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Teens in white cotton panties.
Hot girls in lace or silk panties.
So close to their sweet pussies.
Panties phone sex puts you right into the action.

It's not easy for a panty lover to explain how hot and sexy panties can be. Even women who wear panties every day - usually think you're kind of strange if you say anything at all about their undies. You know it's true.

Usually, you can't even look at your girlfriend or wife in her panties without worrying that she's going to "catch you" and ask what you're staring at. You're certainly not going to explain how incredible and sexy it is that those silk or lace panties spend the whole day snug against her sweet pussy? And you're definitely not going to ask whether she still has the white cotton panties she wore when she was little - and if she'll wear them for you.

That's what's so liberating and so fucking hot about panties phone sex. Nothing is forbidden. You dont have to hide your love for panty wearing girls - you don't have to hide your preferences for cotton or lace, g-string or bikini, fresh from the wash or soiled and smelly. Not only do our panty girls love wearing sexy panties tight against their waist, butt and snatch - they love to model them and talk about them. Also into the garters and stockings? A particular matching bra? Not a problem.

Of course, there are so many other things that you might be into when you have a panty fetish. Voyeur who loves catching glimpses of teens in their white cotton panties or hot women parading around in their sexy undies? Sneaking in to steal panties from a sexy chick you've been fantasizing about? Need to take even it a step further: sniffing them, licking them, sleeping with them, jerking off into them, wearing them? When you call for panties phone sex, you can get away with any or all of your fantasies. In fact, our panty girls will encourage you to take your panty fantasies to the next level - as long as they can cum, too.

Phone sex is a great outlet for millions of people. But when you have a special interest like panties - a fetish that most people don't understand, don't want to understand and certainly won't talk about - you need a way to live your sexual life. Panties phone sex is that way. Our girls won't make you feel ashamed or scared. They'll give you everything you need: attention, understanding, and most of all, their sexy, sweet, smelly little panties. Call now. You won't believe you've lived so long without our panty girls.

Toll Free: 877-65-PANTY (877-657-2689)

How to Call for
Panties Phone Sex:

After a brief recording about our service, you'll be asked to punch in your credit card number, or to press "1" to pay by check. (Your card won't be charged yet, don't worry.)

Then, you'll speak with a live receptionist to confirm your payment information; then she'll get to "work" finding out the details of your panties phone sex fantasies.

Please, don't hold back. Our panties phone sex receptionists have been fully trained, have lots of experience, and can connect you to the right panty girl for YOUR fantasies. The more you can tell them about your fantasies, the better the match. Remember, there are no taboos!

And there's nothing to worry about. Everything you tell us is private and discreet. Whatever you say or do goes no further. We just want to make sure that you get the best panties phone sex possible.

Have another fantasy connected to your panties fetish: sissification, crossdressing, something else? Just ask our receptionist to connect you - or look elsewhere on this page.