't he?

Savlon is a moisturizing skin cream.

Keep your snarky comments to yourself.

Give me a call sometime.

Good comes out of evil.

Can you read my mind?

You don't have to be so formal.

My son tried to become a teller of funny stories.

I wonder what language they speak in Brazil.

He who looks for excuses doesn't have any chances for success.

We all understand.

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Do we have a deal?

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We spent three hours in the open air.

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I told him I was fine.

We were almost there.

I was going to tell you everything.

Miriam didn't seem interested in making friends.

When life is too stressful, sexual function decreases.

A drop of sweat ran down his nose.

I'm waiting for him to return.

He was far before his time.