Are you looking for me?

I want you to put the magazines, pamphlets and whatnot aside.

Please tell them to hurry up.

I'll go get the broom.

The last few days have been very busy for both of us.

When should we check out?

Do you ski?

What is a joke?

I think I locked my keys in the car.

My car can beat yours.

None of these eggs are fresh.

Oh, my God! Frankfurt is in Germany, not in the Middle East!

She cooked me dinner.

The night will be cold.

You fixed it, didn't you?

Izzy wanted Leila to like him.

To translate is to betray.

I am not ill.


You may close the door.

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The war lasted two years.


We don't allow Stephan to watch TV until he finishes his homework.


I don't know Blaine personally.

He controls himself admirably.

It's unclear why Surya isn't here.


Go do something.

She is connected with the Oda's by marriage.

I'm going to arrange these flowers.

I am not young enough to know everything.

Of course, I remember them.

Ability to talk distinguishes human beings from animals.

I'm sorry I made you worry.

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I want to have dinner at a restaurant.

What souvenirs did you buy?

Is he still interested?


I don't feel too good.

The neighbors say that Kemal beats her husband.

Scientists began to find answers to these questions.


You've defeated her.


It just seemed like the right thing to do.


It was sink or swim with me.

Three Canadians were killed.

Christ is believed to have worked many miracles.

I know Sofia will change.

Vivek did the same thing Saad did.


It's been five years since my father passed away.

That'll do.

I've been everywhere in Europe.


My news isn't too important to people who don't want to know.

It's still really slippery here.

Given our interdependence, any world order that elevates one nation or group of people over another will inevitably fail. So whatever we think of the past, we must not be prisoners of it.

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Dick needed you.

Postman Pat's head is stuffed with explosives.

This is no place for Sharan.

"Are there no cakes left?" "I ate them both."

I think you might need to learn how to drive.


Malcolm won't know how to use it if you don't show him.


Spencer is the only Canadian I know.

You want to work at METRO?!

Kim needs your help.

Have you given any more thought to what I told you?

He's accustomed to traveling.

"Hey, why is the window open?" "I just opened it to let in a little air. If you're cold, feel free to close it."

Why do you need my permission?

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You require medical attention.

The children are afraid of her.

Her dream is visiting Paris.


You need to look after your loved ones.

Poor thing!

I'm at the hospital.

I'm sure Brandy understands why we weren't there.

People around the world are getting fatter.


Do you really think that I'm going to let you do that?

I saw him talking on the phone.

On account of having drunk some strong coffee, she wasn't able to sleep all night long.


Do you know how many tourists come to Boston every day?

Do you like bugs?

We have eaten there three times.

I'm not trying to impress you.

I've forgotten his last name.

The road is icy, so take care.

Dylan is in no position to argue.


The gas tank is empty.

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Fish, please.

Do I pay you or the cashier?

You look like a policeman.

Dirk doesn't work as much as he used to.

Many biometric systems are based on the fingerprint scanner.

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This should be enough.

The stories written by Amy Church are all interesting.

Let's cut him some slack.

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Let's talk it out.

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Did you talk to her?


I strongly advise you get out of here right away.

We don't know.

You don't even know who that was, do you?

Let's talk.

Do you think that he will pass the examination?

You're probably the only person in Boston who has never been to this park before.

I found that she wore the same dress that I had seen her wear last time.


French is one of the languages that I speak.


Peterhouse is the oldest of the 33 colleges of Cambridge.

The article had three columns.

Joel sometimes needs a little supervision.


The noise is distracting.

This is the boy that helped me.

Leila used an insect net to collect bugs.


A danger foreseen is a danger avoided.

Who's your favorite pianist?

My family is my life.

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Chandra records observations of the universe in the high-energy end of the electromagnetic spectrum.


I know I can trust you to take good care of Stephe.

Does he need to run so fast?

Both guys laugh.

Please come to see me from time to time.

It wasn't like that.

I think No was joking.

I want to buy a new pair of shoes.

There is big difference in the quality of shampoos available in the market.

The law is equal for all.

I'm strongly suggesting that you stay away from Beckie.

I know exactly how it was.

Software is like sex: it's better when it's free.

Pus is coming out of my right ear.


I'm very hungry as I can't wait until the fast breaking time.

When did you decide this?

Not all those students are present.

Vilhelm is giving Liyuan a tour of our factory.

Don't deceive him.


What is really going on between Nate and Alexis?

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Please look at that red-roofed house.


He reasoned with his child about the matter.


Solving this problem is simple.


What is your father's name?

Success makes a man egotistic.

Come over any time.


I'd like some cheese.

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I watch a lot of movies.

That movie was really boring.

If the weather is nice tomorrow, we will have a picnic.


Paul will walk.

Too often, wisdom is simply prudence that has ground to a halt.

Don't obtain wealth at the expense of your conscience.

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With his lace and embroideries, and his crown of blue ribbon and whalebone, he looked like the king of babies.

I will prove to the world that you are a very stupid expert.

Ramsey was angry and confused.

Pradeep is well known as a singer.

Santa was taken hostage.


Honesty will pay in the long run.

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Ignorance is the mother of fear as well as of admiration.

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I want to make a book cover like the leather-bound books that you get in Myst and Riven.


We had to sell the building because for years we had operated it at a loss.

Do you have a mental health problem? You're always following me around. You're an adult so be more independent.

I'm looking at those flowers.

Tell them that I'm sorry.

The violinist's technique was excellent.