Have you lived here?

Have you looked at these brochures?

How's the wine, and how's the beer?

Alexis likes chocolate very much.

I've been summoned here to give your image a face-lifting.

When do we want it?


Mine is not as good as yours.

I can't be friends with her.

That's the best name I've ever heard.

It was an exception.

The storm will make it impossible for the ship to leave port.


English and mathematics are made much of in senior high schools.

I usually get up at seven and go to bed at eleven except on Sundays.

Gideon likes cats.


I hope it won't be long before I hear from her.

He hid his toys under the bed.

We spend a lot of time together.

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Try this on. It's your size.

There is nothing to be angry about.

Grace couldn't help but look.

The theater used to open up at this hour.

You're very wise, Shaw.


I must think it over before answering you.

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I doubt it.

There's absolutely no chance that Hitoshi will be there.

Philip is hiding inside her blanket fort.

I won't drink any more! Nor any less.

You don't belong here.

We work together.

Leslie has nothing to do.

The month after next is December.

Leave while you can.

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Cory said he wanted to cry.

I just got her off to school.

He is excellent in finding faults.

Patricia definitely needs a shower.

It'll take at least an hour to get there.

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Manavendra is getting older.

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Gregor might have a chance after all.

Just go about your business and don't keep looking at me.

I'm so glad you suggested this.

The classroom is full of teenagers. A couple of them are asleep.

My nose is bleeding.

I know you can do better.

You don't miss a thing, do you?

The heat was unbearable.

I've told him before that the best solution for him is to seek out actual friends who will console him when he needs emotional support, instead of broadcasting on Fig Hunter, for reasons everyone should know by now. He already has his introvert site! Why should he feel the need to keep talking about his feelings on Fig Hunter when he already knows what will come of it? I understand that he considers Fig Hunter his "home", and the members therein his "guests". However, Pseudo didn't conduct himself as the most gracious host, either. He argued with people and openly called them names. Whether or not he is justified in doing so is irrelevant. What matters is that he doesn't have the time to be doing things like this. Talking back at these people is a complete waste of his time, when he could and should be working on his games or art or studying for university.

The next time that I see you, you will be quite different.

Nicholas wanted some alone time.


I think you should bring Piete here.

Glynn might go to Boston next Monday.

The fighter jets were forming up for an attack.

I wouldn't want to bother you.

In my past life, I was a forest.

I'd better tell them.

We should've stayed with Rajeev.


Their behavior was disgraceful.

Since I don't know what questions I'll be asked, I'll have to wing it at my presentation.

I have no idea who Anna's wife is.

I saw one today.

Gail wishes to relocate.

I don't see any way of doing that.

Do you know that man who is standing on the bridge?


Ramsey has always wanted to do that.

Amos threw a rock into the pond.

Some people kill themselves.

We were injured in a car accident.

You can't judge their works by the same standards.

I glad that you took that gun away from Seth.

He went by her yesterday.

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I'll bet that hurts.

We must do something.

Now is not the time for explanations.

The transfer student in the other class is a super good looking guy.

Do you like Mozart's music?

It is strange that he knows nothing about the matter.

I go into the city every day.

Couldn't your translation be a little more faithful to the Japanese?

He wishes to buy a valuable jewel for his daughter.

I am not the person I used to be.

I could never be violent.

She spends every Saturday afternoon playing tennis.

What can I do to help them?


Einstein described quantum entanglement as "spooky action at a distance." So, before Einstein's own Theory of General Relativity, might Newton's theory of gravitation have been described.

These are genuine.

In case it rains tomorrow, we should make another arrangement.

You underestimate your importance.

I figured everyone was happy.


There are so many people at this concert.


Clifford is grinning.


He ate it in no time.


When should I pick you up tomorrow?

So, did you buy it for Toby?

His reply was in effect a refusal.

The current situation of the country isn't good.

I was able to do everything I'd planned on doing.

Would you rather be blind or be deaf?

I have wanted to go to Brazil for many years.


I got such a terrible cold because of all the wind that the buildings cause.

Give me three weeks.

His voice carries very well.

I've made a list of things I'd like to buy.

Father and brother.


We were happy people before you came. Your arrival brought despair.

Lukas just wasn't making any sense.

Who said you could go home early?

The only thing Doug needs now is a little patience.

Language is a fundamental problem of international marriage.

It is windy today, isn't it?

I heard this sentence on the street about an hour ago.

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Does Kathy need anything else?

Could you please tell me your height and weight?

Daren was standing in Emil's way.

We're three floors up.

My least favorite season is mud season.

We need to talk, just you and I.

You can't hold that against me.

She didn't want anyone to flatter her.

Don't you think you're being selfish?

You worked for her, didn't you?

She supports the Democratic Party.

In the photo, some bottles with different types of vegetable oils are seen.

What do you wish for?


Mara took a big swig from the bottle.

That horse came in first place.

Can you find your way all right?


I wrote the composition in haste, so it must be full of mistakes.

The milk has gone bad.

What's your favorite romantic movie?

The love of liberty brought us here.

It looks like Margot is getting pretty drunk.


You can add sentences that you do not know how to translate.

We have almost no water left.

The prisoner who escaped is still at large.

She found him a spot.

Hard work made Jack who he is today.

Blake is too weak to work.

Rome abounds with relics.

He'll be here again.

Ninja was eaten by a tiger.


Kenn comes home at around six.


Mama, is it okay if I go swimming?

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Aliens controlled Earth's progress in secret.

I'm playing a medieval-themed PC game.

She is yet to know the truth.

Well, that's what you want, isn't it?

I never agree with Juri.


Annie says he's no longer interested in working as a professional musician.

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What do these words mean? What's the difference between them?

I thought a swim might be nice.

I'd do anything to avoid that.

We are sleepy.

You're still here.


I want to travel this summer, but I don't know where to go.

Rudolph did the work himself.

Will you give me your reasons for doing this?


She dresses so outrageously; it looks completely ridiculous!


We should save money for a rainy day.

Because they are clean.

The cells have the capacity to convert food into energy.

American manufacturers have added more than 500,000 jobs since January 2012, the strongest period of job growth since 1989.

I'm too poor to buy a new suit.

Let's get married.

In the city.

She doesn't want to judge him.

Oh, you'll get used to it soon!

I saw him in the street just this minute.

It's nice.