We are good friends.

This makes me so angry!

I asked Metin where he had bought his boots.

Can somebody please tell me what's going on here?

He will graduate from university in 2001 if things go well.

Maybe we can solve your problems.

I usually go to school by bus.

I can wait a few hours.

We're waiting.

Obviously he speaks English, but he can even speak Spanish.


Is there anyone who wants some more pie?

Elwood was aware that the deadline had passed.

Flavio is enrolled in his third year of high school.

Give me a minute with them.

I have no thought of seeing her now.

The dog is man's best friend.

It's disgraceful.


She can speak not only English but also French.


You can't even imagine what he's capable of.

Football is like a religion in this country.

Why aren't you asking me?

Dan found it hard to adjust to life in the monastery.

I'll see to it that Vickie does everything you've asked.

I knew I should've gone with you.

All of these books are mine.


Jarl thinks he can tell when Teruyuki is lying.

These paintings were handed down to me from my father.

It was grotesque.

This isn't supposed to be happening.

You will be punished if you break the law.

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Are you trying to pick a fight?

Price pulled the nail out of the board.

All the languages are subject to variations.

The state government deprived the civil rights of their citizen.

What will come?


I gave her one of those.


Sunday comes after Saturday.

He said the words came straight from his heart.

Little did I dream that I would never see her again.


Women are my weakness.

It's part of the system.

He was so immature, he couldn't resist the temptation.

Nate asked Jarmo whether she'd prefer to go to the movies or just chill out at home.

Nobody cares what you think.

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I have enjoyed talking to you.


I consider myself one of you.

Sergeant has black hair.

All the cookies have been eaten.

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Leonard bought scented garbage bags.

I sometimes dream of home.

We're all going to be eaten by a monstrous talking shrubbery.

How long adolescence continues is determined by biological factors.

I regret kissing Leigh.

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My significant other works at a language school and loves it very much.

I'm pretty sure that's Kerry.

National rescue teams are on standby ready to fly to Japan.

Clayton will go, no matter what Roland says.

Thanks for sharing.

The comic scenes in the play were overdone.

Is everything alright here?

You are not allowed to violate the rules.

They kiss their child a hundred times a day.

All he is thinking about is meeting her.

The store closed down for good.

I never imagined we'd end up like this.

They have the right and power to act on their ideas.


There were floods as a result of the heavy rain.

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Our teacher had hardly finished the class when the bell rang.


Don't burn your bridges.

The guy was acquitted when the prosecutor failed to prove that he had committed the crime.

I haven't seen this in a while.

Josh will retire next spring.

Esperanto's grammer is very simple.

She shook my hand.

We're very sorry about that.

It's way too crowded in here. Let's go somewhere else.

It looked tough to achieve his aim.

I met Pratap when I was thirteen.

Debi saw Christie and John kissing.

Let me add water.

No one will speak with me.


He always keeps his room as neat as a pin.


Vivek and Neville live together.

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Pontus asked Ruth to go to the zoo with him.


Jonathan was sprayed by a skunk in the face.


All I want is a chance to do something for Rafik.

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It is more than ten years since we came to live here.

I couldn't make out the writing.

I put great value on your knowledge about it.


We made too many mistakes.

Everything she says is untrue.

Can you tell me where I can find Ramsey?

Joyce seems sick.

I found it.

Don't look directly at Sridhar.

We would have helped them.

There are plenty of oranges on the tree.

I was starting to lose my temper.


I don't cook.

You dozed off.

Are you all nuts?

Micah got big.

Manavendra helped me move.


The buildings are small in comparison to the skyscrapers in New York.

Have you run into this kind of problem before?

Rhonda is determined.

Hey, open the door.

We are all doomed.


Do you want me to help you or not?


I'm right behind him.


The future is a succession of daily moments.

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Amos doesn't doubt Julie's ability to do the job.

Would you mind giving me a hug?

I happened to run into my teacher at the restaurant last night.

Cut the potatoes.

We are busy men.

When the earthquake occurred, I happened to be watching TV.

This book left a lasting impression on her.

Only uninformed people think that language is used only to communicate. Language is also a way of thinking, a way of seeing the world, a culture.

The flood did a lot of harm to the crops.

How tall is Brenda?

Todd has a very nice car.

Lloyd was treated like a king.

It's still warm.

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I told her no.

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I don't know why I thought it would be different this time.

An insect is a small animal and it has six legs.

I pressed one.


I wish you all the best.

I am very scared.

My work at the TV station is handling letters written in by viewers.

A tunnel has been bored through the mountain.

He made a lot of money in his new business.

He told me to meet him at the restaurant.

Please remain standing.

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That's just my opinion.


It was marvelous.

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They are very kind.

She has an equal number of grandsons and granddaughters.

The money was not honestly come by.

Will we also still go to the park even if it rains?

They cleaned the house.

A little girl caught her fingers in the door.

She's done this before.

Adlai dreamed about Srinivasan.

He felt that something was about to happen.

That's why I need to meet her.

Do you want a tray with that?

I am glad to help you whenever you need me.

This question is too difficult for me to answer.

I'd rather die than do that.

Your name was mentioned.

I'm shutting your party down.

My father died, leaving a large sum of money.

A thief doesn't like the moonlight, a villain doesn't like a good man.

Dan accidentally called Linda "Rita", which angered her.


The villagers tried to freeze us out.

OK! Bring it on!

He's always looking at you.


Walk with me, Liz.

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The boat was cast ashore.


She is a teacher's pet.